Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 : A Round - Up

2010 has been such a amazing year for me both with my personal life and blog life. Oli's hit the age where he can communicate and interactive. He is becoming his own little person, his personality is fantastic and I can definitely see his father in him.

I remember last year I shared my favourite posts from that year so this year I thought I would do a similar thing but with a round up of the highs and lows each month from 2010.

January saw our first snow day of the year and Oli's first snow fall which at 9 months I took him out in for some sledging fun. He also took his first steps which made our month.

I questioned myself as a parent when Oli was ill in February and asked are you a confident parent? I wrote a post with my top 10 surreal mummy moments for a mummy blogging carnival which I really enjoyed reading back over.

In March I wrote a post are you a friend or a follower? which did really well and I didn't mean it to. I wanted to write about how I see people who connect to my blog and read it more like friends then anything else. I gave a few little tips on how to get your blog out there, I think I will do a more updated version of this blog post in the new year.

Oli turned 1 in April of this year and we threw him a 1st birthday party which was a fantastic day. I'm sure it will soon be his 2nd birthday before I know it. I talked about finding the impossible that month where I was weighing up my options of finding a job, putting Oli in nursery or childcare and giving up the stay at home mum status. Well nearly a year on and I've been able to continue to stay at home with Oli which I've really enjoyed. It was a great opportunity I had to spend his first couple of years with him but I have decided that come the new year it will be time to return to work.

May saw me becoming a Huggies Mummy who sponsored me to go to CyberMummy 2010 and have since been great friends of mine and Oli's. I also wrote a open letter to my online friends to let them know how important they are to me and how much there friendship both online and offline mean to me.

Over the year I started to open up and share posts which I felt were quite personal. This one about playground bullying which I wrote in June was one of them. It was difficult to think back to and write about but once I hit that publish button and shared it with the world I felt like a weight had been lifted. It was no longer a embarrassing secret.

Come July I had a full blown Toddler on my hands and it helped to blog about those toddler issues I faced. I remember receiving so much fantastic advice when I published this post why does he hurt me? I knew I was in the right company when it came to asking for parenting advice via my blog.

Something happened to me in August which no mother should have to go through. It teared me apart so much that I had to shut myself away for the week in a different house in a different town surrounded by friends who showered me in love. These friends which took me in when I needed someone were friends I had met via blogging, Vic is my closest friend and I am so thankful that blogging bought her into my life and helped me get through the toughest week I had experienced since becoming a mother.

A rather lovely and clever woman who goes by the name of Sally Whittle came up with the MADs Awards Cermony which celebrated the very best of parent blogging. Me and my family were invited along to watch the awards and support our friends. We even got to use a rather shiny Citroen DS3 to drive there and back in.

My life turned upside down in October when I answered the phone to the other half who said he has just been in a car crash, even though he hadn't received life threatening injuries I couldn't help but to run through all the what ifs especially as me and Oli could of been in the car with him.

I got rather nostalgic in November when I wrote a post saying farewell to the cassette walkman. I made myself giggle by write a blog post about how you know you're a mother when...

The last post I wrote before I took a blogging break in December was a round up of Christmas posts from lots of different bloggers which I suitably called A Christmas feast.

So that was my 2010, It was a great year at the same time as being one of the most difficult years to date.

We hope all you have a fantastic new year and I look forward to sharing 2011 with you.

Monday, 20 December 2010

A Christmas feast 2010


Nothing better to kick off this feast of Christmas themed blog posts then a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree over at This Mid 30s Life. Appropriately tittled Meet Our Christmas Tree. We're big fans of the pig!

Northern Mummy With Southern Children has shared with us her letter to Santa - Sorry to both you Santa. I like the bit where she questions Santa on how he decides who goes on the naughty list and who goes on the nice.

I wrote a post over at Bornfree Mum & Dad on How To Survive Christmas With A Baby. We had a 8 month old last year so we happily shared some tips and advice that helped us get through it.

