Monday, 14 January 2013

Flying Solo

So the toddler went back to pre-school today, despite my failure of thinking it was last week we were good to go this week and I'm happy to report that the doors were open. The snow wasn't exactly worthy of a snow day here, if anything it was pouring down with rain. Today was the first day that he was staying there until 3.45pm, and that he was to do P.E. So he was sent off with a gym kit and enough snacks to feed the whole class. It was a very exciting day for him, sad for me but weird for his brother.

For the last month since the toddler had broken up from school, him and the baby have developed a proper sibling bond. There was always one there from the day the baby was born and we bought him home but over the last few weeks they have become inseparable. The toddler has been teaching him the ways of the world, encouraging him to crawl everywhere after him and pulls him back when he goes near something he shouldn't. They happily sit together and will share toys, so far I've experience nothing but love from one another to each other. Long may that continue.

So today he's been by himself, that meant no brother to entertain him but just his mother. It took me back to the days where it was just me and the toddler back when he was a baby, I guess we've been so used to it being the 3 of us (4 when daddy is home) that it's come as a shock for it to be just me and the baby. Judging by the photos I took, I think he had a good day...