Tuesday, 28 June 2011

CyberMummy Tweets

Some of the tweets I've captured from after the main event last Saturday. I've really enjoyed catching up with what everyone thought about CyberMummy via the means of . I do have a going on with everyone who attended the day, let me know if I've missed you off and I'll add you to it.

Best memory @ @ @ @ sharing and reminding blogging neednt be all about free stuff

@: Cybermummy – a blogging conference like no other http://t.co/w2YDUKW

Awesome buzz at http://yfrog.com/kf4nqtj

@ @ @ I know what you mean. Getting married on fri, on sat, touristy suff on sun. Exhausted!!
Sophie King : Writing Workshop at http://bit.ly/kaC2wf <

RT @: Indy on Sunday covers Cybermummy... go the mummy bloggers! http://t.co/dL63lY5

Haha just saw that the sexy french bloke from is following back... Anyone know how to get my tweets in a French accent?

Blogging: Thoughts on Gleeking Out and CyberMummy - http://ow.ly/5qHpW
Hahah @ @ this one makes me giggle http://yfrog.com/h8vtmxbj

I think I may have finally recovered from ! More exhausting than twin toddlers!
next year I would like a key note off @ @

Can I say now vs cybermummy wins. Even though I got groped on the tube there.

Reading blog posts makes me think that there were several different conferences in the same building. Such diff experiences.

I believe I have @ to thank for my post headache? ;) Many thanks...very yummy. ;)
Incase u missed it, something REALLY funny that happened at -read this and RT! http://t.co/2xxmyes (IM DEAD MEAT NOW!)

Amazing! :) RT @: @ my little one used the cutlery set at dinner, it's brilliant! Best goody bag

Great buzz about vlogging at - good news as @ and @ seems to have exciting things coming very soon

Am most disappointed that I don't appear to have got an electronic nit comb in my goody bag... *sob*

Collected over 100 cards at ! Looking forward to following everyone on twitter tomorrow + having a read of all those blogs :)

Got the independent paper delivered to hotel room and was greeted with a great article about

One thing i found out at that people want to learn more about they realise they don't know much about it.

Since getting home I have been up to my neck in bottles, dirty nappies and a half naked toddler running around with 2 hippos

You know when Monica in Friends was the 'candy lady'? This weekend I was the Lego Lady!

“@: Outstanding press for CyberMummy and UK bloggers! http://t.co/WA2hL2A Moving on up everyone! Watch out! ” WOW!

Sooo many new blogs to add to my reader/blog roll. I'm so grateful to for really opening my eyes to what we CAN do.

So nice to be with people who don't look at you in horror & exclaim "You mean, you talk to people on the INTERNET!?"

@ follow on for some fantabulous shoes and spiffing legs http://instagr.am/p/GbGbH/

Final thank you to all the women at for making us chaps feel so welcome.

Reflecting on fact that there aren't many conferences where u can come away with a crate of wine+an electronic nit comb. rocks

Not many people recognised me at as I didn't have a baby stuck to my face

Had such a lovely day making cyber friends real friends

@ after her at http://tinyurl.com/65rl6ez

Nice to meet all you cybermummys yesterday at xx

@ absolutely loved it all but I really enjoyed the bloggers reading their post's at the end

Despite spending most of yesterday feeling overwhelmed, I absolutely loved spending time with old friends and making new ones

@ A LOT of freebies, some AMAZING women and a bloody brilliant day, all in all.

Have to say I love looking at all your @ photos.In particular @ and all of @ shoes

My timeline has changed it sounds different and looks different. Lovely to put voices and people to avatars

@ just happy the bump didn't make a bid for freedom in front of 400 mums!

I bet the Cybermummies have no such rule

I just want to say thanks again to for sponsoring me to go to . It is much appreciated!

For those of you who didn't make it to make it your no1 priority for 2012! It's amazing!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Want to find your blogging mojo?

Then go to a conference where you will see over 400 bloggers half of which will tell you to your face how fantastic they think your blog is, be greeted by a brand (waves at the Leapfrog crew!) which has been following your blog since they met you last year and will make you burst into tears with the wonderful things they say about your blog and then top off that night by visiting your favourite show live thanks to E.on, which you attend with some of your closest blogging friends. Then come back from all of that to find this post which will have you blubbing like baby at the lovely things said about you and your blog.

That will soon get you out of that blogging funk of yours.

I've been struggling with blogging lately, I talked about it in a blog post the other day. I said about how life has been getting in the way of blogging but then I didn't say that when I do find the time I've been struggling with things to say. I got the chance to reevaluate all that this weekend. Having someone come up to you that you've never met before and tell you how much they enjoy reading something you produce is a amazing feeling, not only does it make you proud of what you do but it also boosts your confidence.

