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The Me, The Man & The Baby Gift Guide 2012

I am shockingly late with putting something together on what we as a family recommend as ideal Christmas presents for people of similar ages/tastes. Now today is probably the last day that most online websites are letting you shop online with delivery in time for Christmas. Though you could be like me and are willing to brave the high street this weekend in the hope of finding some inspiration for those last minute gifts. We as a family and a blog get sent various products over the year to review, I've been a little behind with getting some of these reviews out the last few weeks but then I have just moved house and it is a crazy time of the year. At least I've moved on from the whole new baby excuse, cant quite use that now seeing as he's 7months.

Here's some ideas which I hope might inspire you with some last minute Christmas shopping or even with spending that Christmas money in the New Year.

Stocking Filler For Everyone

Something we got the boys for the stocking this year was something that wouldn't benefit them but would benefit others who were in much more need. They each donated £5 over on JustGiving towards the African Children's Choir who travels the world, acting as the ambassador for Africa's most in need children - raising much needed awareness and funds for the education of the continent’s most vulnerable children, as well as their own education, as they go. In return they got a print out Christmas card saying thank you which we'll be popping into the boy's stocking to let them know what they have done this Christmas.

The Man

So I beat my man to it with the whole giving household products as a gift malarkey and as we've just moved house I gifted him his Christmas Presents early - A Accents Plum 4 Slice Toaster from Morphy Richards. Ok, so it might of secretly been for me and the colour just happened to match my kitchen but I think it pleased him as it meant no more waiting for me to do my toast or the toddlers as we can now toast 4 at a time. Bonus.

Who can resist a superhero film? We've been sent from Warner Brothers to watch this Christmas, we've not yet got round to watching the first Dark Knight film so it's a great excuse for us to have a Batman film marathon one evening. Why not purchase the set along with some foodie goodies and put together a film stocking for your loved one? Great way of winding down after the busyness of Christmas.

The Woman

As soon as I read that was the American version of Love Actually, it immediately went to the top of my want list. I'm gifting my Ultra Violet code on to Transalantic Blonde, that's a easy way of giving to both yourself and someone else at the same time.

Is she in to crafts or trying to find her inner crafter like me? Hobbycraft have so much in the form of crating supplies and ideas. Maybe again like me if she's been suggesting take up a new hobby buying a few pieces from them may help on her way to becoming a crafting Goddess? They're not just about crafts, they sell baking bits and pieces too.

The Grandparents

What Grandparent doesn't love tea? I know it's what I always find myself brewing when the Grandparents come to visit. Now I'm not really a Tea expert but I think you'll find that teapigs are. Why not treat them to something different to the usual tea they drink. They might just find a new favourite with you to thank.

If Tea isn't their thing then why not coffee and why not treat them to the luxury of a Coffee Machine? Morphy Richards have a wide range of Coffee Machines to suit all ages and kitchens. We've been trying out the Elipta Espresso Automatic Coffee Machine and it got a huge thumbs up from the Nana on her last visit. You can use both ground coffee and pods with it.

The Child

From Vtech is the MobiGo where they've just released MobiGo 2 Touch Learn System which comes with cars 2. Reading about it, it sounds like a sneaky way of getting your children to learn at the same time as fun. Could be a possible alternative of a tablet.

Blog Review - Playmobil For Christmas

One DVD that we've already watched that Warner Bros sent us was , the toddler practically ripped this from my hand upon seeing a train on the front cover. You just cant beat Christmas films in the lead up to Christmas. We have a few wrapped up ready to go in his stocking to be watched on Christmas Day.

Blog Review - Mini Micro White Union Jack Scooter.

If your child is like mine and into bugs, vibrating moving toys or should I just say pretty much anything? Then they will love Hexbugs! I've had a Hexbug fan now for the last year and a half and he's not got bored. Pretty much most of his Christmas stocking consists of more bugs and his main present being a few of the Habitat sets. We've been sent one of the new Hexbug warriors to play with, I think it's started a whole new addiction of its own.

The Toddler

Do you have a Cbeebies fan in your household? Why not look at getting them tickets for the Justin & Friends Easter Tour. I'm taking it as a sign that our nearest venue has a show on the toddler's birthday, that's his Birthday all sorted.

Blog Review - John Crane Tildo Blue Balance Bike

Gadget The Robot is the new friend from Vtech who will have your child learning all about numbers, letters, music and much more. I love the fact it reacts to clapping, I have two rather keen clappers in my house.