Me , Him & Then talks about how she hates Christmas Cards and Christmas Drama with the in laws. So which one do you relate the most? I think mines the hatred of Christmas cards.

I share many wants from Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy Christmas List this year. Hands up who else has a 'hot celebrity wrapped up' on there Christmas Wish List!

Geeky Mummy has had a idea put to her by Geeky Hubby with A Solution to Christmas Present Overload.

These Christmas Decorating Tips from Norcutts from Transalatic Blonde is the perfect post for the beginner 'Christmas' decorator such as me. I look forward to using it to help me make my house look more festive.

There's a Christmas Panic going on at The Boy And Me and I don't blame her for her panic at all, no oven at this time of the year puts my no washing machine to shame!

I have two recipes to share with you from The Madhouse as I just couldn't decide between them both. There's Not so gingery gingerbread which looks rather yummy and An alternative to salt dough ornaments which will look great on the Christmas tree.

I wondered what to expect when I first saw JoJo's post A real man is not just for Christmas but it actually made my heart melt, reminded me of how lucky I am to have two gorgeous men in my life that would do anything for me.

Cherished By Me has a post about Gifts that make a difference and these Christmas gifts really will make a difference as these gifts give back to charity when you purchase them. So how about giving whilst giving this year?

Main Meal

Tattie Weasle shares with us 5 things not to do if you want the perfect Christmas. I couldn't help but to giggle at the thought of number 5.

Oooh, I'm a believer says Who's The Mummy. Find out how Sally has kept the belief going for her daughter Flea.

I've learnt all about Round Robins over on Jessica Milln's Blog who has a post called Don't you just hate Christmas Round Robins?

Not a Notting Hill Mum has the story of her daughter's First Christmas to share with you. This made me both smile and cry, but mostly cry so get the tissues at the ready!

Reading this A Very Muslim Christmas post from Ghostwritermummy is a guaranteed heart warmer. This post really did make me think about the real meaning behind this time of the year.

A place of my own asks whatever happened to gift giving in her post Thoughtful gifts.

Kate from The Five Fs Blog has some fab ideas for Easy Christmas Party Food this party season. I love the fact she has recruited some of my favourite tweeters to chip in with some party food ideas.

I didn't really realise how important flowers were at Christmas until I read A Mother's Ramblings post about Flowers at Christmas. I'm going to make it my mission tomorrow to bring some kind of flower into the house be it holly or mistletoe!

New Mummy's Tips has a round up of Christmas 2010 toy reviews and discounts from it's review blog which is the only parent review blog to of made it into the Tots 100.

Ella from Notes From Home has a lovely post on Christmas Traditions were she has shared status updates from the days leading up to Christmas last year. You just cant help but get excited about this years run up to Christmas after reading it!

Mummy From The Heart has always wrote about Family Christmas Traditions and Celebrating Advent where Michelle talks about how commercialism has gone mad.

Here's a Vegetian option for you guys from We Don't Eat Anything With A Face. They have on offer for you a Vegtian Christmas Day Menu and a post about Brussel Sprouts.. love them or hate them? *whispers* I love them!

Super Amazing Mum is sharing her Christmas Memories - Through the years with us and invited us to share ours with her.

This post from Nickie at Typecast will have you howling with laughter and shaking your head at how cruel parents can be at the same time. Will be remembering this threat from What Does Father Christmas Bring Naughty Boys? for when my son is older.

If you're not to full up with this feast then Cafebebe has the ultimate round up of Christmas themed posts with her Countdown to Christmas - O Christmas Tree post.


Over on the Cheeky Wipes Blog is a recipe for some scrumptious Home-Made Christmas Honeycomb (Cinder Toffee). I plan on getting the ingredients to make this as soon as the snow allows me too!

From rat racer to positive parent has shared a fabulous Christmas competition where you can win £500 from B&Q and how you can get a letter from Santa for your little one at the price of a stamp.

