Monday, 30 May 2011

What not to do when your electricity goes..

What not to do...

Panic. Scream. Cry. Freak Out.

All of the above not only make you look about 6 years of age but make you feel like a fool when you realise it's only just a bit of darkness.

Don't back away from the letterbox in horror either, this also makes you look a little crazy.

Start thinking of horror movies and think that it was some man in a scream mask who got to the mains and cut it all off. Yes I have a overactive imagination.

Following on from that, don't forget it's the man sat next to you when you suddenly start hearing heavy breathing and want to attack him with the remote control.

Use the lack of electricity going to the fridge as a excuse to pig out. You'll only regret it come the morning when you're rolling around clutching your stomach.

Insist of going to the toilet at the same time as the man, the boogeyman isn't going to get you if you're stood just outside the door. The same with insisting that he stays in the toilet whilst you go.

Sing as a form of entertainment, it's not pretty. Unless of course you can actually sing without sounding like a food blender.

What to do...

Stay calm and find candles. Not easy to do when you've not long moved into a house and they're in some unpacked box. Download torch app to other half's iphone and use this to find candles. Also use this to find matches in the kitchen, try not to trip over stray toddler toys.

Be prepared and have the following items to hand - torch, batteries for the torch failing that - candles, matches, snacks (ideally chocolate but anything with a shed load of calories does the trick), bottle (or 2) of wine and a blankie.

Use it to your advantage and make the most of the quietness, top up your wine glass, eat cake and lap up the snuggles with the man.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

I have a boy!

Ok I know that's rather stating the obvious but I really do have a boy boy on my hands. I see where the rhyme' slugs and snails, and puppy dog tails! That's what little boys are made of!' comes into play now. You see Oli has discovered that he is a boy and can often be found with one hand down his pants nappy playing with his 'tinky winky' and the fingers of the other hand up his nose.

He couldn't even keep his fingers out of them when meeting up with the lovely Jaymee and Dyllan from
Kook Blogs...

Photo Credit - Jaymee @ Kook Blogs...

It's not just that though he's also discovered the art of 'scab picking' so when he's fallen over and scarped his legs/arms and it starts to scab over, he picks it! I didn't think I would have to deal with these kind of things for at least another couple of years. Apart from grossing me out though I'm so proud of the little boy my toddler is turning into! He's changing everyday, only the other day he climbed up on the chair behind me and gave me the most adorable cuddle. He even happily stayed there whilst I captured the moment on camera.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Young's Seafood

A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to attend a event organised by Young's The Seafood Experts along with some other lovely mummy bloggers I ❤ Motherhood, MeLikeyUK, Mummy Manda, Mixed Up Mummy & The Scrummy Mummy.

I was a little late to the event so missed the nutrition for families session hosted by Dr Clare Leonard but Mummy Manda post gives you the insight into fish nutrition and highlights the role that fish can play in a family's diet. I'm a big fan of fish and it's something I would like my son to enjoy too so knowing exactly how healthy it is and how it benefits my growing child really does make me want to introduce it to our family meals.

We were treated to a fish demo from Chef Surge Nollent and Seafood expert Duncan Lucas. Surge showed us 4 fantastic fast family recipes using a variety of fish that had been prepared by Duncan. We were shown how to fillet and prepare fish as well as being told where the fish is caught and how it is bought to our dinner tables right here in the UK.

Serge then split us into two groups 'team haddock' & 'team cod' where we had a go at making two of the fast family recipes that he had previously showed us. I highly suggest having a go at this quick and easy recipe - Smoked Haddock, Cheese and Tomato Bake. But if you don't fancy Haddock then why have a go at another one of the fantastic recipes listed over on the Young's Fish Recipes. If you do attempt one of the recipes why not let Young's know over on .

I came away with the event with not only a fantastic goody bag full of some of Young's fish products (and a bottle of wine!) but with a greater passion for seafood then I did before. Thank you Young's, you've really helped to introduce a love of fish into this household.

If your interested in finding out more about Young's then head to the Young's Seafood website where you can find out everything you need to know.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

You called your baby what?

I was reading in the news today about a couple in Israel who have named their daughter after the facebook 'like' button. They said they were looking for a modern name and that this was the modern equivalent of the name Ahava which means love, his way of saying his daughter is fantastic.

What do you think? Cute or Crazy? First I thought crazy but then actually sat and thought about it and thought it was rather sweet and unique, not going to find many other babies in the world with the name 'like'. Part of me wishes I went for more of a unique name when choosing my son's name, especially after finding out that last year 'Oliver' was one of the most common boys name. The other part knows that no matter how many Oliver's there will be in his class, he'll still be unique to me.

