Saturday, 19 January 2013

Things That Go Bump In The Night

After all the snow fun we had yesterday evening, we thought we would have a early-ish night. There was naff all on TV which led us to the conversation about how TV isn't as good as when we were young-ish and how we seemed to of had more choice when we only had 5 channels! Anyone else found that? The baby was stirring as we had decided this, upon entering his room it felt rather chilly. It seems that his radiator had broken, which meant bringing him into our room. Seeing as we've only just got his room sorted (blog post to follow!) we were still in the transition of getting him settled in there so still had his smaller cot next to my bed still up. That was our first drama of the hour, not like it was much of a drama. Easily resolved, thought I need to find ourselves a plumber to sort it before he goes back in there.

Just as we were drifting off I swear I heard knocking at the door, he muttered it was probably just the neighbours. Then I heard his name being shouted, he was right! It actually was our neighbour knocking at our door! Because the man started work so early yesterday by the time he got home in the evening, he had parked the car on the drive in all the snow. Must to our stupidness we didn't realise that of course as the snow melted under the wheels it would turn to ice. We woke to our car in the middle of the road! It has slid right back off our drive into the road, thankfully no damage was done to our car or anyone else's.

Settling back into bed, we were nodding off back into our dreamland's when we heard a huge thump. My natural reaction was to shout the man's name, even though I knew exactly what had happened - the toddler had fallen out of bed. The man is much quicker then me at waking up, he headed straight to the toddler's room to comfort him. I think the fact I heard no crying got me out of bed to join the husband. The toddler was sat next to his bed in a daze, I think he still half asleep and hadn't realised what he had done. I picked him back up, tucked him off and he was straight back off.

If only the same could be said for me and the man. Our nerves were shot, we ere just wondering what was going to happen next. Though we didn't have to wait long, as soon as I had got comfortable the baby decided to wake up!