I have so much I now want to blog about, not only that 'conference' and that 'show' but life, family life. After all the blog is about Me, The Man & The Baby.

But today I'm going to switch off the laptop and go enjoy the lovely sunny weather with my boys, after all we did move closer to the beach just for days like this.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

CyberMummy 2011 Meet & Greet

Thought I would do this post before it's too late and Saturday arrives and I'm walking into a room full of 400 women. A room full of 400 women (and & !) who just happen to be bloggers and most of which I have been exchanging tweets with for the last couple of years. I'm way more excited then nervous, at least I think I am. Last year was fantastic and I very much enjoyed meeting so many people and got so much out of the day. This was my meet & greet from last year but thought I would give you a more up to date version.

I'm kindly being sponsored by Lego Duplo who have made Oli a Lego Duplo Expert much to his pleasure, he's been sent some fantatsic kits of Duplo to play and have fun with. They will have a stand at CyberMummy which will be having competitions and handing out freebies throughout the day.

So here's some info about me, but if you want to get to know me any better then come and find me on the day and say hello!

Name: Emma

: Me, The Man & The Baby

Twitter ID


: Not a clue.. Not short & not tall.. If that helps?

: So it was brown last year but then a few weeks later I went to red and only just a few weeks ago I went back to brown but went way darker then I should. I have exactly 2 days to try and sort it. So if I'm wearing a hat on Saturday, you know why!

: Blue

: So I still like pretty much the same as what I did last year. Very much still hooked on watching CSI and other crime program made in America, have also added Grey's Anatomy to that being hooked list. I also like the beach. Mexican Food. Friends. Instagram. Cath Kidston. Blogging. Milk Chocolate. Tia Maria. Spending time with my man and that adorable toddler of mine.

: Marmite. Housework. Spitefulness. Gin. Spiders. Mirrors. Housework. Standing on lego. Dark Chocolate. Toddler Tantrums. Housework.

Looking forward to meeting you at CyberMummy!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Job getting in the way of blogging? How very dare it!

Ok so life obviously ignored me when I asked it to slow down just a little, if anything it's got a tad more crazy around here. What with the new house (ok so it's been over a month but it still feels new!) new job, engagement (which means planning a engagement party) and even stressing over what to wear (see, you're not the only the only one!) to CyberMummy this weekend things just seem kinda hectic. I know the reason why it feels hectic though, it's my rubbish attempt at trying become more organised. I'm yet to figure out how to work life around both the man and his work hours, the toddler and his demands (currently demanding that I let him dig a swimming pool in the back garden) and my own work hours.

Working alone has been quite tiring, considering I've been a stay at home mother for the last 2 years it's taking some getting use too! I've not had to set a alarm in all that time as the only thing getting me up in the mornings was what once was a baby but is now a toddler. I even wrote this blog post as I was on the train on the way to work. As much as do I love my new job, it does like to get in the way of my blogging.

I've barely had time to even start thinking about wedding planning and what that all involves. We have a rough idea already of dates, location and I've even already picked the bridesmaids but we're just going to just get the next couple of months out of the way before we build on it all. Though I cant deny I've not been sneaking peeks at pretty wedding dresses and shoes! Squeee!

So it's not like a case of not having anything to blog or write about because I have tons. The boy does something that either amazes or surprises me each day, life is throwing lots at me and despite the new day to day events we still find time to have lots of family fun together.

Future in laws coming to visit Thursday, must stop editing this post and go and finish the cleaning

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Fuss Free Dining Report - Chiquitos

I'm not going to lie to you, the very thought of dining out with the toddler makes me want to cry. Doing it, has actually made me cry before. You see I have one of those toddler's who does not want to stay still. You know the kind, the one that gets bored after just a few minutes of something and would rather be running around like a headless chicken then sitting in a highchair at a table.

So when Most Wanted - The lifestyle magazine from VoucherCodes.co.uk asked us to help find out exactly which nationwide restaurants really are the most child-friendly, welcoming and serve up the best value-for-money-fare, I kinda screamed inside. I love going out for food but he enjoyment gets taken away from it when we take the toddler with us. So whatever restaurant we go to have a challenge on their hands as to keep us happy, they have to keep the toddler happy. Along with some other parent bloggers we checked out one of our local restaurants as a family to see exactly how family friendly they really were.

