Wednesday, 31 August 2011

So I'm Pregnant

So I've done it once before. It was horrid. It made me swear never to go through pregnancy again, but of course you get to a certain point where you just cant wait to add another child to your family. By his time in the last pregnancy I had already collapsed in a small puddle of blood and had been rushed to hospital where I had been probed with some scanning stick and told I would have to wait a few weeks until I knew if the pregnancy would continue or not. Of course it did and I now have a healthy two year old toddler. The pregnancy continued to be a horror with severe morning sickness and pain in my stomach which wasn't explained until after I had given birth, turned out I had developed gallstones whilst pregnant.

This pregnancy seems to be the exact opposite so far, no sickness and no pain but am tired constantly. I feel so drained and my energy has been sucked out of me the moment I wake up. My boobs are so incredibly sore which is how we knew I was pregnant before confirming it with a test, I woke up in tears the other night as I had must of knocked them in my sleep. I fear it may be a case of bathing them with cabbage leaves.

Though more concerning then the sore boobs and tiredness is my hormones. I've spent the last few weeks feeling quite down, it was starting to become to a concern until we found out it was thanks to pregnancy and that's helped calm it down. Everything was getting to me and I was often found in tears, I cried on the train to work because I didn't want to go in and didn't want people to see/look at me which was completely out of character for me. I was also turning into the incredible hulk, snapping at the man for no reason at all. Though I'm pretty sure there was a reason but I just exaggerated everything.

I knew I had no reason to feel the way I felt and am still feeling. I have no reason to be unhappy, I have a wedding to plan for next year which now involves having our newborn attending which is rather cool and exciting. Thankfully it's not been every one's first reply 'what about the wedding' as I thought it might be. I'll have a good couple of months to shift that baby weight but I'm still keeping my fingers cross it'll go straight away like it did with the first (go ahead, hate me!) all it means is leaving the dress to last minute which I don't mind (sure I'll be saying the total opposite come next year). I did speak to the doctor yesterday about my feelings ad this issue and he was really nice about it and plans on having me back in a weeks time if I don't feel it's got any better. Hopefully now that I know it's all thanks to being pregnant and these crazy hormones that it will help keep it to a minimum and will soon stop.

I'm well and truly preparing myself for several months of pregnancy, currently sat at the kitchen table as I type this munching on last nights leftover Chinese. More pressing issues is explaining to the man who is currently away that I've spent my weeks allowance on enough Chinese to feed a family of 10. I think he's already grown wise to the 'but dear, I'm pregnant' excuse.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

We're expecting...

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Things have been a little quiet

I've been a little quiet on the blogging front lately and have not really been around other then to post about those fab products Oli gets sent to review. I wish I could say I was busy wedding planning (almost down to 10 months until the big day!) or even busy with potty training (which hasn't really been happening since those first lot of wees) but have been working, it's only just this week I'm getting my head around the fact I'm no longer a stay at home mum at all and that that's now all behind me and have now joined the working mum club.

In the next week or so we're going to be looking into local nurseries which scares me alot little as I still get rather emotional just leaving him with the man when I go to work let alone leaving him in some other place. I know he'll be alright at nursery and that it will do him more good if anything, it will help with his speech and he may continue with the potty training if he watches other potty training kids do it.

Suppose if anything I appreciate more the time I have with him when I'm home, we spend it doing things he wants to do. We watch TV together, play in the garden or even go on adventures on the train. By the tine bedtime comes around for him, I'm not long in bed after him. If only we had another day in the week to dedicate to sleeping, I suppose even then I would dedicate it to spending time with Oli or even the sly blog post. Can you believe I've not even blogged about CyberMummy yet or even LolliBop? Guess I know what I'll be doing when the man goes away next week.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Trunki Toybox

Ever since I first heard of trunki back when Oli was a newborn I always planned on getting him one, by one I mean the ultimate trunki - the ride on/pull along suitcase. I've just been waiting for when the time was right and for him to be at the right age to really appreciate the coolness of it. Seriously, a ride on suitcase? I think they need to tap into the adult market with those. We didn't know about the trunki toybox until we were asked if we would like to try one out.