I do like what the father says about the name 'I believe there will be people who will lift a eyebrow but it is my girl and that's what's fun about it'. I'm guessing she wouldn't have a hard time as if she was to grow up in a UK school with the name 'Like' but it is the 21st century and unusual names are cropping up all over the place. Maybe come 2022 such names like 'Like' and Mariah Carey's choice of 'Moroccan' and 'Monroe' may be just as popular as Oliver was last year.

Did you give your child a unusual name? Would you? How about one of these names?

Monday, 16 May 2011

...Oh I do like to be beside the sea

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Green fingers

We've discovered our green fingers in this house, the toddler has become obsessed with watering his plants on a daily basis. We already have some beautiful plants growing and plan on adding some vegetables to grow alongside them. I've even been eyeing up a walk in greenhouse to grow some stuff inside. I do like this new hobby of his and I'm pleased it's something we can do together, I hope he gets as much satisfaction as what I do when we plant something to watch it grow into something to look at or to eat.

Friday, 13 May 2011


Chilling in the garden with his Leapfrog Laptop

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Can life slow down.. pretty please?

It really needs to slow down for me, just a tiny little bit as everything just seems so GO, GO, GO right now. I'm sat here now looking around the house trying to decide what to do with myself, I just realised this is the first time in weeks where I've actually sat down and I don't actually have to do anything that really needs to be done.

I'm currently meant to be at BlogCamp but thanks to a poorly toddler and a last minute job interview I couldn't attend, am rather gutted to be missing out on all the sessions and cupcake eating though! Will look at attending one of the next planned BlogCamp events so please let me know if you're going and which one you're going too! It was kinda lucky though that I wasn't in London as I was invited to a job interview today so fingers crossed that they love me!
Thanks to the lovely people over at Three, I currently have Internet access thanks to a rather cool little Mobile Wi-Fi gadget which will keep me going until BT decide to sort
me out with some broadband. I admit to doing a little squeak when I realised I can take my little pink notebook into the car with me and still have wifi access. Will trial it over the next couple of weeks and let you know what I think.

Of course I could be be cleaning up the lunch stuff, blogging about Tuesday's Young's fish event/the screening of Bridesmaids I attended with Vic or even making a start on all boxes piled up my room. But I'm not going to, for now anyway I'm just going to sit here and look out at my new garden whilst browsing the ikea catalogue and drinking a cup of tea.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

3 Simple Steps to Help You Manage Toddler Tantrums

Toddler tantrums are a normal part of growing up. However, they can cause both you and your little one a great deal of stress. Have you ever wondered what the best ways of managing toddler tantrums are? The tips and tricks in the paragraphs that follow are designed to provide relief from these stressful events in ways that will help both you and your toddler get rid of your frustrations.

Viewing the Behaviour Appropriately

For obvious reasons, tantrums are not an event that parents enjoy. This is even more true if they take place in public, such as at the grocery store. When your toddler is kicking and screaming, it can seem that such things never happen to anyone else. However, take heart in the fact that this is something all parents must deal with at one time or another and they are also a pattern of development that your child will eventually outgrow. Just keeping these two things in mind can help you cope in the middle of a tantrum.

Understanding Childhood Tantrums

Understanding why these tantrums occur can also help you see things through the eyes of your toddler. It is important to remember that toddlers have a limited ability to reason. They are still learning important life skills such as patience and a concept of time. Additionally, toddlers are increasing their awareness of themselves as a separate person and they are constantly exploring their need for more independence. At times, this behaviour comes through in angry outbursts of emotion, sending you both on a downward spiral. Take a few moments to remember these things about your child and you are likely to feel better about the whole situation.

Keeping Your Cool

Allow yourself and your child plenty of personal space while a tantrum is occurring and in the moments that follow. Your child is not likely to respond to reason in the midst of a tantrum, and many times he may not even be willing to accept a loving embrace from you. This is completely normal and he will return to his loving self once his emotions have simmered down. If he will allow you to be close to him, get down to eye level and give him a gentle hug. This lets him know he is loved, even if his behaviour at the moment is less than ideal. If you are at home or in another safe environment, it may also be good for you to step into another room for a few minutes to unwind and cool off if your toddler's behaviour has caused you to become angry. This won't be possible if you are in public, but it is a good option in other locations. In a public situation, try to finish your chores as quickly as possible while remaining calm. As a general rule, the more you try to force your child to calm down, the more likely he is to become even more upset. It's best to let the situation unravel and come to an end on its own, if at all possible.

