Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Teaching stranger danger

Over the last few weeks we've been trying to deal with a issue with the toddler which we seem to be getting nowhere with. We thankfully have a rather friendly loving toddler which is no problem at all, until it come to strangers. You see Oli has become way too friendly with people he doesn't know, he likes to run up to people he doesn't know and exchange words or hugs with them which is what we're even more concerned about.

Say for example we arrive in a park and there's someone there with their child, he will happily play wit
h the child but he will run up to the parent/person and hug them. He's done the hugging a few times now and I'm not to sure how to nip this in the bud and which way to go about it. There's a small part of me which thinks this is sweet and rather cute of him but a even bigger part of me has alarm bells going off. It's a stranger, someone he doesn't know and he wants to hug them and play with them. How do I draw the line and explain to 2 year old who doesn't quite understand that this is wrong?

He did it in the supermarket to a small girl which hugged him back, both we and the other set of parents thought this cute and didn't think much to it. But was that wrong? Should I of told him off right there for that? How do I say there's friendly and there's over friendly? He's always with us especially at this age so he's never left alone where something could potentially go wrong but am I not to snip this in the bud now before it could turn into something more then just hugging a stranger.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Pregnancy can be a drag

I remember when pregnant with Oli that the last couple of months seem to drag especially those last few weeks and the two where I went over my due date. This time around it seems to be the first trimester which to me is dragging. So yeah you know where I said this pregnancy was so far the complete opposite with no sickness? Oh I was so wrong. Like the very next day I was found with head down the toilet all day and night. And it's pretty much followed that pattern the last couple of weeks.

We also had a scare which my God, really did frighten us. Took a trip to the doctors because of how the tiredness was effecting me and I just didn't feel right anymore, dizziness was constant and I had some lower stomach pain. The doctor was so concerned about how I was feeling and how low my blood pressure was that she called a ambulance to the doctor surgery to take me straight to the hospital. There was talk of how I might of lost the baby, this on top of suddenly being rushed to hospital really felt too much. The man who was with me along with Oli had to take him back home, which was heartbreaking enough. Hearing his cries down the doctors corridors as he wa dragged away from me really cut deep. Thankfully the lovely Kerry looked after Oli for us allowing the man to later join me in the hospital.

Everything was a huge daze to me as you can imagine, from the whole sirens being on in the ambulance to having lots of people around me in a&e. I was for some reason given morphine which I'm sure they gave me because at that point there concern was about me. I'm pretty sure this is what caused me more pain. I was taken up to the gynecology ward where I was in a room full of leaflets about miscarriage and the likes, being left alone staring at these really got me in a state. This baby was someone we both wanted so badly, we had tried fr it and were so joyful at succeeding and the thought of a sibling for Oli. At this point the man joined me, just at the same time this morphine induced pain started. Pain at the time I compared to the nurse as being in labour, she allowed me to have some gas & air. Oh gas & air, a thing of beauty. I remember how well it took the edge off when in labour with the boy.

It was deja vu though as I went to hospital with Oli at the beginning too as I had a bleed, turned out to be just normal but meant that I knew what was going to happen with regards to how they were going to see if everything was ok. We were took to the room where I was scanned, was quite disappointed at first as he couldn't see anything as my bladder was so full so had to use a different kind of scanner thingy (think stick probe) to look that way. We both sobbed with happiness when we saw on screen this tiny little baby with his/her little heart beating away. Though I was still in agony with this pain which was appearing again and again. I remember wiggling all over the bed whilst the Doctor was trying to get me to stay still so he could get measurements and do some other checks. He told me that the pain was just normal stretching pain, Ha. If I wasn't in so much pain I would of laughed at him. This was not stretching pain that I was feeling, this was the kinda pain that if it was appearing whilst at home I would be calling a ambulance myself.

I seriously think that pain was down to the morphine and after it had worn off the pain went with it. Yeah strange that. As the doctor said himself strong drugs shouldn't be used especially at the stage I was at, maybe he should explain to them downstairs. I was disappointed to find that we were not as far along as we originally thought, with how I've been feeling I kept constantly telling myself I'm nearly at the 'you feel kinda normal but your still not normal' stage. But we were just relived everything was OK, and it was quite amazing to see baby's heart beating away. it has given me something to think about when my head is once again down the toilet. I've also come to the conclusion that none my children just don't want me to enjoy pregnancy, at least this time I cant get gallstones. Yeah watch me get kidney stones now.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Single Parents Are Brilliant

First of all a huge thanks to Emma for letting me borrow a bit of her blog space to just highlight a new campaign that I have started. To read about the campaign please click on the logo below.