Blog Review - My 1st JCB On Site Charlie Crane Set

I think my last minute Christmas shopping will be spent searching bookshops for . I'm horrified with myself that I've only just discovered this book. I know just the word 'poop' has my toddler in giggles. He'll would love this as his nighttime book on Christmas Eve.

Blog Review - Fisher Price Wheelies Loops 'N' Swoops Amusement Park


The Baby

Ok so not quite a presents but a solution to having to cook for the baby is buying some Ella's Kitchen products. I'm going to be blending some Christmas dinner for him to enjoy but for breakfast he'll most likely be enjoying his usual favourite of mango baby brekkie and for when we visit the grandparents, I'll be popping a sachet in the changing bag. I especially find Ella's Kitchen products handy for when out and about. 

Blog Review - Uggs

Blog Review - Galt Playnest

Blog Review - Fisher Price Tracking Lights Gym


The Expectant/New Mum 

If she's expecting twins then why not help her out with the double costs and treat her to the B-AGILE double from Britax. I've been using it the last 4 weeks with a 7month old & a 3year old and it's such a smooth ride for both them and me. It could quite possibly be the Queen of double prams. Britax also do a wide range of child seats for birth onwards, I wonder how the baby will feel about receiving the new VERSAFIX as his Christmas present.

If you're a reader of my blog then you'll know I'm a huge fan of all things Stokke. Many of the products would make great gifts for a expecting or a new mother. I know if my husband produced a Xplory for me or a nursery all ready with a Sleepi on display then it would help make Christmas magical for me. I remember stroking my bump last Christmas and now he's going to be having his first Christmas. If you're looking for a gift for someone with a bump, ask them if they plan on using a carrier. I can personally recommend the Stokke MyCarrier, we have the festive colour of red used by our own little one.

For Anyone & Everyone

Picking up gifts in the supermarket may be the key to beating queues and the stress of having to go into town. ASDA sell gifts, toys, clothes and pretty much anything else you may need this Christmas wine, lots of wine.

Shoes! Who doesn't need shoes? Oh pretty shoes. We got our Nephew some trainers from Barratts and for me a early Christmas presents in the form of some boots from Schuh. Both have some great sales going on at the moment. 

And who doesn't need clothes? We've been fans of MandMDirect ever since they've sent us the baby's first outfit to go swimming in. They also sent the toddler a Helly Hansen coat to keep him warm this winter. They sell clothes for everyone as well as shoes and they always have generous offers going on, so go grab a bargain for the new year.

PlayMerrily has gifts for all the children no matter what age they are. You can pick up something for that new baby at the same time as some arts and crafts for the teenager. I've blogged about how we've bought some Christmas Presents from PlayMerrily toys as we like the products/service so much.

Biscuits are welcomed into our house with arms open wide, I already spy a few biscuit shaped boxes in our present pile. Fox's biscuits by far are our favourites! This time of the year our table always bares a box of the fabulously fox's for us to enjoy with our tea/coffee. The husband is a huge fan of rocky so he has the rocky stocking filler in his stocking. 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Treat yourself after Christmas

After all the presents have been unwrapped and the tree taken down the Christmas dinner plates cleared away, why not treat yourself to a little something after the holiday? You’ve worked so hard in the weeks leading up to the holiday and it’s time for something nice for yourself. Best of all, after the holiday, things will have calmed down and you can have some time to choose the perfect little treat for yourself. Here are some ideas for little luxuries you can buy for yourself as a reward for surviving the holiday stress.

Missoni Blue Zig Zag Dress

This light-hearted little dress has the iconic Missoni zig zags, but with a feminine shape and stylish wrap-dress cut. It is also light and airy, making the perfect little number to wear this spring. You can dress it up with heels and a necklace, or dress it down with your favorite spring sandals. Best of all, it’s made of a comfortable rayon, which molds to and flatters your figure.

Ancient Greek Sandals Thong Cut-Out Sandal

These stylish gladiator sandals are perfect for walks through a garden in the spring or wandering on the beach. They are made of 100% leather with a comfortable thong design, cradling your feet without sacrificing style.

Carolina Bucci Large Sparkly Half Ball Studs
 These sparkly but subtle little earrings by Carolina Bucci are the perfect accompaniment to evening wear. With their simple shape and bright texture, they cast a sense of effortless beauty and luxury. Wear them with your hair up to help them provide an accent of glitter.