Remember that childhood tantrums are a sign that your toddler is developing normally and searching for his own independence. Keep in mind that while they are embarrassing and frustrating, these emotional outbursts are normal and will pass with time. Try not to belittle yourself when you do become angry in response to your child's behaviour, as this is also a normal response. Tantrums that occur while you are tired, sick or caring for another child can be even more difficult to deal with. Ask friends who have been through similar situations for toddler tantrums advice. Don't be afraid to ask a friend or relative for help if you feel the need to step away from the situation for a moment. Remembering that you are only human as well can help you deal emotionally with the frustration until the tantrum passes. Soon you will look back at your child's toddler years and realise that they went by very quickly, so use these opportunities to bond with your child and allow your relationship to further deepen.

This post was written by Mums Mall as a guest post for Me, The Man & The Baby

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

British Mummy Blogger's Carnival - Travelling With Children

I've been doing lots of travelling lately with the toddler what with finding a house and going back & forth from houses to where I used to live. We've had some right nightmares with the toddler developing travel sickness which isn't helped with food he's eaten or the hot weather. At least twice we've had to stop at a lay by to strip the child, clean his seat and change him. This all got me thinking about a theme for the British Mummy Blogger's Carnival which I was to host, I know I'm not the only parent out there which finds 'travelling with children' a memorable experience! So without further undo I give you the parent blogosphere posts about travelling with children.

The first post I bring you is from Vic over at Glowstars who whilst traveling with Little Mister in the car crashed. Since writing that post I've heard firsthand that the car is now a write off! Oops!

Fancy a island get away with the kids then the Isle Of Wight might be the perfect place for them. Sally & Flea have put together a post on things to do in the Isle Of Wight when you're five.

Ellen shares with us some things she learnt from her trip to Haven Holiday's Burnham-on-Sea camp. Check out her photos of her adorable little escape artist!

Going on a plane with your little one this summer? Melaina shares with us a cool gadget called Cares which helps to keep little ones in their plane seat and means no carrying on heavy car seats.

Or how about the train? Erica travels 7 hours (Eeekkk) with her little one and had the great idea of creating a train bag which is filled with lots of different items to keep her boy entertained on that rather long train journey.

Be prepared is the key criteria from Lunchbox World who talks about how times have changed when it comes to travelling with kids.

More Then Just A Mother's Flying High post has me rethink the possibility of taking my toddler on a plane anytime soon.

Where as Rachel over at Midlife Singlemum has some fantastic advice and tips about travelling alone with a baby or a toddler on a plane.

Nightmare for Frankie with her hellish trip which saw her travelling alone with a 5 month old.. Another eeekkk!

Baby on Board over at Chez Spud and no she hasn't got a bun in the oven, she's ranting about those baby on board signs found attached to most cars.

Off to the beach with the little ones? Then Tilly from two become four shares with you some great tips for keeping safe in the sun this summer.

A Scandinavian Sojourn talks about her hatred of fellow passenger's attitudes towards you when your flying with small children. She also includes so fantastic tips on flying with children.

I'm not sure what was the worst thing about Roxy's car trip, having to listen to Bieber or the fact her friend had been driving with the parking brake on? I'll let you decide!

What do you do when your 2,500 miles from home and you're still bottle feeding the child and need to sterilize bottles? Well Cheshire Mum made a vlog about sterilising in a hotel.

Mellow Mummy shows you that summer holidays with babies & toddlers don't have to break the bank and gives you some fab advice from picking up guide books for free from the library instead of buying them and taking your own car seat when hiring a car to save money.

And if after all that travelling you're hungry why not pop over to Red Ted Art who has a step by step guide on how to make Helly Kitty Cake Pops.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Where the magic happens..

My fellow bloggers are getting greedy! First Sally wants to see the inside of my fridge and now Jen wants to see my entire kitchen! Jen showed us a recording of her kitchen and asked me, Sally, Pippa & Vic to do the same. I'm going to cheat (sorry Jen!) and use photo's to show you my kitchen straight from my iPhone as we moved house only just yesterday and I have no clue where either my clip camcorder or digital camera is! So hope you don't mind this photo tour instead.

The kitchen is one of my favourite rooms in the house, despite my new one being slightly smaller then my last I'm still very much in love with it. How can you not when it contains a fridge full of food and a coffee pot full of espresso!! I'm quite impressed at how quickly we got everything unpacked and sorted for the kitchen on Saturday when we moved in, the only task we had to do yesterday was fill the fridge/freezer with food.

