Sunday, 7 October 2012

Children's Coats from M & M Direct

There's just no escaping it now, it's come to that time of the year where we're putting away our tshirts and shorts and bringing out the waterproofs and thick socks. It may be the time where you're thinking about purchasing coats for the family. I know in our house it's time to buy new coats what with a toddler who wont stop growing and a new addition to shop for. Dylan is simple to cater for with a thick pram suit as he's usually under a rain cover. The toddler is much different, he needs a actual coat which will cater for both this Autumn & upcoming Winter weather. This is where kids jackets over on M & M Direct come into play. We were offered the choice of reviewing a coat for Oli, of course saving pennies and with the chance to let you guys know about them we took them up on that offer.

I picked out the Helly Hansen Infant Boys Oslo Helly Tech Jacket in black for him. I picked this one out of the Helly Hansen kids jacket range because I thought it was the ideal jacket to protect him from both the wind and the rain.The first great thing is of course the fantastic price - £19.99!!! That's just under £20 for a coat which will last right until your little one grows out of it. The recommend retail price is £54.99! Saving £35 on a top brand coat.

It has a detachable hood though for us it's staying on, this weather just seems so unpredictable at the moment it's better not to get caught short by the rain. I like to think the velcro as well as the zip fastening is a extra security feature which stops them from trying to undo the coat too quickly. Though I seem to have a child who has grown since last year and now understands the need to keep warm by wearing his coat - he even wears hats now too!

If only he would stand still still for just a few seconds to allow me to take a clear photo!