Wednesday, 8 June 2011

What my toddler is obsessed with..

My child is obsessed with the following...Cleaning his teeth constantly. Ice cream. Trains and cars which link up, either through magnets or links. Apples. Tantrumming when mummy says no. milk. shouting wake up (or aaaaakkkee up as he pronounces it) when he sees someone sleeping. pulling his fridge magnets off the fridge again & again. Sauce, doesn't matter what flavour sauce it is as long as it's sauce of some kind. Lego, lego duplo and those tiny little pieces of lego which hurts to stand on. action men. Water. Sauce. Going outside. The Beach. Dora the explorer. Gingerbread men. Turning everything into a set of drums. Shoes. Krispy Kremes doughnuts. Using the hoover. Chocolate. Wearing sunglasses, especially mummy's. Hiding under covers so that Mummy can shout boo when he appears. Cars. Sand. Bouncing on beds. Swings. Bouncing on mummy. Sauce. Cardboard boxes. Flashing lights. Tall buildings. Balls. Timmy Time. McDonalds fries. The colour red. Thinking that waybuloo is actually real. Reading books. Pizza. Swimming. Colouring. Sitting in baskets. Mirrors. Watching food cook in the oven. Cake. Softplay. Escaping from his pram. Balloons. Ikea hotdogs. His daddy. Chickens at the farm. Brushing hair. Sauce. Wanting to drive the car. Yogurts. Older girls. Iphone apps. Not wanting to sit still for longer then 2 minutes. The sea. Automatic doors. Making a mess. Nutella. Slides. Opening things. Small dogs. Mexican food. watering plants. Cuddles with mummy which I think is a pretty cool thing to be obsessed with. What is your child obsessed with?