Sunday, 28 August 2011

Things have been a little quiet

I've been a little quiet on the blogging front lately and have not really been around other then to post about those fab products Oli gets sent to review. I wish I could say I was busy wedding planning (almost down to 10 months until the big day!) or even busy with potty training (which hasn't really been happening since those first lot of wees) but have been working, it's only just this week I'm getting my head around the fact I'm no longer a stay at home mum at all and that that's now all behind me and have now joined the working mum club.

In the next week or so we're going to be looking into local nurseries which scares me alot little as I still get rather emotional just leaving him with the man when I go to work let alone leaving him in some other place. I know he'll be alright at nursery and that it will do him more good if anything, it will help with his speech and he may continue with the potty training if he watches other potty training kids do it.

Suppose if anything I appreciate more the time I have with him when I'm home, we spend it doing things he wants to do. We watch TV together, play in the garden or even go on adventures on the train. By the tine bedtime comes around for him, I'm not long in bed after him. If only we had another day in the week to dedicate to sleeping, I suppose even then I would dedicate it to spending time with Oli or even the sly blog post. Can you believe I've not even blogged about CyberMummy yet or even LolliBop? Guess I know what I'll be doing when the man goes away next week.