Thursday, 11 October 2012

Photos in Home Décor – Only for Students?

Students have been returning to college across the country over the previous month – and many others are taking the first tentative steps of their university lives. As a result, the papers have been full of advice for them, advice of all kinds. One of the most common articles aimed at freshers has been how to brighten up their halls of residence, with photos and posters remaining a staple of student décor.

Life after graduation
But just because posters are almost a cliché of a student's digs, is this any reason to eschew all such decorations in “adult” life? Once your student days are behind you, it is certainly healthy to look to the future and take on perhaps more responsibilities than in the carefree college years – but this does not have to mean throwing the baby out with the bathwater. While posters of your favourite bands or cult movies blu-tacked all over your living room wall may well suggest both scruffiness and arrested development, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of the recent advances in digital poster printing.

Photos are memories
Nowadays, a good poster printing company can turn any image into a high-quality work of art. Imagine your favourite black and white image of your child or family blown up to poster size and displayed in the same way that a painted portrait would be, or perhaps one of your most evocative holiday snaps – landscapes and city skylines are particularly good for this. Bear in mind how your photo-poster will be displayed, as well. Whereas in your student days a poster would be tacked up on a bare wall and gradually become dog-eared, now they can be professionally and inexpensively framed, allowing them to enhance the most smart and stylish living space.

Posters reflect your passions
The simple truth is that if you have any image stored on your computer or elsewhere that you would love to see on your walls, poster printing firms are able to make this a reality. Posters can and should reflect the passions of your life, and just as this was the case when you were a student, this can also reflect the changed realities and priorities post-graduation, such as family, travel or home-building.

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