Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Humpty Dumpty

The Daily Mail reported about how the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty was given a happy ending by 'politically correct' BBC .

The Cbeebies show - Something special (The one with that rather annoying Mr Tumble!) has changed the words to the rhyme to make a happier ending. Instead of 'Put Humpty together again' the new lyrics claimed all the King's horses and all the King's men 'Made Humpty Happy again'

It makes me angry how things are changing in fears of getting complaints & being sued. I'm only 21, What's the world going to be like when I'm 41? In 20 years time! Are my Grandchildren going to be hearing completely different versions of this Rhyme all together .. Will Humpty no longer be called Humpty?

I wonder what will next have to be corrected?!

It didn't do any harm to me and I've known the rhyme & the lyrics to it since I was a little girl. Has it had any harmful effects? No!

Well I defiantly wont be singing this new version to Oli, He will be taught the traditional one with which I grew up with.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the King's horses, And all the King's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Tolo Safari Boy

Safari Adventures with

We got sent a safari boy to review from the safari adventures range over at TOLO .

I was going to let my Godson and his brother review it but seeing as they've come down with Chicken pox I doubt I will get chance to see them anytime soon!

I introduced it to the boy this morning, as soon as I took it out of the box his face lit up, he actually took a interest in something I was holding other then a mobile or the laptop.

The first thing he managed to do was to make it squeak.. There's a little button which is big enough for Oli size hands which he easily pushed. This made him giggle, he likes noisy toys ( much to my displeasure!) He then discovered the move able arms,legs and hat - He went a bit wild twisting and turning. I also think that was down to the clicking noise it made.

He played it with his other toys.. which is a new thing for him, he's starting to interact toys.

And then of course like any other teething kid his age , he stuck it in his mouth for a good nibble & dribble! I was perfectly happy for him to do this as it wouldn't destroy the toy in anyway and it looked perfectly safe for a 6month old to put in his mouth as there was nothing he could choke on.

The recommended age on the box is 1-5 years , but I would say it's ok from 6month's onwards!

This is one toy that definitely wouldn't be a waste to buy at this age, I can see Oli playing and continuing to dribble over this for much longer yet.
It's perfect if they are on that transition from those baby toys into the world of big toys!

I was not the only one who thought it suitable for a baby, Byrney over at 3 Kids and 6 and a half minis also tested it out with her youngest. Bryney's Review

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Embarrassed Much?

I think if my Mother would of turned up to my school fete looking like something straight of the rocky horror show.. I would of died of embarrassment!!

Victoria Beckham Aka.. Posh Spice wore a £11,000 outfit to Romeo's school fete. I personally would not of paid £10 for it.

She wore a pair of studded leather trousers, A leather jacket which must still have the hanger attached and the shoes.. Check out the heels on those bad boys! My back is still recovering from one pregnancy!!

I suppose it is part of a Mothers job to embarrass their child at some point on their life. I wonder how I'm going to embarrass my son in the future.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Think I'm terrific?

The T-shirt does all the talking...

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Happy 'Half' Birthday!

My little baby is half way to becoming one, and then he'll soon be two and no longer be my little baby. Time is going so fast and I wish I could just slow it down! I'm loving the baby stage.. Ok so I may not be enjoying the teething (and the nappies that go with it!) but I love the fact he has to rely on me to do things. He turns to me for everything. One day he'll be running as far away from me as possible. I'll have to share him with his friends , he will no longer be all mine. Each day I have with is him is a blessing that I do Thank God for.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Pregnancy Lows

Peggy from A Mother' Secrets had requested posts on Pregnancy Lows... So I thought I'd share my pregnancy lows with you.

Pregnancy Low Number 1...
The Bleeding.. A few weeks into the pregnancy I was taken into hospital with severe abdominal pain and bleeding. I didn't know bleeding was a danger during pregnancy until the doctor who was called out to see me explained what bleeding could mean so early on. The doctor explained I could have be having a ectopic pregnancy so I was sent to the hospital to get checked out.

So after just getting used to the idea of being pregnant and becoming a mother I was faced with the thought of losing my baby.
I was probed (The most demeaning and mortifying thing ever to have happened to me..well I thought that up until I experienced labour!) and scanned .
And then the doctor explained to me that all was ok and gave me a scan photo which showed my little baby - who currently looked like a bubble!

Just a little yolk sac..

Pregnancy low number 2...
Fainting... A few weeks later , I was taken back to hospital again as I repeatedly kept fainting but my blood pressure was normal so the doctor thought it best for me to get checked over at the hospital again. All was fine... I was scanned again (Normally this time- By normal I mean externally not internally..) and I got to see my baby on the screen as lovely as this was, I was starting to get scared. I was terrified that I was going to be in and hospital for the next 9 month's. I was told just to take it easy.. which was ok as I stopped working due to my next pregnancy low...

