Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The country my son is growing up in

I couldn't sleep last night, not only because of the flu the man has kindly passed on to me but because of the disgusting acts of inhuman behaviour happening over in our capital. I was laying in bed in the room next to my son, I knew my son was safe and the only noises we heard were owls. Elsewhere mothers close to the events caused by yobs and rebels were holding their children in fear, trying to explain to them why they could smell smoke or hear sirens.

My toddler is currently snuggled next to me under my duvet, how do I explain to him that in years to come this could be a regular occurrence? The youth of today is changing at a incredibly fast rate. I am 22 years of age, most likely the same age of many of these yobs. My thoughts are about my family and friends safety, their thoughts are about what shops they can go looting from and what building they can burn down next.

I can see the country changing fast around me and I'm not liking what I see, I don't want to bring more children into this world for them to face a future of this. That could be my daughter in the future cradling her child as trouble happens on her doorstep. Our doorstep.