These were of course the first things to be unpacked in the kitchen, I'm rather fond of my pink cups and could quite happily decorate the kitchen in lots of pretty pink kitchen equipment!

I love LOVE my kitchen gadgets, the ones on the sides are the ones which get abused the most. If you were to look in the cupboards you would find many more.. Yes I'm Emma and I'm addicted to kitchen gadgets. Here's my Soda Stream and my Philips hand blender.

I got sent this rather cool halogen oven to review from Clifford James which has transformed the way I cook meals, everything from cheese on toast to my roast chicken. Next to it is my toaster which has a handy egg cooker thingy attached to the side, perfect for lazy mornings when I want egg on toast without getting the frying pan out.

My messy windowsill which is just full of stuff which I've not found a home for yet.

A fridge isn't a fridge without fridge magnets, the top half is full of my fridge magnets where as the bottom half is full of Oli's magnets for him to play with.

So you nosy lot, there's my kitchen. Now to tag some other bloggers who can show me their kitchen. The Mummy Life , and 1 more means 4... and 1 more, Domestic Goddesque, Emma and Three and Tim over at Bringing Up Charlie who I'm pretty sure never did the fridge post that I tagged him in.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Keep on walking...

“When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep on walking.” - Carrie

I love Sex & The City, not just for the gorgeous shoes and endless bursts of fashion but for the fantastic quotes and the life lessons it has given me. That one above being one which stands out more then the others. When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep on walking. That's exactly what I've been doing and what I'm going to continue doing. Especially as I'm not a single woman like Carrie, I'm a single mother with the best kind of dependent, my son. He alone gives me reason to get right back up and keep on walking.

It's not been a easy ride getting to where we are today, in our new house in a new area with a fresh start away from people who have nothing better to do with their lives then try and suck the happiness out of others. Well me and Oli have a message for those people - we won. And we will continue to keep winning for a long time yet.

As you read this we are moving into our lovely new home by the sea, I'm probably attempting to put back together a cot whilst Oli is exploring all the new rooms and creating a mess before we've even unpacked. I may be quiet on the blog front whilst I wait for BT to sort themselves out and reconnect me but hopefully around on twitter still with the help of the iphone and I'm sure I'll be back blogging soon enough.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Missing : One's kicks & thrills in life

It dawned on me earlier on the way back from visiting the lovely that I've somehow lost my sense of thrills in life, I'm yabbering on about those roller coasting moments where your body is being jerked about, where something can go wrong at any minute which can result in a grazed knee or worse - a broken leg! It was as I was gripping on for dear life as my friend drove down windy/bendy country roads that I realised those kind of kicks in my life have vanished. I know it sounds kind of crazy but there's just something about being shot around the sky at a incredible speed which makes you feel alive.

I used to love thrills of all kind before Oli came along. Before my body experienced a pregnancy and motherhood you were most likely to find it tearing up the local skate park or thrill seeking in the nearest theme park. Since he came along my feet have wanted to nowhere but firmly on the ground, the only thing I go near with wheels is that pram of his. Has becoming a mother really done this to me, It was like a switch went off in my head that said put down that skateboard and pick up that cross stitch instead. Is this just all part of growing up? Will I always be the one in the future taking photos and standing waiting whilst my friends and one day my own son tear up the theme park and ride those fast body jerking roller coasters.

Have I just got myself into the habit of finding thrills from the television in the evenings whilst sinking coca cola & tucking into a pizza.We get out lots and do many different activities but nothing which makes my heart skip a beat like doing kickflips on a skateboard. Maybe I can look into surf lessons now I'm near the sea but can my heart actually take these kind of thrills anymore?

For now I'm going to continue to lap up the thrills this little boy gives me in life. After all these are the best kind of thrills a mother could ask for!

What are your thrills in life like? Have yours changed as much as mine?

Monday, 2 May 2011

Timmy Time : Lulla-baah Timmy

Someone must of heard about my son being a HUGE Timmy Time as he got sent a Lulla-baah Timmy Time to review which he can take to bed with him at nighttime. And that's exactly what he's done with it ever since he received it. He even brings it down in the mornings to share breakfast with him, just check out that morning bed hair.

To bring Timmy to life you squeeze his tummy and he'll sing you his favourite lullaby Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He also comes with his very own blanket which glows in the dark.

How about using it to help get your little one off to sleep? It's suitable from the age 2 onwards. It needs a few little batteries to work but thankfully these are already included which are handy when the child is at your feet desperately waiting to play with his new toy!

Thumbs up from the toddler for this Timmy Time product. You can get your hands on one over at or .

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