Sunday, 7 October 2012

Morphy Richards Never Loses Suction Lift Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

We've been trying out the new Never Loses Suction Lift Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner from Morphy Richards this last month. It's a vacuum cleaner which does exactly what it says on the tin - it never loses suction, it's a lift away and go cleaner, it's bagless and it's a upright cleaner. We've really been giving it the trial of a lifetime with hoovering everything in sight, it's been tested on all the laminate flooring in the house (switch of a button changes floor mode) as well as the carpet and a new rug. The best one being the sofa which is where this vacuum cleaner has become my new best friend, I'll explain more why further on in this review.

It comes under the 'family & pets' category where it's designed with the family household especially in mind. A vacuum cleaner in our house gets used on a daily basis with a toddler who can make mess with the simplest of foods. So the first point I noted using this upright was how extremely light it is, I'm able to carry it up the stairs with ease and it's that smooth with how light it is that I can even get the toddler to hoover up his own mess. I'm all for sharing the housework in this home. With how compact it is and with it being a upright, I'm able to store it in the smallest of storage spaces which currently is under my stairs surrounded by the rest of the house necessitates (mainly prams!) The colour is a lovely shade of purple which pleases my feminine side, though even the husband admitted to it being easy on the eye.

It's first test came in the form of a new rug I just bought to cover our not so nice carpet, I bought a cheap rug to see me through until we move and you not what the problem is with rugs like this? Fluff! Lots of fluff! I know rugs can take a few days to settle so for all that time the vacuum cleaner was on constant use. I thought the 3.2L capacity would of been quick to of been filled in this time, but no it took a good few batterings around the house whilst enduring the rug until it needed it's first emptying. I was impressed with the one touch bin emptying where with the touch of one click all the dirt falls straight out into the bin. This is a great function for allergy sufferers who want to minimise the risk of contact and the fact that it also has a washable HEPA 13 filtration means that 99.95% of all dust and dirt molecules are trapped in the filter.

The first time I used the lift and go function where the canister can be easily detached was on the stairs whilst I was at the top wanting to work my way down. Much easier and safer to hold the canister in one hand and attachment in the other whilst cleaning the stairs then having to hurl a whole hoover down with you. To go the opposite way I've not been too fussed because the 2.5m hose gives me enough allowance to do the stairs I need to do. Attachments were first used when wanting to get into spaces that the cleaner doesn't allow me to get to easily, though it is fantastic at getting into most spots with its swivel steering which gets under my sofa and around all those corners. I've been using the crevice tool to really get the dust on those skirting boards and to get into the nooks of my radiators.

I mentioned that the vacuum cleaner had become my best friend with regards to cleaning my sofa. Now I have one of those huge corner sofas that are a nightmare when it comes to collecting dirt, the cushions are forever in the wash thanks to those sticky toddler hands and I always fear putting my hands down the sides of the sofa thanks to all that gathered dirt.The crevice tool was great for the sides but when you take off the cushions you're greeted with a sea of mess. This is where the hand held turbo nozzle came into play, a few whizzes over and it was like a wax strip to human hair. It's the first tool I reach for when cleaning my sofa now, it's even great for running over the sofa cushions and throw cushions after the toddler has eaten a cake/crisp/others unhealthy snacks.

Overall I'm rather impressed with how different this vacuum cleaner is with it's ability to lift away, the long cable which means no swapping over plug sockets and it's compatibility to change from hoovering to tool use quickly and easily. For upholstery use I give it top marks and I look forward to watching the husband testing this ability out in the car as soon as we have a dry day. The Morphy Richards Never Loses Suction Lift Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner has a retail price of £199.99 which we agree is a fantastic price for a hoover which never loses suction, my old hoover had me constantly turning it on and off to try and get a new suction which just gets frustrating after a while. That price also gives you a 5 year guarantee, 2 year standard and a further 3 upon registering your vacuum cleaner with Morphy Richards. So spending that for a hoover to last 5 years of your life is a investment straight from the beginning.