Sunday, 24 January 2010

Thomas & Friends

As Oli is a avid TV watcher , we jumped at the chance to review Thomas & Friends who is celebrating his 65th anniversary this year.


Thomas & Friends is now into his 13th series and you can find it on Channel Five's Milkshake from tomorrow and every other weekday at 8.25am.

Series 13 introduces new characters which were first seen in a DVD special last year called 'Hero of the rails' . We also see Thomas welcoming a brand new friend called Charlie , who apparently has a reputation of fun & mischief (reminds me of a certain young boy!). We didnt meet Charlie in the episodes we watched but we do look forward to seeing him in future episodes when we continue to watch them on milkshake.


The new series is produced in CGI animation for the first time , which brings Thomas & Friends in the modern world. It brings it to life very much more then before , It made the difference to Oli who found the voices and faces rather funny.

He enjoyed the karaoke that was added at the end credits , he's not old enough to understand and follow along with the words but he certainly enjoyed the music. There was definitely some bum wiggling dancing going on!

Oli sat so quiet (apart from the laughing & slapping of the TV in excitement!) throughout watching Thomas & Friends that Mummy put it on repeat , Oli got more Thomas time whilst Mummy got some more quiet time :)

I know one boy who will be growing up a Thomas Fan , better start buying the track.

Series 13 starts tomorrow at 8.25am and continues each weekday on Channel Five's Milkshake.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

First Steps

Oli's Baby Man Flu got alot worse then just a runny nose & whining, it turned into the worse few days we've ever experienced since he was born. The sleepless nights made the days tough, we took him to the doctors who said he had a viral infection and gave us some antibiotics for him. It was so hard for me to see him in pain, I shed as many tears as what he did. He's not a baby who likes to hug so he didn't want to be cuddled or comforted , the nearest I got to him was when he fell asleep with us in our bed.

But he started to feel better last night, we could tell as he was cheekily back to trying to crack the stair gate open and begging for food (he sits in the kitchen & opens his mouth!) Which meant he didn't have to miss his friends 1st Birthday party & a sleepover at his Godmothers.

More to the point he took his very first steps! He was stood the other side of the corner sofa and saw that I had some bread sticks. Instead of crawling over to me as I had expected him too, he took a few steps and just walked to me. Excitement over took me, after hugging him and gleefully letting him know he made his Mummy's day I took to letting Daddy and everyone know that Oli took his first steps.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Where did the baby days go?

My baby is no longer a baby, he's slowly stepping forward into those toddler years ..
He's only 9 month's but he's taller then all his one year+ friends and he is days away from walking by himself.

What happened to my new born?

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Baby Man Flu

The boy has a cold which I would say is more like Baby Man Flu.

The constant whining, box of kleenex emptying faster then what the toybox does, hot soup on the go , back & forth to the kitchen for supplies.. It sounds so familiar to me.. Oh yeah , I suffered this when the Older man of the house had flu.. Well Man flu.

The whining had made today unbearable , I cant wait for my bedtime! I cant wait til his afternoon nap.. But those 2 hours will no doubtfully be filled with washing & even more washing!

My energy has just disappeared into thin air! When I woke up this morning , I planned walks in the park, Coffee at Costa (juice for Oli) and a trip to the library but so far we've had several hours of Cbeebies.

I blame this weather, it looks so dull out there. I want the snow back just for a hour so it looks all pretty & exciting out there. The weekend can not come quick enough for me!

How's your Tuesday been so far?

Monday, 18 January 2010

Bloggers For Haiti

Blogging is a powerful way to spread the word and get something out there , especially if your blog attracts hundreds of readers and followers each day.

I'm going to use my small space in the blogging world to get this out there.

Last Tuesday , Tremors hit Haiti followed by two strong aftershocks which instantly killed thousands and destroyed the lives of millions. According to statistics as I type this, a minimum of 100,000 are dead.

I don't think these images that I have seen all over the news & internet over the last few days will ever leave my head.

I cried as I searched for images to include in this post , But why am I crying? I have not lost family , I've not lost my son who is the important thing to me .. My tears will never compare to the tears falling from the faces of those Mothers/Fathers who have lost their children.

A mummy blogger has set up a Bloggers for Haiti Just Giving Page. Bloggers are uniting all over the world to do what we can to help.

£500 will buy a shelter box , That means if just 50 of us donates £10 each (the price of a take-away/bottle of wine!) we have one shelterbox that will make a difference to lives that need it.