Tiny Fetus

Pregnancy low number 3...
Sickness..... What I didn't mention with all the other lows....Was that from day 1 I was sick and not just in the morning. I was sick every minute of every day. The night times were the worse!! It was how I knew I was pregnant. I could barely eat during the first 5month's.. But baby was perfectly fine and healthy. The doctors did give me some tablets but these didn't help at all , so I was left to try every other anti sickness aid out there.. which also didn't work. I stopped working as I just didn't have the energy and of course I was constantly needing a bucket or anything hollow close to hand! Luckily when it came to the last couple of months it had settled and it was just the now and again odd horrid smell that made me run to the bathroom.

12 Weeks..

Pregnancy Low Number 4 ...
Gall Stones ... I had tummy ache continuously during pregnancy but always put it down to the constant kicks and punches my insides received.
But when it came down the last few month's and the pain got so bad, I had to into hospital.
I was always just monitored and then scanned and discharged with them just putting it down to to the baby, and to come back if I got the pain again. Which I did.. Every other week!!

At one point I was took upstairs to the delivery ward where I had a injection to mature Oli's lungs in case they had to deliver. I was strapped to a monitor where it showed tightening's, I was pretty freaked out by all this . If it wasn't for the morphine I think I would of been in one BIG panic... I wasn't even close to full term, had nothing for him and wasn't even mentally prepared to start motherhood right there and then!!

Thankfully all turned out ok in the end.. everything went back to normal. I still had the pain leading right up to the pregnancy .

We found out a month after having Oli (After experiencing even more pain!) that I had developed gall stones. So all along it was this that had inflamed causing pain but obviously they always thought it was Oli causing it and didn't pick it up on the scan because he was in the way!

20 Weeks.. )

11th April 2009 - Oli was born into this world, with no problems at all and a labour of 5 hours.

Friday, 2 October 2009

My Day Of Fame

Ok .. So overnight.. It went national... The teaspoon story is EVERYWHERE!!
I had numerous facebook messages , txt and phone calls telling me to check out a certain newspaper/website...

My first phone call was from my Aunt who was traveling to work in London and heard my name mentioned on the Radio 4 show and once on the tube she read about it in the metro...

I thought that was crazy but as the day went on... I found myself to have been in several newspapers.. 4 of them rather popular and well read around the UK..
I was also mentioned on The Wright Show on Channel 5...

I typed in my name followed by teaspoons into Google which bought up all this.. and yes what follows is rather a lot of websites that mention MY NAME! AND MY SILLY ID ISSUE...

Oh the public embarssment... I'm not going to live this down for sometime!!

You cant really see them.. But you get the jist...

A Random Forum Thread

A Tangled Web


Anorak News

Daily Mail Online - Front Page Of The Website

Mail Online

Daily Mail Comment Section - My Uncle Bernard In Canada

Digital Spy

Discussion on MSN


Fox News

ID Supplies

Live Leak

My Local Paper - The Evesham Journal - Where all this started!!!


News for smart people - But I don't think they are all that smart seeing as they spelt my name wrong and got many more details wrong!

Page 14 of The Metro

Prison Planet

Some Chinese (?) Website

The Empire Chronicles

The Mirror

The Seferm Post - I was actually headlines on this website!


Even More Twitter!!

So anyone for my autograph?

Thursday, 1 October 2009

So Today Was Kinda Crazy..

It started with the whole 'getting ID for spoons' I was still rather angry about it and thought I would send a email to my local paper - The Evesham Journal. I didn't know if they would be interested and if so I thought it would just be a little box. I just wanted to share my anger with people.Well they emailed straight back asking if they could ring me .. and then 5 minutes later I had a photographer round taking a photo of me in my back garden holding a teaspoon and my ID Card.

As reluctant as I was to have my photo on the paper, I didnt really mind as I know about 10 people here in Evesham. I didn't know it would cause such a stir in the media world (Ha-stir!)

We came home from shopping in Worcester (Was meant to be birthday shopping for me but ended up buying Oli a whole load of new things including a new pram!) to about 30 missed calls.. whilst trying to find out who they were from , it rang.. Media People... and Again.. And again.. Meanwhile someone turns up at the door - a reporter. Everyone wanted my spoon story that they had seen in the Evesham Journal.

We had calls & people at the door . We didn't know what to do, we just didn't say anything.. But they still used what was in the local paper and shared it on.

Crazy Times...
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