Wednesday, 31 August 2011

So I'm Pregnant

So I've done it once before. It was horrid. It made me swear never to go through pregnancy again, but of course you get to a certain point where you just cant wait to add another child to your family. By his time in the last pregnancy I had already collapsed in a small puddle of blood and had been rushed to hospital where I had been probed with some scanning stick and told I would have to wait a few weeks until I knew if the pregnancy would continue or not. Of course it did and I now have a healthy two year old toddler. The pregnancy continued to be a horror with severe morning sickness and pain in my stomach which wasn't explained until after I had given birth, turned out I had developed gallstones whilst pregnant.

This pregnancy seems to be the exact opposite so far, no sickness and no pain but am tired constantly. I feel so drained and my energy has been sucked out of me the moment I wake up. My boobs are so incredibly sore which is how we knew I was pregnant before confirming it with a test, I woke up in tears the other night as I had must of knocked them in my sleep. I fear it may be a case of bathing them with cabbage leaves.

Though more concerning then the sore boobs and tiredness is my hormones. I've spent the last few weeks feeling quite down, it was starting to become to a concern until we found out it was thanks to pregnancy and that's helped calm it down. Everything was getting to me and I was often found in tears, I cried on the train to work because I didn't want to go in and didn't want people to see/look at me which was completely out of character for me. I was also turning into the incredible hulk, snapping at the man for no reason at all. Though I'm pretty sure there was a reason but I just exaggerated everything.

I knew I had no reason to feel the way I felt and am still feeling. I have no reason to be unhappy, I have a wedding to plan for next year which now involves having our newborn attending which is rather cool and exciting. Thankfully it's not been every one's first reply 'what about the wedding' as I thought it might be. I'll have a good couple of months to shift that baby weight but I'm still keeping my fingers cross it'll go straight away like it did with the first (go ahead, hate me!) all it means is leaving the dress to last minute which I don't mind (sure I'll be saying the total opposite come next year). I did speak to the doctor yesterday about my feelings ad this issue and he was really nice about it and plans on having me back in a weeks time if I don't feel it's got any better. Hopefully now that I know it's all thanks to being pregnant and these crazy hormones that it will help keep it to a minimum and will soon stop.

I'm well and truly preparing myself for several months of pregnancy, currently sat at the kitchen table as I type this munching on last nights leftover Chinese. More pressing issues is explaining to the man who is currently away that I've spent my weeks allowance on enough Chinese to feed a family of 10. I think he's already grown wise to the 'but dear, I'm pregnant' excuse.