ShelterBox is such a unique organisation, because what they provide is an entire rescue kit in a box. Each box contains:

  • A ten-person tent with privacy partitions that allow its occupants to divide the space as they see fit
  • A range of other survival equipment including thermal blankets and insulated ground sheets, essential in areas where temperatures plummet at nightfall
  • Life-saving means of water purification. Water supplies often become contaminated after a major disaster, as infrastructure and sanitation systems are destroyed, this presents a secondary but no less dangerous threat to survivors than the initial disaster itself.
  • A basic tool kit containing a hammer, axe, saw, trenching shovel, hoe head, pliers and wire cutters. These items enable people to improve their immediate environment, by chopping firewood or digging a latrine, for example. Then, when it is possible, to start repairing or rebuilding the home they were forced to leave.
  • A wood burning or multi-fuel stove that can burn anything from diesel to old paint. This provides the heart of the new home where water is boiled, food is cooked and families congregate. In addition, there are pans, utensils, bowls, mugs and water storage containers.
  • Each box can be adapted to the individual needs of the disaster area, for example, following the Javanese earthquake in 2006, when some resources were available locally or could be salvaged from one storey buildings, the overwhelming need was for shelter – so ShelterBox just sent tents, packing two in each box. The box itself is lightweight and waterproof and has been used for a variety of purposes in the past – from water and food storage containers to a cot for a newly born baby.
  • And lastly, but I think just as importantly, each box contains a children’s pack containing drawing books, crayons and pens. For children who have lost most, if not all, of their possessions, these small gifts are treasured.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Slush puppie anyone?

Ok, I know I adore snow and got rather excited (and still is!) excited about it.. But now that it's slowly melting, we are left with this horrible snowy ice which can only be described as white slush puppie! For anyone that doesnt know what slush puppie is , it's a syryp which is mixed with water and then frozen. See why I said it's white slush puppie!

Trying to push the pram in it was as difficult as getting the Mr off the Xbox to do a nappy change! It was hard , It took me what felt like hour just to get off my drive. Spent most the time walking on the road as it was easier , I did consider turning back and going home but didn't want to beaten by some slush puppie!

Can summer please come now?

Pretty please?

I promise I wont moan that it's too hot.

My poor lips cant take no more, Only so much vaseline you can layer on them without making it look like your dribbling. And my poor toesies cant take no more either , I actually thought they were going to drop off on the way back from meeting the girls for coffee.

I promise I'll even take care of the garden and might actually water the plants! May even plant a sunflower plant!

Please Summer, Skip over winter , Push springs bottom aside and make a appearance, for me?

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sledging Fun

When friends rang me to say that they had a snow day and did Me & Oli want to go sledging with them I was quick to accept. We has not got round to sledging yet as everywhere was sold out when we went to buy one , even baby baths were all out of stock as they were being used as sledges!

I did feel slightly bad at first about taking Oli out , should I really take my 9 month out in it just so Mummy could have fun? But after exchanging my worries and recieving some great advice on I was reassured that the fresh air would be good for him and to get him used to it young! So I wrapped him tighter then a burrito wrap and made sure he had several pairs of socks on his feet and hands! (The socks stay on better then mittens!) .

I don't know what I was so worried about , he loved it! He made me giggle by cheekily blowing raspberries at some kids playing near by!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snowy Saturday

Yes.. Even more posts about snow! If the snow holds out to the end of the month.. I wouldn't be surprised if everyday was a snow post!!
I know people are getting fed up now, But I love how different it is out there! I could sit and stare out the window all day! I am slightly annoyed that I still have not had a rubbish collection since Christmas , Can you imagine how much rubbish and recycling is being stored in my shed!? I know it's no one's fault and that's its dangerous for these big trucks to be on the road. But if it's left any longer my shed will be deemed a health hazard!!

The Mr finally let Me & Oli go out in the car with him, I couldn't resist but to take photos (as usual!) of the wonderful winter scenes!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

It's beginning to alot like winter...

Yay! We finally got snow! After the last couple of weeks reading other blogs & twitter posts about people receiving snow, The clouds decided to sprinkle the town with some of the white stuff!

A minute or two later...

Few more minutes later and the ground has completely disappeared!

We watched it fall during the day from the comfort of inside..

Introducing Oli to the snow for the first time..

Snuggled in his pram

Check out my pink wellies! I've waited all year for a excuse to wear them again!!

Bring on the snow!!

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