Bajra Jaquard Cashmere Scarf

Based on the traditional style of scarves from Nepal, this luxurious scarf is made of the softest cashmere to keep you warm all winter long. This red scarf also has just a touch of sparkle woven into it so that you can feel warm and colorful, but without being too loud.

Poplin Toy Soldier Pyjamas

Made by Poplin, these pajamas are made of soft cotton material and boast a classically masculine cut for extra comfort. The limited-edition toy soldier print brings a festive note, which will remind you all year long of the holidays of your childhood (before the stress!).

Diane von Furstenberg Milo Mini Quilted Bag

This adorable little bag by Diane von Furstenberg will add a bright spot to the grey days of winter that hang around after the holidays and don’t depart until April. It can be worn across the body with a shoulder strap, or carried by the smaller handle on top. 100% leather with a quilted checkerboard motif and a gold DVF logo.

After the holidays, don’t forget to treat yourself for surviving the holiday stress. A little bit of luxury will go a long way in helping you recover. Finding just the right gift for yourself is exactly what you need.

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Monday, 17 December 2012

Little Miss Xplory

5 Steps to Sending the Perfect Parcel

Sending a parcel may seem like a straightforward task – and it can be. However, many of us fail to consider some key points before posting the parcel; points that could soon leave a hole in your wallet if they’re not taken into account.

Here we’re going to take you through five simple steps to sending the perfect parcel.

1. Decide what you’re sending and when
We had to start somewhere obvious, but deciding what you’re actually sending is the very starting point of sending a parcel. It’s likely you already know this, so it’s now time to decide when you are going to send it.

Timing is the important factor here. The price of sending your parcel, as well as the price of packaging your parcel, will vary depending on the time of year you send it. For example, if you are sending something over a busy holiday period, and want to send it first class recorded delivery, you may have to pay more for this service due to demand.

It’s advisable to look into when you can send your parcel for the cheapest possible price.

Top tip: Sending two parcels instead of one can sometimes be cheaper!

2. Select the packaging carefully
Some forms of packaging weigh more than others, so can add to the overall cost of sending your parcel. When you select your packaging, you should (if possible) have your parcel with you so you can measure up and select the correct type of wrapping. Remember, wasted packaging is wasted money.

Top tip: Buying packaging in bulk from Rapid Parcel’s online shop or indeed a high-street retailer can save you money in the short and long-term.

3. Wrap it the ‘right’ way
This may sound pedantic, but wrapping your parcel the ‘right’ way can save you time and money. We’re not saying there are clear-cut ‘right and wrong’ ways to wrap a parcel, but there are ways in which you can wrap to save money.

Let’s use the following as an example:

You’ve got a square parcel you’d like to send. Instead of using a box twice the size of this for its packaging, why not wrap the parcel in a few layers of brown parcel paper, and then place it into a slightly larger box, padding the gap between your parcel and its packaging with a few pieces of scrunched newspaper? You’ll save money (as you won’t be buying an unnecessarily large box), and your parcel will be protected on its transit.

Top tip: You could even wrap the parcel in newspaper – saving even more money, as you won’t need to buy any parcel paper. What’s more, if your parcel will fit into an old shoe box, you could seal this and wrap it with paper then post! Recycling old items like this can considerably reduce your costs.

4. Consider extra costs
A short and sweet note about considering the extra costs here… Make sure you keep the weight of the parcel to a minimum (where possible), as a heavier parcel can cost more than you think to send! Refer to the top tip in the first step for another useful idea relating to this!

5. Post your parcel
The final step, as you may have guessed, involves posting your parcel, and if you’re savvy enough, this is where you could really save some money. Discount courier services such as Rapid Parcel and Pharos, buy in bulk from major couriers such as DHL and City Sprint, allowing them to negotiate more competitive prices. It’s certainly worth trying!

So there you have it – our five simple steps to sending the perfect parcel! We hope you find the guide useful, and we’re sure it’ll save you a few pounds this Christmas.

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Christmas Presents That We Get To Play With As Well

We’re all big kids really. Well, I certainly am anyway. As our little ones get older, they develop interests in more advanced toys. Great news!

This Christmas the presents under the tree have moved on from Barbie dolls and Action Man.

Oh yes, this year the presents under the tree are things that I can play with too. The kids probably aren’t even old enough to play with them all – but I most definitely am!

I found a few of these on those money off vouchers sites so I ended up saving some pennies on ‘the kids’ wish list. To be honest, I probably would have bought them full price anyway – that’s how excited I am this Christmas!

