Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Victory is mine!

I did have this as a Facebook status but I felt the need to take it one step further, like blog post further. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the fact that I have BOTH my children fed, bathed and in bed by 7 O'CLOCK. It's usually not so rare to have Oli in bed by that time, he's simple enough to get to sleep. Book and a kiss and he's off like a light, long may that continue. Dylan usually a little later, by the time I've finished getting him dressed and all that other evening stuff you do when you have kids. His bedtime can easily reach 8 or later. Tonight I think is the first time since Dylan was born that I managed to get them both down together and maybe the start of a new routine.

We shared a spag bol, then the boys went in the bath together, got dry and dressed and the 3 of us went into Oli's room whilst I read him his book. Then Dylan had a feed and soon followed his brother into sleepy land. At the same time I heard Daddy coming in from work, he was calling out for all of us. He was in shock to find everyone in bed and asleep, he said he was afraid something bad has happened. Is it really that much of a shock? I think the fact I did it all and by a decent time by myself makes myself more worthy of the trophy I want to make myself, engraved with the time and date of this rare victory in this parenting malarkey.