Friday, 15 January 2010

Slush puppie anyone?

Ok, I know I adore snow and got rather excited (and still is!) excited about it.. But now that it's slowly melting, we are left with this horrible snowy ice which can only be described as white slush puppie! For anyone that doesnt know what slush puppie is , it's a syryp which is mixed with water and then frozen. See why I said it's white slush puppie!

Trying to push the pram in it was as difficult as getting the Mr off the Xbox to do a nappy change! It was hard , It took me what felt like hour just to get off my drive. Spent most the time walking on the road as it was easier , I did consider turning back and going home but didn't want to beaten by some slush puppie!

Can summer please come now?

Pretty please?

I promise I wont moan that it's too hot.

My poor lips cant take no more, Only so much vaseline you can layer on them without making it look like your dribbling. And my poor toesies cant take no more either , I actually thought they were going to drop off on the way back from meeting the girls for coffee.

I promise I'll even take care of the garden and might actually water the plants! May even plant a sunflower plant!

Please Summer, Skip over winter , Push springs bottom aside and make a appearance, for me?


  1. 15 January 2010 19:48

    I love slushies I love love love them! :) Do you have Sonic over there (it's a drive-thru restaurant)?

    I love when we find different words pants/trousers. :)

  2. 15 January 2010 20:32

    I don't mind Spring but am really sick of the winter now! The slush is awful isn't it.

    CJ xx

  3. 16 January 2010 13:50

    We used to always get the slushies went we stopped at the store. Loved them. I am with you - summer, NOW, please.... Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  4. 16 January 2010 14:14

    We're just now heading into slightly higher temps. Out of the deep freeze, and our snow is melting. We're due for a rainstorm tomorrow, which should help as well. Can't wait 'til Spring! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did. Happy Sharefest!

    Sunny Day

  5. 16 January 2010 21:09

    The snow here could be described as Gray Slush Puppie. It is not at all pleasant, and I am equally as eager for summer to come! (Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!)

  6. 17 January 2010 20:14

    I've started the search for the perfect lip salve - current front runner is Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream with tint ... or the pink vaseline (which is cheaper)

  7. 18 January 2010 13:05

    I can't imagine snow comes with so much problems, it always seem so magical especially when the snow flakes come dancing from the sky. That's the kind of winters i see on TV. They didn't show any cracked lips and slush puppie!

  8. 20 January 2010 02:53

    Hey girl, thanks for stopping by my blog!! Come back anytime. =)

    I absolutely loved slush puppies back in the day. I wish it was summer too. My hands are so chapped & my lips too. There should be a store where we can buy summer back. hehe.

    Btw, I hope Oliver gets better!! He's adorable!!

  9. 29 October 2010 23:41

    @S Club Mama - We dont! But I remember googling it and it looks like my kind of place!!

    @Crystal Jigsaw - Yeah I think Winter is my least favourite season! I rather like Autumn!

    @Feeling Fit With Dana - Yay! A fellow shlushie fan! :)

    @Melissa.B - Yes! Roll on spring!! :D

    @Elle - Ergh! I hate it too when it goes all grey and dirty!!

    @Muddling Along Mummy - That pink vaseline rocks!! It's my lips best friend!

    @Kestral - It does seem rather magical doesnt it... *goes into dreamy state*

    @Melanie's Randomness - I like that idea of a store where we can buy back summer! I wonder if there's a store where I can buy my pre-baby body back?? ;)