Friday, 29 May 2009

Gall Stones

Yep , I have Gall Stones. After collapsing yesterday in immense pain whilst at Cotswold farm park , My friends rushed me home where I went straight to the docs. Who after poking my belly, which was incredibly painful to the touch he said it was most likely that I had gallstones and needed to go the hospital. We were in the room when he rang the hospital which didn't seem to believe him, they said I was too young and that it was unlikely to be gallstones. He replied back with that I had just recently had a pregnancy which was the most probable cause. I was took to the hospital where I was given painkillers and admitted to stay overnight.

That was last night.. It was only confirmed today that it was actually gallstones after I had a scan. Yesterday I had a x-ray , bloods - everything thrown at me! But didn't pick up anything else. I was no longer in any pain today so as soon as I was scanned and told there will be a letter in the post to discuss surgery I was booted out.

As soon as I got in I wikipedia everything that was talked about.. Gall bladders.. Bile ducts.. stones.. I suppose this is what I get for having such a easy labour!!

I'm guessing this is what the inside of my gall bladder looks like!!


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