The moment it arrived the toddler knew what to do, it has wheels and he knows that anything with wheels can be pushed along. He soon realised by sticking himself on it that it was a ride on toy. I really didn't get to test out the toybox function to it until he had gone to bed, he was horrified at the very thought of turning it over and taking off this lid of wheels.

He soon got used to the idea of using it to store his toys when he wasn't playing them, especially when he realised he can transport his toys from one house to another and have his new ride on toy at the same time to play with.

The toybox has more then enough room for all of his lego cars duplo which he's taking everywhere with him at the moment as well as some of his cars, trains, planes and a few storybooks. When he went to Nana's last weekend we put it at the bottom of Oli's feet in the foot well like it suggests, fits well and meant using space that we wouldn't usually use leaving us more room for our stuff.

Not only has Oli been using but we've been using it too, we often visit the beach on sunny days and take a picnic with us. I much prefer to using it to bags as thanks to the carry handle we can stick our drinks and food in it and keep them the right way up.

If you have more then one trunki toybox not only they do easily stack on one another but you can use the rubber tongue attached to it to create a ToyBox train.

We all very much like the Trunki ToyBox and really do consider it a useful and playful box to own. Cant wait to get Oli his very own Trunki suitcase for when we go on holiday next year.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011 Competition

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Lands' End Boys Clothing

We got sent some fantastic outfits this summer from Lands' End for Oli to wear and review. We were spoilt for choice when looking at the Land's End Boys Clothing section not only because of the choice available but because of the many different styles on offer. I wanted some shorts for Oli, I was tempted by the plaid

They are fantastic and worth every penny, all the clothes we got sent from Lands' End have been with us for the last few months so they have endured much of Oli's toddler ways as well as my washing. Of course everything possible has been spilt down the pullover and the shorts but to this day they still look as good as new when washed and dried.

The cotton shorts are lightweight ripstop fabric which are perfect for those little boy legs. It has lots of little pockets which Oli is yet to discover but I cant see it being long before I start having to turn them out before putting them in the
wash. Inside of them is a adjustable waist which obviously makes them last much longer then then shorts without that feature. Oli seems to be quite comfortable wearing them and looks quite smart in them, the same with the Boys' ThermaCheck Half Zip Pullover.

The pullover is incredibly soft and like it says in the
description it's light in weight but heavy in warmth which makes it a perfect jacket when the weather calls for neither a tshirt or a think jacket .It has a anti-pill finish which explains why it kept looking like new every time it came out of the washing machine.
We also got sent the Boys' Short Sleeve Graphic Blue Rash Guard Shirt which came in perfect timing for the sunny weather we had this summer which we took advantage of and took many trips to the beach. Not only did the UV factor 50 between his fragile skin against the sun but it protected him from those waves and sand play. When wet it's naturally quick to dry, handy when he's just come out of the sun and wants to play in the sea for a while. Not only that it holds it's shape once dry thanks to the stretchy blend material.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I have a potty peeing child

I didn't even do it on purpose, it just came about by accident. Well not for Oli it didn't but for us it did. Only the other week I tried putting him on the potty at home but got nowhere with it, everything I tried from the taking off the nappy to sitting on it myself (I didn't use it, honest!) to let him see even Mummy can sit on but we didn't get anywhere. We also put it down to a lack of communication on Oli's behalf, we're still battling with words and were nowhere near getting him to understand 'potty' and what the potty is for.

That was until this weekend when Oli spent a few days around his cousin (who's almost 3) at Nana's house. We were trying to get his cousin to rub off on him with the talking, especially as Oli likes to copy everything he does and follows him around like a lost puppy everywhere. I didn't think about him actually copying his toilet habits. Sunday evening sat at the table with the whole family I excused myself to the toilet and and as he does with anywhere I go, he followed. One of my ways of hoping Oli would get used to toilet training was letting him come in with me, now the Mr finds this a strange way but I actually thought it to be a good idea. After all if Mummy does then must be good enough for him to try? But seriously is that strange.. Do I have logic in my thinking?