We choose Chiquitos which is one of the top nationwide restaurant's in the UK. We decided on Chiquitos because we're BIG fans of Mexican food in this house and that includes the toddler who cannot get enough of his fajitas and chili con carne (must of been all that spicy food I ate whilst pregnant!). We chose the right time to go with a toddler as the place was empty apart from another family and a bloke. It was evening-ish just about 4.30 so after the lunchtime rush and before the evening rush.

We walked in and had to wait a few minutes for someone to come and show us to our seats, he had our back to us and I guess he was dealing with a customers bill possibly so cannot fault him for that. He showed us to our table and asked us what we would like to drink, he asked if Oli wanted a drink and we said that it was ok as we had bought his juice cup. He then went off to get our drinks, he hadn't suggested a highchair (Oli was currently in his pram) which I saw by the front door as we walked in so I went and got one myself. When he came back with the drinks, he had some chips 'n' dip for us and a Chiquito fun pack for Oli, this contained some colour crayons, a colouring sheet, stickers and some play cards. This is something which makes me smile when we go into a restaurant! Every place which encourages you to bring a child to eat, like if they have a children's menu should offer a pack for the children. I had bought toys and even crayons along myself just in case we didn't get anything but these were not needed. Oli set about entertaining himself whilst we browsed the menus.

We were quite impressed at the children's menu, there was a wide selection to choose from including both mini Mexican dishes and normal English dishes such as hot dogs and chips or fish fingers and chips. They had a deal going which the menu stated for £4.99 you get a main menu, desert and drink for the little one.

We had long picked out what we wanted before the guy had returned, which was a little annoying. When we do go out with the toddler we like to speed things up so that less time is spent just in case Oli likes to have a episode. We had well so far managing to keep him sat in his highchair with which the fun pack helped. We ordered both mains from the main menu and ordered Oli a chili con carne from the kid menu. The guy was quite friendly and I was quick to forget my annoyance, he interacted with Oli and spoke to him and even offered him a high five which impressed our 2 year old .

The food came quite quick which I expected seeing as the restaurant was practically
empty. We were quite impressed with our meals, sadly we made the mistake of going with chips instead of salad on our plates and that was it. The toddler refused to touch his meal after seeing chips were being served. Even sneaky parent ways of chopping up a chip and sticking it on the fork with some of his chili didn't tempt him. I guess I should of ordered him the hot dog and chips. I was impressed at the size of the dish for a toddler, it also came with sauces which was quite sweet. I noted that the menu said it would offer a discount if a child under 12 wanted something off the main menu which also impressed me.

During the meal we got asked if everything was ok which we replied yes. When the guy came and collected our plates we asked if we could take Oli's meal home with us to serve when we got home, he took it away with him to wrap up. We asked for the bill as we couldn't stay any longer as the chips had ran out and the boy was starting to get restless. I was secretly hoping that the guy would point out that the price of Oli's meal included a drink and a desert, and that he would offer for us to take the drink home and even just ask if we wanted the desert. He didn't. I suppose I should of asked but I kept wondering if he would point it out to us at anytime during the meal. We paid the bill which was a reasonable price for a family of 3. The guy asked Oli if he wanted a balloon which was of course was a yes.

To the right is the score sheets that we filled in when we got home. As Oli's not quite enough to answer or do his own we filled in what we thought he would say if he could.

Daddy gave a high score of 5 for the friendliness of service but a low score of 2 for the value of money. He was unimpressed with his main meal, he didn't think that the £11.99 he payed for his southern fried chicken was worth it as his plate has just a little bit of chicken on and chips. I agreed with this. Even with the sweetcorn on the side it didn't match the price we payed for it.
Daddy's Score - 18/25.

I gave a high score of 5 for both the range of choice for kids and friendliness of service as the guy was lovely to us all and especially Oli. I did give them a low score of 3 for the value of money as not mentioning what we could of got with Oli's meal had annoyed me.
Mummy's Score - 21/25

Oli's score sheet asked is the waiter was nice which he was so we gave him a 5, we also gave a 5 for the choice and for the fun level. Sadly a 3 for was it worth his pocket money because of what mummy mentioned about the meal deal. For where it said yummy food? We gave it a 4 as Mummy tried the chili and it was rather yummy, Oli would of enjoyed it if his new found chip addiction hadn't got in the way.
Oli's Score - 22/25

Most Wanted - The lifestyle magazine from VoucherCodes.co.uk kindly payed for our meal and gave us the chance to be restaurant critics for the day.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

As soon as I saw Amy's post with May's bake it recipe I just HAD to take part. Pop over and have a look at Amy's lemon meringue cupcakes and tell me that you also cannot resist have a go at them. We thought they would be ideal treats for when we had Vic & Kerry over for lunch, sadly we just couldn't get the meringue just right. Even with our group effort and Vic going to the supermarket to purchase every ingredient possible which we thought would help the meringue go stiff! Here she is attempting to cover the cakes with her 4th batch of meringue. We stuck these in the oven and hoped for the best. What it gave us was cakes which tasted like scrambled egg! I don't think I've cried with laughter as much as I did when I tried one one of those cakes.