I'm not the only one who is not prepared for Christmas! Making It Up talks about how she isn't ready for the Season of goodwill but has taken a step back to think about what this time of the year is about. I think I'm going to do the same before I make a start on my Christmas cards.

You will not be able to resist wanting to make these Simple Christmas Decorations With Oranges from A Thrifty Mrs just to find out how good they will smell.

Glowstars talks about Me and My Sparkles which to me is rather festive. You cant beat some sparkles at Christmas especially when they come in the form of sequined leggings!

We always hear about every one's favourite thing about Christmas but how about hearing from Day to day living in the nut house about her 2nd favourite thing about Christmas .

Mummy's Shoes has shared some fantastic Christmas photos from The 11th and 12th Day of Christmas. Tell me I'm not the only one jealous of Carly's starbucks in the last photo!

After Dinner Drinks

Prem to Pram has the perfect after dinner party activity for you with The Christmas Pound Game.

Late Entry for the Christmas Number One over at Mum's Gone to.. who has newly-converted DVDs of her boy when he was little, so adorable! Head over and get your fix of Christmas songs.

Another post from MammyWoo which actually made me LOL (laugh out loud for those not knowing teen speak). I love the way she's always so truth about life and how she reflects on it, this And the bells were ringing out for... oh bloody hell is no different.

Jo Ind is wondering about Who put the word 'merry' next to 'Christmas'?

We all need to head over to MummySquared and help her find her festive mojo which she has lost in Countdown to Christmas Day 14 - No Tree for Me. We need to help her re-discover her yuletide magic which doesn't involve eating a whole pack of mince pies in one sitting.

This post from Cocktails at Naptime had me in stitches. Gifts for New Mums are Full of Folly is guaranteed to make you giggle too. I totally plan on buying the Pee-pee Teepee for a friend who is expecting a boy.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas Gifts for Grandma

Cashmere Eau De Parfum

Jo Brand - Cant Stand Up For Sitting Down

Find more Christmas gift ideas for Grandma over at Next.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

How do you 'Christmas' decorate?

I know it sounds like a stupid question but how exactly do you decorate a room or a house?

I lack creative flair and decorations of any kind just seem so foreign for me. I never know where to put anything. Guess that explains why my house looks so simple/empty, I have a mirror on my room in the living room and that's as bout as far as it goes. I don't even have any pictures up anywhere apart from a couple on the window sill. It's all part of my epic housewife failings.

So of course when it comes to putting up Christmas decorations I feel rather lost. It's bad enough that the tree looks like the Christmas aisle in homebase has pooped on it let alone putting anything else anywhere in the house. I wondered around with a piece of tinsel for at least a hour last night whilst trying to decide where to put it, I tried it around the mirror - it looked stupid. I tried it around the snail tank - it looked stupid. It's ended up around the stairs and going up it but sat here looking at it I cant decide if I like it or not?

And what is it with Christmas lights and getting tackled whilst sat in a box for 12months doing nothing and moving nowhere? We put them away so that we can easily get to them this year but upon opening the box and getting them out, we were greeted with a tangled mess. After many tears and bad words had been shared we managed to unknot it enough to stick the bit that was kind knotted at the back of the tree and chucked the decorations on so it wasn't that obvious. I might have another go at it tonight with a fresh set of eyes and a bottle of Shiraz in tow.

When I was younger I remember my mother going overboard on the decorations,the living room would be inaccessible for most of December because the amount of tack she has managed to cram in there. That's one of the things I fear happening in my own house - it looking more tacky then Pat Butchers earrings! I like simple but our house is just looking way too plain, it needs more festive cheer added to it but I just don't know where to begin. I really don't.

Christmas Gifts for Grandad

Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas gift ideas for the Baby

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... 8 Maids-a-Milking, 7 Swans-a-Swimming, 6 Geese-a-Laying, 5 Golden Rings, 4 Calling Birds, 3 French Hens, 2 Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

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