Monday, 7 January 2013

The failures just keep rolling in..

So not only we missed a Birthday party and have failed to dress as a Pirate but today I got the hopes up of the toddler only to have them torn back down when he realised that Mummy was wrong. I was so certain that they went back to pre-school today, pretty much everywhere else had gone back so I thought we were as well. Alarm clock was set this morning which woke us all up, I crawled into the kitchen to set about giving the boys breakfast and getting a lunchbox ready. Monday's he's going to be doing all day to start getting him ready for school this year, so this meant preparing a morning and afternoon snack for him as well. Ran around like a headless chicken finding drink bottles and the P.E bag which I was organised enough to pack yesterday but had somehow lost it come this morning. It was found and was put by the door ready to go, that's my way of making sure we don't forget it as we leave.

He was SO incredibly excited about going back to school, couldn't wait to see his pre-school teachers and his friends. I've never seen him jump in the car as quickly as what he did this morning. He spent the whole journey clutching his lunch box & bag telling Daddy which roads to go down for school. When we approached the school, the man pointed out that it was rather quiet outside and that he could bag himself a spot right outside. I instantly thought 'oh no' the school is never that quiet outside, cars are always lined up and we usually have to park down the road. Yup, the school was shut. Oh the poor Toddler's face, he was heartbroken. No promises of anything were comforting him, he sobbed all the way back home.

I'm thinking it might be helpful if the pre-school actually gave out letters that , though knowing my lack of organisation they probably gave us something at the very beginning of the new term and I've mislaid it. I looked through all the letters from last time and nothing about the date of return, I regret not asking anything at his last session but we got caught up in the whirl of his Christmas carols that it didn't come to mind. Maybe it's time they came into the 21st century and create a website, does your pre-school have a website so you you always have the vital information to hand? Hopefully now that I'm always going to be the one picking him up letters and information shouldn't get mislaid and maybe, just maybe I might actually make a friend out of one of the others parents.