A few days later me and the man had another go at making them, I made the cakes whilst the man had a go at making the meringue. This time around he whisked it by hand which turned out much better with making the meringue go stiff then the electric hand whisk which we had previously used. We finally got there in the end and they tasted as fantastic as they looked.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

LolliBop - The BIG bash for little people

Me and the toddler are so excited about something which is happening over in Regent's Park between the 5th - 7th August 2011. There's actually going to be a festival for kids! Think Reading/Leeds but for the under 10's. It comes without the hassle of camping, a long journey and the chance to Peppa Pig/Zingzillas and even Rastamouse and Da Easy Crew! It's called LolliBop and they have the most fantastic website packed full of everything you need to know about the festival.

Right now tickets are going fast, but you can get yours for £19 rather then current price of £23! Just use the code LOLLIBLOG when you buy from Ticketmaster. Once you've paid your ticket price everything is FREE inside (apart from the food, drinks and markets).

We've had the privilege of being named Official LolliBop Family and we just cant wait for this chance to have a family fun day together.

Keep a eye on our blog right here as sometime in the week, we will be giving you the chance to win a family ticket so you and your little ones can visit the LolliBop festival on the day of your choice.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

My best friend asked me to marry him.. So I said yes..

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Accepting the label of Mummy Blogger

I got involved in a rather interesting conversation on twitter the other day about mummy blogging. The general gist was about using 'mummy blogger' as a label for ourselves.

A label no matter what it is/who says it/if you accept it/believe in them etc.. Does not define who you are or what you do. There is so much more to blogging other then 'mummy blogging'. Yes there may be mum's who blog about being a mum but it doesn't stop there. For example if I wanted to read a crafty type blog I would visit Scrapbookerry/Red Ted Art/Mum In The Madhouse/Nuturestore. For cooking I'd go to Amy at Cooking, Cakes & Children. If I wanted to get a fashion fix I would pop over to Glowstars who has a serious shoe fetish. For photography I would go and see Softthistle/Mocha Beanie Mummy and for say home/gardening I would check out Tales From The Village/Violet Posy. And if I wanted to go to a blog where I know it will be packed full of all things family I would go see Pippa at A Mother's Ramblings or Cass at The Diary Of A Frugal Family.

These guys blog about so much more then just being a mummy, which I guess is the reason why I and so many others like to read them. It just proves there is alot more to being a mummy blogger then actually mummy blogging. We mother's have much more to us then just being mother's, we have our own talent and skills which we like to show off via our blogs.

Kirsty wrote a post asking Am I a Mummy Blogger which was food for thought. I love the way she talked about she thought setting up a blog would be a good way of making money and getting free stuff. This made me giggle! How many of you have done exactly the same but like Kirsty actually discovered there was more to 'Mummy Blogging' then freebies? I don't even know what people mean by freebies, if they're on about the random assortment of items we get sent to review then they're not exactly free when by the time you've received the item, tried it out and think about exactly what you think about the item and what you want to write about it. You've worked for it. Like the PR who most likely sent it to you worked by finding you, the blogger you they wanted to provide exposure for the client they are working with.

For me mummy blogging is a hobby, a fantastic hobby which has provided me with both fantastic friendships, opportunities and a online community full of support. It's also provided me with a means of bringing in a small income which helps to provide my family with those little extras. Yes I do reviews, why would I say no to the chance of my son getting a toy garage or as scooter which I might not be able to otherwise afford? At the end of the day it is my blog and if I want to fill up the sidebar full of advertisements or blog about my son's poops then that's totally up to me.

The term 'Mummy Blogger' is something I've happily accepted, I signed no contract or joined any group which made me a mummy blogger. I just became one the moment I started blogging about being a mother and continued too.

I leave you with Sally's Not wrong. Just different post which pretty much sums up all I'm trying to say.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

What my toddler is obsessed with..