Here’s what I got myself (I mean, our kids) this Christmas…


I should point out that this isn’t mine, this is simply what I dream it to look like. An entire room full of Scalextric!

I’m even considering emptying the spare room to make way for it. All for the kids, of course.

My wife will pull a hernia when I tell her the news. But that just means more play time!


Mechano was and still is one of the best inventions of all time.

Forget about Jenner and his poxy vaccinations – this is the real winner!

“Look at his little face”, they’ll say as they watch me play. The kids can sit aside as I get fully involved in the action.

Always brilliant fun!

Remote Control Helicopter

My kids have absolutely zero interest in remote control vehicles. But I do and I’m the adult, so what I say goes.

If they really don’t like it that much it simply means it’s all mine.

Definitely not the intention. Promise!


How cool is this! A full size Lego Wall-E! Aaaaggghhhh!

I’m excited to ‘help’ the kids make this one. In reality, they’re not touching it.

In my mind, it’ll be just as much fun for them to watch me building it as it will be for them to build it themselves. Probably more fun for them to watch me build it actually.

I’ll stick Home Alone on or something. That should keep them occupied long enough for me to complete it!

Nintendo Wii

This is the one I’m excited about most. It’s not just a one-off build, it’s a lifetime of frivolity!

I’ll need the kids’ input with this one if we’re to make the most of the multi-player games. But at the end of the day, if they don’t want to play they can go to bed early and leave it all to me!

Am I a bad parent?

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Friday, 14 December 2012

Things have been a tad crazy around here..

Or shall I say hectic? House moves never are straight forward are they? This one came with a need for a whole load of new furniture which means on top of boxes everywhere I also have flatpacked boxes everywhere. Don't be fooled by that photo of the man 'attempting' to put that chair together, he gave up after that and then it was down to me to finish off our dining set. Safe to say I married someone who is astonishingly rubbish at DIY, guess it's lucky he's a baker which makes up up for it and then some. Looks like I'll be a busy DIY-ing lady, though it can all wait until the New Year.

I've had every kind of man coming into my house and I fear my neighbours may start to get suspicious, but hopefully they've seen plasted across the vans 'aerial', 'carpets', 'electrician', 'plumber'.. You name it, I've had them. Outgoings are more then incomings, stress levels are rising. I'm actually looking forward to Christmas Day just so that we can take that day and chill are not worry about anything at all. Of course the man doesn't get off that easily, he'll be cooking the dinner whilst me and the boys play with the new toys. Who does the cooking in your house? I might be kind, I may prepare the veg on Christmas Eve as well as treat him to a takeaway just as Mummy Vs Work suggested - Thank You!

The children have caught on that something is different. Oli has really been acting out, typical that along comes a new brother and he doesn't bat a eyelid but move house and he turns into a toddler on teenage hormones. Hoping this is more excitement then a new stage.. she hopes.

Of course it's come at the same time as Christmas, which means we've only just this week started to get the decorations up as well as the tree (when do you put your decorations up?) I felt a little guilty as Oli's been so excited about the Christmas Tree and has been going on about it since November. When we finally got it up I let him lead the way with decorations but I think I'll put that and some photos into a separate post.

We took the boys to see Father Christmas last weekend, for Dylan it was his first time but for Oli his forth time. Times two and three, we got as far as glimpsing Father Christmas before running in the opposite direction crying. Thankfully this year being older and wiser, he was more then happy to tell Father Christmas what he wanted for Christmas and accept a gift off him. Yeah cheers FC for that noisy motorbike which has no off button.

We've kept Dylan in our room for the time being whilst we settle in and whilst I await for his Sleepi to be built. This means his room is the Christmas present room so is out of bounds to everyone in the house but me. Oli will have a field day if he sees what is beyond that door so I really must find time to do some wrapping. Yeah time, the one thing I wish I had more of in the day. I feel like I'm always constantly trying to do something and if I'm not doing something, I should be doing something and then start fretting over that something I should be doing. It seems to be a never ending circle.

Oh well, there's that time just after you settle the boys and put them to bed where the house falls quiet and you get that luxury of chucking yourself onto the sofa with a glass of wine in hand and whatever baked good is left over by the children. Of course that's until the toddler is screaming that he needs a poopy and the baby monitor is blaring out baby cries.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Playmobil for Christmas

We're HUGE fans of Playmobil in our house and we already have lots of Playmobil surprises for the toddler wrapped up ready for Christmas Day. With Playmobil it made choosing Christmas presents for him rather easy, he's in that whole Pirate/Transport/Castle loving stage. Perfect because Playmboil pretty much sell products for everything a small (or big) child could possible like. Transport wise I snapped up the Police Van as a Christmas present as well as a few of the related items.

