Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Christmas gift ideas for the Man

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...2 Turtle D
oves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Alan Sugar - What You See Is What You Get

Does your man sit there watching 'The Apprentice' saying to you 'I could be as rich as Alan Sugar' then how about getting him Alan's autobiography to find out exactly how he became such a great entrepreneur.

Grow Your Own Chili Plants

Does your Hubby do alot of cooking? (we take it in turns in this house) how about getting him excited about growing his own chili plants to use?

Jar Of Sweets

Does the man in your life have a sweet tooth? Jar of sweets would be perfect for it!

Your Name In A Novel

How putting his name along with his friends as the leading characters names in this classic tale Treasure Island or if that isn't his kind of story how about Robin Hood?

Ipod Shuffle

Is he down the gym most days? How about sticking some of his favourite music on a Ipod Shuffle for him to listen too. There's a handy clip which means he can attach it to his clothing.

Wii Console Fitness Bundle

If the gym isn't his thing then why not bring the gym home to him with this White Wii Console Fitness Bundle. It includes everything you need including the balance board and steering wheel.

Black Leather Briefcase

Workaholic? Get him the Black Leather Briefcase so that he can be the cool kid at work.

Marc Jacobs Men Gift Set

Get him smelling all nice with this Marc Jacobs Men Gift Set, you wont be able to resist him!

3D Hippo Slipper

Everybody loves humor slippers, why not funk up his feet with these 3D Hippo Slippers.

Aladdin Travel Mug

Does your partner commute? Why not keep him warm on these frosty mornings with a Aladdin Travel Mug full of coffee!

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