My child is obsessed with the following...Cleaning his teeth constantly. Ice cream. Trains and cars which link up, either through magnets or links. Apples. Tantrumming when mummy says no. milk. shouting wake up (or aaaaakkkee up as he pronounces it) when he sees someone sleeping. pulling his fridge magnets off the fridge again & again. Sauce, doesn't matter what flavour sauce it is as long as it's sauce of some kind. Lego, lego duplo and those tiny little pieces of lego which hurts to stand on. action men. Water. Sauce. Going outside. The Beach. Dora the explorer. Gingerbread men. Turning everything into a set of drums. Shoes. Krispy Kremes doughnuts. Using the hoover. Chocolate. Wearing sunglasses, especially mummy's. Hiding under covers so that Mummy can shout boo when he appears. Cars. Sand. Bouncing on beds. Swings. Bouncing on mummy. Sauce. Cardboard boxes. Flashing lights. Tall buildings. Balls. Timmy Time. McDonalds fries. The colour red. Thinking that waybuloo is actually real. Reading books. Pizza. Swimming. Colouring. Sitting in baskets. Mirrors. Watching food cook in the oven. Cake. Softplay. Escaping from his pram. Balloons. Ikea hotdogs. His daddy. Chickens at the farm. Brushing hair. Sauce. Wanting to drive the car. Yogurts. Older girls. Iphone apps. Not wanting to sit still for longer then 2 minutes. The sea. Automatic doors. Making a mess. Nutella. Slides. Opening things. Small dogs. Mexican food. watering plants. Cuddles with mummy which I think is a pretty cool thing to be obsessed with. What is your child obsessed with?

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Father's Day gift ideas from Rubik's

Did you father/other half grow up with the 80's sensation the Rubik's cube? Why not relive that cubing sensation by getting them a Rubik's cube this Father's Day?

We got sent one of the Classic Rubik's cube to try out. I gave it to the man who shock & horror has never played with a Rubik's cube before. He very much enjoyed messing it up and then trying to figure out how to get it back to its original state. It is one of those timeless classic toys which is suitable for any age and can never get bored of. We even had our toddler in on the Rubik's action. If you do find yourself struggling to complete it why not head over to the Rubik's website for hints and solutions.

To get your hands on the Classic Rubik's Cube with it's snazzy new makeover and environmentally-friendly packing head to your nearest toy store or for a list of stockists, call John Adams on 01480 414361.

WARNING!! This toy may cause Rubik's Wrist and Cubist's Thumb if not handed correctly.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Fancy reviewing a Quinny Senzz?

Do you remember last year when I was chosen to be a QuinnyCaster to try out the new Quinny Zapp Extra? Well this year they're doing another chance to review another Quinny pram, this time the Quinny Senzz. The Quinny Senzz is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and compact when folded. It has the flexibility to be reclined for your child's comfort and can be combined with a carrycot or an infant car seat.

I thought I would share this with you guys as we had much fun reviewing the Quinny Zapp Extra and completing the challenges we were set each month.
Quinny are looking for 20 parents with children up to the age of 3 to years to review the Quinny Senzz. All you have to be is good at reviewing, like blogging, use facebook and parenting forums. Head over to the to find out more.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Father's Day gift ideas from FindMeAGift.com

With Father's Day approaching fast you may be hunting around for some gift ideas, how about looking in one place for all those gifts over at Findmeagift.com.

The website is simple to use and on the homepage you can easily find the Father's Day Gifts section which gives you some ideas on what you can get your father, the other half or even Grandad this year.
We got sent a Nyoki Pet Plant and Personalised Star of Fame to give us a idea of some of the gifts on sale.

He may or may not be a keen Gardener but these Nyoki Pet Plants are the perfect little gift which will get him green fingered with the little one. Simply plant the seeds, water their heads and watch the grass hair grow. Daddy wont be able to resist styling the hair, why not buy two so that daddy and child can compete in a grass 'hair' growing competition. If you get bored of growing grass then you can always grow some cress which is what we plan on doing with our Nyoki Pet Plant.

Add a special touch to the day with a personalised gift, we got sent the Pesonalised Star Of Fame to see what we thought and I thought it to be quite a quirky gift. Findmeagift kindly personalised it with my name and I look forward to decorating my new office with it as soon we've finished unpacking. The ‘Star of fame foundation’ will create a stunning framed star certificate personalised with the name of your choice and a plaque including name, date of registration and a personalised message from you. Show your father how much a star he is by saying it with the Star of Fame. If this isn't your kind of gift and you're interested in having a gift which is personalised then check out the personalised present section.

Or you could even get Daddy the Tomy Talking Baby Photo Album which we reviewed a few weeks ago. Fill it with photo's of him and his little one and then wrap it up for him to open on Father's Day.

Find me a gift.com even sell Father's Day Cards which saves you separately having to go to the supermarket/card shop for one.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Toddlerisms #1

Helping me assemble his potty so we can start our potty training journey
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