I have been a single parent for 2 ½ years to my now 3 ½ year old little boy, there are good days and days that are a bit harder. But that is no different from any family regardless on the amount of adults under the roof.

I am a strong believer that parenting should never be a competition, for how your children are developing, how little sleep you are getting, how many teeth they have and just how hard work it is. This campaign in not about saying that single parents have it harder, have to work at it more, are more tired etc.

What it is about is just acknowledging that if a child for whatever reason only has one parent at home that does not automatically mean that they will be a rioter/delinquent/hoodie/rude/under-achieving/word shy/missing out/a thug (I could go on with that list)

So many single parents are currently feeling that just because there is only one of us that society is making assumptions and putting labels on our children, labels that these little ones will have to see and grow up with. And that is really not fair on anyone.

So I have given single parents a place where they can express how brilliant they are and the difference they are making to their children, to show society and the people in charge of the country that they should not make assumptions, that our children should not be judged and labelled.

If you are a single parent please join in, add a comment or , or of you know any single parents please send them the link.

I am also looking for any media/pr people to help me spread the word so if you can do that please



Monday, 5 September 2011

Baby brain really has begun..

Friday, 2 September 2011

Dear so & so

Dear The Man,

Thank you for treating me to a curry last night, I really should of told you that I bought Chinese just days before so this was naughty of me to of accepted. Our monthly take away budget is blown, especially as I bought enough Chinese food to feed a family of 50.

Dear Chinese Man,

You will be seeing quite a lot of me the next several months.

Dear Toddler,

Please in the next several months learn :

How to wee/poop in the potty.
To stay in the big boys bed we are soon giving you.
That you can no longer use bottles.
How to change nappies.. Ok I took it a little too far, though fetching me nappies and wipes when needed will be rather handy.

I know you're going to be the most fantastic big brother, you love other children and you are good at sharing as long as it's not your trains. Mummy is quite nervous about being pregnant whilst dealing with you and any tantrums that may occur so if we can just skip that stage, it would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Bump

How on earth have you got so big already? I can no longer fit into any of my trouser/skirts or anything else. You are rather low down compared to my last one so I might actually have to buy maternity clothes this time. Your Daddy and Auntie Pippa keep teasing me with twins. Seriously bump - twins and a toddler? Think of your mother's hair, she doesn't want it going grey just yet. And I know it's a little early to be asking but please take to my boob when you decided to make a appearance. Your older brother refused and I don't think I could cope with that refusal again. It's good for you and it's free. We especially like the free part to it.

Dear Readers,

Do you like the layout of this blog? I'm feeling that tidy up and a lick of paint here and there is needed. I'm sure this tidying would be much better spent on the house but me and you both know that making a blog pretty is much more fun.

Dear Pinterest,

You are awfully addicted. I now have a Christmas board & bump board added to . You are especially addicted when that wedding photographer Jay Mountford posts stunning seaside shots on . I fear darling pinterest that we may be spending much time together over the next year.

Love me x

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Our bank holiday weekend


We went to the docks to see some boats, oh which just happened to be by some shops. We watched a cannon being set off which was VERY loud, I sacrificed my hands to put over Oli's ears to protect him. He thought it was quite funny which bodes well for firework night, he might actually be able to take him to a display this year.
Come evening we had the lovely Sally and Flea come to stay for the night, we ate lots of chicken and pizza and watched a film. Was a rather enjoyable Saturday evening.


Woke up to unpredictable weather as we realised when we wondered up to the coast to take a possible trip over to the Isle Of Wight. It was pouring it down and we didn't even get out of the car, something about being rather warm and dry which makes you want to stay that way. We used the genius AA Days Out Guide (which is a free download for your iphone!) to help find something alternative to do.

We found a local wildlife place which was just down the road near Southampton so wondered over that way, which happened to be much sunnier and rain clouds were nowhere to be seen. Again we didn't need the pram which I enjoyed as it meant just the three of us walking around and letting Oli take some control over what he wanted to do. Of course this meant spending a lot of time gawping at penguins and copying what the monkeys do. We did have lots of fun and only had one toddler tantrum. I'm still reeling a little though from how much it cost and beating myself up over not planning it in advance and tracking down a voucher. Thankfully under 3's were free so am considering that a bonus.


We went and visited some friends in the form of
Kerry and her family from And Then All I Thought About Was You which we attended a local carnival with them. We had so much fun from watching the possession to the events afterwards. The boys enjoyed dancing to the music and watching their daddies make fools of themselves trying to throw darts and then trying to throw balls to break eggs.

So we had a rather enjoyable bank holiday weekend, hope yours was just as fun.

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