Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Job getting in the way of blogging? How very dare it!

Ok so life obviously ignored me when I asked it to slow down just a little, if anything it's got a tad more crazy around here. What with the new house (ok so it's been over a month but it still feels new!) new job, engagement (which means planning a engagement party) and even stressing over what to wear (see, you're not the only the only one!) to CyberMummy this weekend things just seem kinda hectic. I know the reason why it feels hectic though, it's my rubbish attempt at trying become more organised. I'm yet to figure out how to work life around both the man and his work hours, the toddler and his demands (currently demanding that I let him dig a swimming pool in the back garden) and my own work hours.

Working alone has been quite tiring, considering I've been a stay at home mother for the last 2 years it's taking some getting use too! I've not had to set a alarm in all that time as the only thing getting me up in the mornings was what once was a baby but is now a toddler. I even wrote this blog post as I was on the train on the way to work. As much as do I love my new job, it does like to get in the way of my blogging.

I've barely had time to even start thinking about wedding planning and what that all involves. We have a rough idea already of dates, location and I've even already picked the bridesmaids but we're just going to just get the next couple of months out of the way before we build on it all. Though I cant deny I've not been sneaking peeks at pretty wedding dresses and shoes! Squeee!

So it's not like a case of not having anything to blog or write about because I have tons. The boy does something that either amazes or surprises me each day, life is throwing lots at me and despite the new day to day events we still find time to have lots of family fun together.

Future in laws coming to visit Thursday, must stop editing this post and go and finish the cleaning