Saturday, 6 October 2012

Mothercare vs Kiddicare

I'm drawn to parenting news like baby dribble is drawn to my clothes (which was ok until we started introducing food - banana dribble, ergh!) I like reading articles which contains anything baby talk so anything breastfeeding/pram/toddler related. The fact they can provide some great blogging fodder is usually a plus though I'm irritated by pointless studies and pretty much anything the daily fail has to say. Latest news story to be caught by my radar is one about Mothercare and Kiddicare, two big parenting brands with who I often shop with and I'm sure lots of you do as well?

In his Stokke Xplory
It speaks about how Mothercare is possibly facing problems with the expansion of Morrisons owned Kiddicare and how Kiddicare are opening up more shops where as Mothercare are closing them.  have to admit to finding myself agreeing with the person who said they go into a mother care and are greeted with around 30 prams where as you go into a Kiddicare and you'll find hundreds to choose from. For parents to be, trying out a pram and actually seeing it in person is a big deal! I know for me I would of liked to of tried out my pram the Stokke Xplory beforehand and actually see for myself what the big fuss is about it. Mothercare may sell them online but in Kiddicare you can actually see them for yourself and try it out.

Online Shopping Easier With A Bump!
For me I like and also think it's important that we have a choice when it comes to buying baby products. If you mention baby shopping to my Mother In Law I'm pretty sure Mothercare is the first word mentioned, whenever we talk about prams she's quick to get out her original mothercare receipt out back from my sister in law was a baby and she was buying her a pram. I know online shopping has hit the high street shops in a bad way, the comfort of shopping from home with the ability to price compare is a luxury which saves us time, money and effort. I would that I love the whole going shopping in town malarkey but with 3 males in tow who quite clearly hate shopping, it's simply not fun. So me, the sofa and the cards find that shopping on the laptop can be much more fun.

A Car Seat Fit For A King!
I think for me heading into a Mothercare when pregnant actually brings the excitement alive, I do associate Mothercare still with the place to buy essential baby items. I trusted them to have everything I needed to complete my homebirth kit/hospital bag what with maternity mats and those maternity pads. When I lived in Portsmouth I was sad that my local Mothercare sold barely any of the essentials, I guess that's where having a big store comes in handy. Living back in Worcestershire I was pleased to be able to visit my local one in Worcester. I went there to see my carseat in the flesh before ordering off them online. I did so because it was on offer, if it was choice I was after my local halfords would of been my number 1 choice because they have more room to stock them.

I'm guessing it boils down to choice and the fact that Kiddicare are opening more stores which are bigger and can stock a wider choice of products is a winner for new parents who want to actually see what is out there before making those important pram/cot decisions. But I guess to me Mothercare still is the first place that comes to mind when needing something baby related.