Thursday, 31 December 2009

My Favourite Posts This Year

I was new to blogging in May , I used it as a diary at first as I really did not know much about blogging and I didn't know how popular blogging actually was - especially Mummy Blogging. I'm so proud to now call myself a Mummy Blogger. I have 3 Favourite Posts from this Year that I'll share with you.

I'll start with my favorite day as my favorite post from April , My Birth Story. When Oliver was born I didn't have a blog but had posted bits & bobs to my myspace blog. So this was something I copied over.

When Peggy from A Mother's Secrets requested posts on pregnancy lows , I was more then happy to share my Pregnancy Lows.

This was my best post , It was something I felt so strongly about and sharing it in my Blog was great to do. I found I wasn't the only person that had problems/issues with Bottlefeeding.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The 9 month mark

I cant believe my little boy is soon to be 9 month's ... Where has the time gone?

Friday, 18 December 2009

Enid Blytons Faraway Tree Stories FLIP Review

We got sent by EA Games a Nintendo DS game to review, now we have a DS in our house but Oliver is too young and I'm sure a 'younger then me' opinion was wanted on the game. So my niece Carmen was more then happy to bring her Nintendo DS around to play the game and review it.

The game we got sent was a Flip Interactive Book, which turned the Nintendo DS into a reading book! The best thing about the Flip interactive book was that it was Enid Blytons Faraway Tree Stories. Now all book lovers have heard of Enid Blyton and so have many children! It was only a few weeks ago I educated Carmen in the wonders of The Magic Faraway Tree, when we read it to Oli before his bedtime.

So we were both rather excited to be able to read the book via the Nintendo DS!

We made some milkshakes & sat down to explore the game together. :)

As soon as it started up ( I was impressed at how quick it loaded up! No waiting around!) it gave a tutorial on how to select a book (6 to choose from!) . Carmen selected 'The Enchanted Wood'.

It then showed you how to turn the page.. She found this easy to grasp by using the instructions given on screen.

It highlights names and once clicked on , shows a picture of that character. Carmen told me it provided her a picture in her head of what they looked like, which I thought was great - it meant she could put a face to a name whilst reading through the FLIP book. There was noises and images provided to accompany the words & actions being displayed.

She found it so easy to turn the page and found the illustrations made it interesting & fun to read.

It allowed her to collect items like feathers , musical notes , mushrooms and flowers which were hidden within the pages and she got to unlock bonus content such as recipes and fun activities as she went along.

It looked like she was reading a actual book as she held the DS a way a book should be held. New dawning for books? I think so!

It bought a fantastic story by a brilliant author to life!! EA Games have found a great way to educate children in the wonders and joys of reading.

Carmen's Overall score..

We sat for a good couple of hours reading & exploring Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree Stories.

It got her so excited about reading which is what is so great about this game/book!! Anything encouraging youngsters to read is a hit in my FLIPPING book! (Get it?!)

Another amazing bonus to this game is that she could share chapters with a friend via the DS wireless communications. These FLIP Books are going to go down a storm , especially with Christmas just a week away! Carmen's already added Cathy Cassidy FLIP to her Christmas list!

And guess who got a BIG hug for letting Carmen keep the Faraway Tree Stories FLIP book! :)

Check out the other titles available in the Nintendo DS FLIPS range:

Cathy Cassidy

Artemis Fowl

Ghoul For School

And there's more to come in 2010!!!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Secret Christmas Ornament Swap

Check out my wonderful Christmas Ornaments which I got from the Secret Christmas Ornament swap hosted by Snaffles Mummy.

My beautiful ornaments were sent from the host herself!!

I was so excited when I opened the door to see a postman holding a box addressed to me!! And even more excited when I discovered what was in it.

Oli helping me to unwrap it!

Oli loved the last one , he's been sat jiggling it laughing every time it makes a noise (It has a bell inside!)

Look forward to taking part again next year! :)

Thank You Snaffles Mummy!!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Father Christmas

Took the boy to see Father Christmas at our local garden center yesterday , he didn't know what quite to make of it at first.

But realized Father Christmas had hair like Mummy (but coming from the chin!) so had a good tug at that!

And then posed for the camera :)

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