Sunday, 12 December 2010

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa ,

I think I've been a very good girl this year so it only feels right to send you my Christmas list with what I like this year. I've never really been one for presents, I'm all for the whole Christmas spirit and the excitement that this time of the year brings more then anything.

This year though I would very much like the gift of time. Yes time. More time to fit in those duvet days with my boys, more time to cram in uni work before deadlines, more time to blog and read blogs, more time to sort through emails and photos, more time to spend with good friends who bring many smiles to my face.

I would also like a big heap of money, money really shouldn't mean anything to anyone. After all it is just another material possessions and I'm not a big fan of those (unless of course you count my laptop & DVD collection) but Santa those bills are all starting to add up and the silly bill people would like money before your big day which you have to agree is rather rude of them. It's either buy presents or sit in the warmth of our house Christmas day, I would much rather do both if possible.

Typically our washing machine has broken down and we can not afford either washing machine engineer man (is that what they're called?) or new washing machine. I'm still confused to how its broke in so little time, it's not like a use it regularly! You know what I'm like when it comes to housework Santa.

Last and finally could I have the gift of love? I know I already get mountains of it from my son but it would be greedy enough to ask for a little more? Ever since I cut my family out of my life (for all good reasons) I've been a little down on the love, I know I never got much from them but I always has that pretence. As much as I am receiving all the love I need from my other half there just seems to be some kind of hole that needs to be filled. I'm struggling to find a way to fill it if that makes sense?

We will of course leave a mince pie and glass of brandy out for you and for Rudolph we'll leave out a carrot or 2.

Yours lovingly,



PS... I'm sorry we didnt get to chat much yesterday when I bought Oli to see you, he was totally terrified of you. I'm not sure if it was the big red suit, the bell or even the beard but he just didnt want to be near you. I'm sure it will be a totally different story in a few years time.