Saturday, 19 January 2013

Things That Go Bump In The Night

After all the snow fun we had yesterday evening, we thought we would have a early-ish night. There was naff all on TV which led us to the conversation about how TV isn't as good as when we were young-ish and how we seemed to of had more choice when we only had 5 channels! Anyone else found that? The baby was stirring as we had decided this, upon entering his room it felt rather chilly. It seems that his radiator had broken, which meant bringing him into our room. Seeing as we've only just got his room sorted (blog post to follow!) we were still in the transition of getting him settled in there so still had his smaller cot next to my bed still up. That was our first drama of the hour, not like it was much of a drama. Easily resolved, thought I need to find ourselves a plumber to sort it before he goes back in there.

Just as we were drifting off I swear I heard knocking at the door, he muttered it was probably just the neighbours. Then I heard his name being shouted, he was right! It actually was our neighbour knocking at our door! Because the man started work so early yesterday by the time he got home in the evening, he had parked the car on the drive in all the snow. Must to our stupidness we didn't realise that of course as the snow melted under the wheels it would turn to ice. We woke to our car in the middle of the road! It has slid right back off our drive into the road, thankfully no damage was done to our car or anyone else's.

Settling back into bed, we were nodding off back into our dreamland's when we heard a huge thump. My natural reaction was to shout the man's name, even though I knew exactly what had happened - the toddler had fallen out of bed. The man is much quicker then me at waking up, he headed straight to the toddler's room to comfort him. I think the fact I heard no crying got me out of bed to join the husband. The toddler was sat next to his bed in a daze, I think he still half asleep and hadn't realised what he had done. I picked him back up, tucked him off and he was straight back off.

If only the same could be said for me and the man. Our nerves were shot, we ere just wondering what was going to happen next. Though we didn't have to wait long, as soon as I had got comfortable the baby decided to wake up!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Flying Solo

So the toddler went back to pre-school today, despite my failure of thinking it was last week we were good to go this week and I'm happy to report that the doors were open. The snow wasn't exactly worthy of a snow day here, if anything it was pouring down with rain. Today was the first day that he was staying there until 3.45pm, and that he was to do P.E. So he was sent off with a gym kit and enough snacks to feed the whole class. It was a very exciting day for him, sad for me but weird for his brother.

For the last month since the toddler had broken up from school, him and the baby have developed a proper sibling bond. There was always one there from the day the baby was born and we bought him home but over the last few weeks they have become inseparable. The toddler has been teaching him the ways of the world, encouraging him to crawl everywhere after him and pulls him back when he goes near something he shouldn't. They happily sit together and will share toys, so far I've experience nothing but love from one another to each other. Long may that continue.

So today he's been by himself, that meant no brother to entertain him but just his mother. It took me back to the days where it was just me and the toddler back when he was a baby, I guess we've been so used to it being the 3 of us (4 when daddy is home) that it's come as a shock for it to be just me and the baby. Judging by the photos I took, I think he had a good day...

Sunday, 13 January 2013

The One With The Stalker

I seem to be having a problem with a stalker eye infection. It's been stalking me for months now and every time I seem to get ill, my eyes turn black and I suddenly look like I've gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. After the last time it happened, I seem to have a lump stick around on my eye. Wasn't painful but made me a tad sensitive to light (you can call me count Emma) and it looks rather unsightly, after a few weeks I decided I should probably go to the doctors who told me it was a harmless cyst and that the dose of anti-biotics he was going to give me should clear it up.

It didn't clear it up, instead it somehow skipped, hopped and jumped into the other end and I became unwell at the same time. My energy was sucked out of me and I was walking around with two eyes that looked like golf balls. I was shipped around from hospital to doctors to hospital who finally decided because my glands were up that I had a virus which I just needed to sit and wait out. I'm back to having to normal size eyes again but I still have that Meibomian cyst (whatever you do, do not google image search this if you're squeamish). I dare not go back for anymore anti-biotics after becoming ill after taking them. Instead I'm going to leave it for a while and see if it will get better by itself.

I think I might try out the whole tea bag on eye thingamajig, if anything it's a great excuse to drink lots of tea!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I have a teeth grinder!

And it's driving us CRAAAAZZZZYYYY! The toddler seems to have developed a habit of grinding his teeth st any occasion, mainly if he's excited. I really dislike the fact that trying to find out information about it on the internet that it's telling me my child is doing it because he's stressed. Let me make one fact clear, my 3 year old is far from stressed. His biggest worry this morning was who to kiss first this morning, mummy or daddy. I know I cant say for sure but I don't think the house move stressed him, he's got a bigger room with more toys in it and just generally so much more space to run around like crazy. He's always smiling and laughing so he cant possibly be stressed, can he?

It has happened before and temporarily stopped, but now it's back and shows no signs of vanishing anytime soon. It got so bad the other night when the toddler and the man were playing that the man had to stop, I could see his discomfort at each grind of the teeth. I was the other end of the room and I was shivering and for some reason it made my own teeth stand on edge.

We're not to sure what to do about it, I don't think he realised what he's doing and we've tried to explain to him now to do it but I guess it's something that cant be helped. I'm booking a dentist appointment so I can chat to him about it but then is it a teeth problem? He doesn't do it whilst he's sleeping so I am hoping that it's just another one of those phrases that kids go through. Have you had a teeth grinder?

Monday, 7 January 2013

The failures just keep rolling in..

So not only we missed a Birthday party and have failed to dress as a Pirate but today I got the hopes up of the toddler only to have them torn back down when he realised that Mummy was wrong. I was so certain that they went back to pre-school today, pretty much everywhere else had gone back so I thought we were as well. Alarm clock was set this morning which woke us all up, I crawled into the kitchen to set about giving the boys breakfast and getting a lunchbox ready. Monday's he's going to be doing all day to start getting him ready for school this year, so this meant preparing a morning and afternoon snack for him as well. Ran around like a headless chicken finding drink bottles and the P.E bag which I was organised enough to pack yesterday but had somehow lost it come this morning. It was found and was put by the door ready to go, that's my way of making sure we don't forget it as we leave.

He was SO incredibly excited about going back to school, couldn't wait to see his pre-school teachers and his friends. I've never seen him jump in the car as quickly as what he did this morning. He spent the whole journey clutching his lunch box & bag telling Daddy which roads to go down for school. When we approached the school, the man pointed out that it was rather quiet outside and that he could bag himself a spot right outside. I instantly thought 'oh no' the school is never that quiet outside, cars are always lined up and we usually have to park down the road. Yup, the school was shut. Oh the poor Toddler's face, he was heartbroken. No promises of anything were comforting him, he sobbed all the way back home.

I'm thinking it might be helpful if the pre-school actually gave out letters that , though knowing my lack of organisation they probably gave us something at the very beginning of the new term and I've mislaid it. I looked through all the letters from last time and nothing about the date of return, I regret not asking anything at his last session but we got caught up in the whirl of his Christmas carols that it didn't come to mind. Maybe it's time they came into the 21st century and create a website, does your pre-school have a website so you you always have the vital information to hand? Hopefully now that I'm always going to be the one picking him up letters and information shouldn't get mislaid and maybe, just maybe I might actually make a friend out of one of the others parents.
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