Playmobil sent a rather excited toddler the Car Ferry With Pier to play and give a review of, he was very pleased and I knew he had his eyes on it when we were checking out the Playmobil range for 2012 at the Toy Fair back in February.

I put it together which was simple enough following the instructions, it also guided you where to put the stickers which help to bring the boat to life. It's sturdy and isn't likely to come apart with general day to day play. You get plenty of value for your money with it being a larger toy, which just adds to the excitement.

There's no doubt that Oli loves it, it's a big boat with accessories! What's not to like? He likes pretending to be the captain and bossing everyone around on the boat. It's toys like this that really help to exercise a child's imagination. The detail to the boat is fantastic, right down to the little bike space and the ring you throw in the water. Since taking these photos Oli has all his Playmobil vehicles to it to board, all of which fit on perfectly. We may of also had a Dinosaur invasion which reminded me of scenes out of Jurassic Park.

Do you know what the best thing is about the ferry? It floats on water!! Yes, you can actually use the ferry on water and to really bring it to life you can add a motor to it. We've not actually tested out this function yet as the toddler and baby share a bath but I think when it comes to the Summer, I'm sure he'll be taking it into his outdoor paddling pool.

Would I of bought it myself for the boy? Yes! I think if we hadn't been sent it to review it would of most likely of ended up as one of the Playmobil gifts we have got him.It's one of those toys that could provide hours of play and endless fun with it's many possibilities, I also love the fact that it can be added on to providing gift ideas for Birthdays and Christmas's in the future.

You can find the Car Ferry with Pier available to buy over on the Playmobil website. You can also find Playmobil over on & .

Deck the halls with.....whatever you fancy!

Whether your tendency is towards the traditional or you have more of a modern mindset, there’s no disputing the fact that Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without decorations. You know it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas once you spot a sparkling spruce!

You may like to settle on a colour scheme, get back to basics with a minimalist motif or go all out with your festive finery, trimming the house from top to toe. Whatever your particular persuasion, take a peek at for some seasonal inspiration.

You could always bring the outside indoors and decorate your home with berry reds and holly greens. Deck the halls with traditional trimmings, such as garlands, swags and wreaths. Cinnamon sticks, baked orange slices and pinecones can all be used to decorate your tree and create a natural and nostalgic nod to the traditional and timeless.

If this all seems a little too antiquated for your taste, why not opt for a more opulent effect? Metallics, mixed with modern colour palettes can combine to create a luxurious yet elegant festive feel. An alternative to the green and gold of yesteryear is plush purple. Rather than the traditional red and white of candy sticks, why not experiment with wintry whites and shimmering silvers?

Perhaps such designer decoration is all a little too disingenuous for your taste? Maybe you fit comfortably in the ‘more the merrier’ mindset and prefer your festive finery to be colourful, careless and full of fun? Lavish lights, singing snowmen and rocking reindeer may all play their part in your playful appreciation of the party season. Throw caution to the wind and embrace Christmas in all its festive glory.

Whatever theme you are planning to embrace, you can transform your Christmas table as well. A centrepiece and candles can add to the ambience and make your meal all the more magical. Why not create pretty place settings and add sparkle to your seating arrangements with a generous handful of glitter?

You could even make your own crackers and add an alternative and thoughtful gift for each guest. Your children will love being involved with the preparations, so enlist their help. Wrap up warm for a winter walk and pick holly together to adorn your home. Your children can channel their excitement into card or decoration-making and enjoy playing their part in the preparations.

Friday, 7 December 2012

My Stokke Styleboard

When it comes to fashion I know nothing but I like to think I have a good eye for design, especially when it comes to nursery related products. I first came across Stokke back when the toddler was a baby and I was fed up of his chunky multicoloured highchair that just stuck out like a sore thumb. I browsed the internet and came across the Stokke Tripp Trapp, it was like highchair love at first sight! I knew right away that it had a place in our dining room and 3 years later, it's the best bit of furniture in our house. The design is so flexible in the way that with some helpful accessories it can be used right from newborn until adulthood.We now own several Stokke products and each of them are used on a daily basis. When I spotted a style board for Black Melange for the Stokke Xplory over on the it kinda inspired me to do my own style boards for my Stokke products.