Anyway he gave me this look, kinda pointed his eyes towards the potty and started to pull his trousers down. I helped him take his nappy down and he sat down on the potty and weed. I don't think I've ever been
SO excited about something so 'wee' like before. I opened the door to announce to the rest of the family and to Daddy that Oli was peeing on the potty. I spent the whole evening just beaming because it was so unexpected and was showing me that my little boy is growing up.

I thought it was a fluke until the next morning when he took my hand and took me to the toilet where I helped
him sit on the potty for another wee. WOop. Sadly since coming home we've not had another potty wee but we think this might because he's afraid of his potty so we will be purchasing him one exactly the same as his cousins to see if that helps. I do think I'm in for a difficult time though because of the lack of communication but then maybe it might not be. Guess we'll just have to see. Though in the mean time I'm going to continue with trying to get him use to reusable nappies (blog post coming soon!) which we've introduced to help cut down on nappy costs.

Seriously, any potty training advice is gladly appreciated and needed! Did anyone else have a potty training child before they started talking and how did you get past that barrier?

Monday, 15 August 2011

Playmobil Noah's Ark

That lucky toddler of mine got sent the new Playmobil Take Along Noah's Ark from the new Playmobil 1.2.3 range to play with.

The first thing I loved about the Noah's Ark was of course the bright colours and how stable and sturdy the toy was for a plastic toy. You can tell straight away that it will last for many years and can withstand the roughest of toddler play. First thing from Oli to be noticed was the many animals that came with it, along with some a little sack and a bridge for the animals to get in the ark. These were a good little size and shape for his little toddler hands.

Because of how sturdy and child friendly it is, it's suitable from the age of 18months onwards and as your child gets older you can show them the features like the top half coming up which you can store the animals in or use that extra level to play with as Oli does. It has a latched roof which my toddler has used to poke the giraffe heads through, something I wouldn't of thought of.

Big plus to the Noah' Ark is that it doubles up as a bath toy, it actually floats!

The carry handle was a hit too with us, it made taking it to Nana's this weekend much easier. Much much fun was had with this toy, we think it would make the perfect first Noah's ark for any child.

You can buy the Playmobil Noah's Ark from , or even directly from the Playmobil shop.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Cars LEGO Duplo

As LEGO Duplo ambassadors we occasionally get sent some Duplo to play with. As you can understand this is no problem at all for Oli who has a dedicated table for his stash of LEGO Duplo. Unexpectedly we got a delivery the other day of Cars LEGO Duplo, I dont know who was more excited for Oli - me or the postman who had caught a climpse of what it was.

He's a BIG fan of cars like most toddler boys his age so teaming up Duplo with Cars was a fantastic idea. We got sent 4 of the sets from the LEGO DUPLO Brand Cars which I'll tell you a little about.

The first one we played with was Agent Mater which is one of the smallest sets but seems to be one of Oli's favourites. He shoots little cannon missiles which we have taught Oli to aim at the Lego Duplo bricks which have targets on them. It's grea that Mater is the perfect size for Oli's toddler hands

Second set was Luigi's Italian Place which was just as exciting as it contained two of the cars - Luigi and Guido. We mixed and mashed the place up using the pictures on the box to make various scenes. This is the kind of set which is a great add to the next two I'm going to talk about or even played with on it's on.

Next we built Tokyo Racing which comes with a Lightning McQueen and Carla Veloso. Once built we had to explain to Oli that sticking the cars at the starting line and shouting 'GO' at them wouldn't make them move! Bless him. Though I'm pretty sure he had more fun racing them around the floor himself.

The last set which wowed him just like the others was The Pit Stop which came with 4 cars - Lightning McQueen, Guido, Francesco and a exclusive Fillmore. This is where we taught Oli all about giving cars a 'rest' and how they needed petrol from the little fuel pump which was also a great size for his little hands. The garage doors are a fab idea as not only does he use them to shut the garage doors but he likes to push the cars up and down them, cant see him getting bored of doing that anytime soon.

The sets all merge together really well which is fantastic if you're buying a set here and there overtime for your little one. Here's a little video of Oli playing with his, check out that tongue concentration.

