Thursday, 18 October 2012

Amazon Family

We were asked if wanted to trial Amazon's new service - and was given £25 to see for ourselves what this new service was about. Whenever I see the word 'free' I'm instantly interested and wanting to know more! Well Amazon Family is free for the first 3 months and this includes :

  • £10 off when you spend £50 in the baby store.
  • FREE one-day delivery on millions of items with Amazon Prime.
  • At least £50 worth of exclusive offers each month.

The service which you can cancel anytime, costs £49 after your FREE 3 months. The benefits of this includes :

  • A further £25 off when you spend £50 in the baby store.
  •  FREE one-day delivery on millions of items with Amazon Prime.
  •  At least £50 worth of exclusive offers each month.

Signing up couldn't be easier, I was first asked for some details about the sex and age of my children so that they could give me personalized offers, emails and product recommendations. The first page I was greeted with was one full of offers and recommendations. Offers really do interest me these days what with having 2 children and trying to budget. I saw that I could get a free nappy bin if I was to buy the cassettes for it, bonus it that you're actually getting the item for the price of the items you actually need for it.

You can find everything you need with the handy suggestions, I have to admit to getting lost in suggestions of what is ideal for mum.Might email that section off the husband as a subtle hint for gift ideas. I liked the looks of the subscribe and save section where where you can actually save money on items that you actually use like nappies and laundry detergent, and you wont be without when you forget that essential item. Not much a necessity by I'm thinking of using this service to keep our Tassimo coffee machine regularly stocked with latte's.

Not only is it handy for buying essentials but it contains lots of guides to what you actually need to buy from a hospital bag checklist to a weaning essentials guide. I used the weaning guide to give myself a refresher on what we need now that we're weaning Dylan. I pretty much have everything still from when we weaned Oli but I did use our £25 to purchase some new spoons.

The rest was spent on something I consider to be a essential when helping Dylan to get steady on his feet and that was a Vtech baby walker. It can be used as a toy from the age of 6 months with the front coming off to be used as a floor toy. I'm going to be sneaky and put it away for Christmas where he'll be several months and even more into anything that has noises and buttons for him to play with.

For me this is a worth while service to be a part of as Amazon usually is my first point of call when it comes to buying anything baby/toddler related. I've even started calling upon it to do my Christmas shopping.

I'm only kicking myself because I didn't think to spend up to £50 that day to get my £10 off.  I guess that's what happens when you're suffering from a terrible case of 'baby brain'.