When it's a day where I'm choosing to carry Dylan in his Stokke MyCarrier, I tend to find myself wearing my red converses. See I may not know fashion but I do know that my red converses compliments my red MyCarrier rather well. I generally wear just simple clothing and tend to live in jeans so casual will always be my MyCarrier look. The baby on the other hand can pull off anything though as he gets bigger I think he needs to join my red converse gang.

The Stokke Xplory doesn't need any styling, I don't know where to begin with what outfit would go with it. What it does need is it's Stokke accessories. I mentioned in my Stokke Xplory review that my ultimate accessory for my stroller is my cup holder but since the colder weather has creeped in, I'm loving my Winter Kit, especially my handmuff! You can accessorise with footmuffs, changing bags, blankets and I've included a lamaze toy in my style board as we rotate between the various ones the baby has and dangle one either from his hood or his bumper bar to keep him entertained whilst on the move.

Again with the Stokke Tripp Trapp I've styled with Stokke accessories.We have a couple of Stokke cushions for our Tripps Trapps but have now branched off and have ordered some customised Tripp Trapp cushions, personalising your Stokke products can be a never ending hobby. Of course our Tripp Trapps are mainly used at feeding times though the toddler uses his when sitting at the table for crafts. I've added in some another design favourite of ours, Cath Kidston and her range of kids dining products. My new dining room really is going to have the Tripp Trapp touch as I'm putting up some framed photos by Laura of Rocketbumtheblog/ of her kittens on her Tripp Trapp. I adore them and I think they would look fantastic on my dining room wall and knowing that they were taken by a good friend of mine really adds that extra touch.

You look at the Stokke Sleepi and you cant help but to hear DESIGN & QUALITY being shouted at you. When it come to cots, it really does stand out from the crowd with it's nest like shape. No wonder it's won various awards. In the nursery we have a white gliding chair to go alongside it along with a simple mobile. I'm aiming to try and make his room look simple at the same time as a room to be proud of. Am making the most of it before I get the pleas of having dinosaurs painted on the walls or caterpillars as the toddler requested for his earlier. I'm yet to find a cushion for the glider though, I do like this owl one as it does bring some colour into the room. Though I'm thinking maybe something elephant related to match his mobile.

Hybrid cars and their advantages

Hybrid cars use a combination of gas and electricity to get power. Different car designs use different ratios of gas and electricity and there are many distinct types of hybrid car.

Parallel and series hybrids

Parallel and series engines take advantage of the different fuel types to power cars. Parallel hybrid cars have gas and electric motors that can power the car independently of each other. With series motors, gas charges the battery that powers the electric motor or powers the electric motor directly.

All new hybrid cars are now sold as parallel while plug-in hybrids also give the user the opportunity to charge their electric motor using an electric outlet.

Advanced features

Hybrid cars are at the pinnacle of modern car technology. Special features built into the car help it to be energy efficient and make sure little power is wasted.

Regenerative braking is a great piece of technology that is employed on hybrid cars. When the brakes are engaged, the electric power is focused on the cars generator and allows it to recharge its batteries.

Another engineering feature is the periodic shut-off. When in idle mode, hybrid cars have a feature that enables their engine to go into shut-off mode when the engine is idling. This is extremely useful for conserving power and the engine is usually automatically re-engaged as soon as the accelerator pedal is pressed.

Hybrid designs

The whole build of the car maximizes its running efficiency. Lightweight materials reduce the amount of stress that is put on the engine and hybrid cars are also extremely aerodynamic so that air resistance is reduced.

Another key feature is the hybrid cars’ tyres which have stiff sidewalls and a narrow footprint. These two features allow the car to use less energy whilst still offering high levels of stability and firm control on the road.

Buying hybrid cars

For those interested in investing in hybrid cards, many leading manufacturers such as Lexus have a superb range of hybrid cars. The C200h is an award winning full hybrid while the new GS hybrid car is an extremely spacious model which has a new contemporary design, excellent handling and innovative technology.
Hybrid cars offer lower fuel usage and the engine does not have to work as hard as normal vehicles and therefore the fuel consumption is improved. With fears of climate change ever growing, it is not surprising that people are seeking cars with low fuel emissions.

In a hybrid car the engine is not always running and for this reason hybrid cars have relatively low emissions compared to conventional non-hybrid cars.  In the US there are tax incentives for people who drive hybrid cars while UK drivers benefit from free road tax costs and exemption from the London Congestion Charge if the carbon emissions of their hybrid vehicle registers below 100g/km. 

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