The country my son is growing up in

I couldn't sleep last night, not only because of the flu the man has kindly passed on to me but because of the disgusting acts of inhuman behaviour happening over in our capital. I was laying in bed in the room next to my son, I knew my son was safe and the only noises we heard were owls. Elsewhere mothers close to the events caused by yobs and rebels were holding their children in fear, trying to explain to them why they could smell smoke or hear sirens.

My toddler is currently snuggled next to me under my duvet, how do I explain to him that in years to come this could be a regular occurrence? The youth of today is changing at a incredibly fast rate. I am 22 years of age, most likely the same age of many of these yobs. My thoughts are about my family and friends safety, their thoughts are about what shops they can go looting from and what building they can burn down next.

I can see the country changing fast around me and I'm not liking what I see, I don't want to bring more children into this world for them to face a future of this. That could be my daughter in the future cradling her child as trouble happens on her doorstep. Our doorstep.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

LolliBop winner & news from LolliBop Festival HQ

I'm jumping up and down in excitement as I write this blog post, not only do I announce the winner to the LolliBop family ticket competition I held but it's only a couple of days to go until the BIGGEST bash for little people takes place! LolliBop is happening on the 5th, 6th & the 7th of August in Regent's Park, London. Before I announce the winner, I thought I'd share some news with you straight from LolliBop HQ!

Yesterday they annouced that Ben 10 has been added to the line-up and will be around for all 3 days. Now I know my little one is a little too young for Ben 10 but I know this will be the perfect entertainment for those slightly older boys. Something which is for all ages including us mums & dads is Shrek who will be performing on the Sunday (I knew I picked the right day to attend!). Shrek & Princess Fiona will be performing a 15 minute routine from their latest West End hit 'Shrek The Musical'. How about having a sneak peek at the site build over at Regent's park over on the LolliBop Blog, it's only just adding to the excitement! Why not keep a eye on the facebook page too for the latest news and fun straight from the team at LolliBop.

Now on to the winner of the family ticket for 4 competition which I held a couple of weeks ago. I got so many entries and recieved some fantastic poems which did make me smile. Sadly there can only be one winner and as the boy as gone to bed, I've enlisted the help of a number randomization to help me find the winner. For each comment I replied with a number so if this is your number...

CONGRATULATIONS! You've won a family ticket for 4 people to LolliBop on whichever day you would like to attend. Please email me at or even tweet me with your details so that I can pass them on to the LolliBop guys. If you didn't win the tickets but are still interested in going then visit the ticket information here for everthing you need to know about getting your hands on Lollibop tickets.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


As parents to little ones most of us are familiar with the constant need for milk to be in the fridge, in this house we go through pints of the stuff each week and have to often dash to the supermarket if we've unexpectedly ran out. milk&more are a online website for Dairy Crest which allows you to order from your local milkman. Here's their most recent advert to give you an idea of what they are all about.

Not only can you buy Milk at milk&more but you can also do your grocery shopping which gets out the need to go to the supermarket all together. To help you and your little ones towards getting your 5 a day why not take advantage of the fruit delivery on offer which could be a fun way of helping to encourage your little ones to eat some fruit.

Oh and did I mention delivery was free making it no difference to going to the supermarket apart not having to leave the comfort of your sofa, so head on over to www.milk& and give it a try.

This is a sponsored post.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Mummy Mistake #23

This morning as I was being lured to the park by my two year I realised I had made the ultimate mummy mistake. This mistake was confirmed as I was asked to sit down on the grass. You see this morning as I was getting ready for the day I put on the item of clothing that no mother should wear. Of course any mother can wear it but for me, it's like the ultimate wardrobe mistake.

The item of clothing I'm speaking about is a pair of white trousers. Bright white clean trousers which should only make a appearance on those rare childless days/evenings. It got to a point where I was collecting potential stains every few minutes.

I didn't want to be a spoilsport for Oli so happily rolled around in the grass with him, welcome stain number 1. We came back and played in the garden, hello mud - stain number 2. We then baked cookies, we had lunch, cuddles, tickles, I did housework, more toddler fun, more stickiness. I did take a photo but it doesn't quite show the dirt as much as I what I saw.

Safe to say when the trousers come out the wash they wont be coming out for a while.
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