Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sledging Fun

When friends rang me to say that they had a snow day and did Me & Oli want to go sledging with them I was quick to accept. We has not got round to sledging yet as everywhere was sold out when we went to buy one , even baby baths were all out of stock as they were being used as sledges!

I did feel slightly bad at first about taking Oli out , should I really take my 9 month out in it just so Mummy could have fun? But after exchanging my worries and recieving some great advice on I was reassured that the fresh air would be good for him and to get him used to it young! So I wrapped him tighter then a burrito wrap and made sure he had several pairs of socks on his feet and hands! (The socks stay on better then mittens!) .

I don't know what I was so worried about , he loved it! He made me giggle by cheekily blowing raspberries at some kids playing near by!


  1. 14 January 2010 11:58

    It looks like you had a blast! K is old enough to go on her own, but I still wander over just to watch. I haven't been on a sledge in years!

  2. 14 January 2010 15:14

    Aww! How fun!

  3. 14 January 2010 16:28

    What adorable photos!!! I haven't seen that much snow since I lived in Chicago. Now I live in Dallas and it almost never snows. It actually snowed like 1 inch on Christmas day here and my boys were so excited they ran outside in their underwear before I could stop them!

  4. 14 January 2010 16:48

    I love snow! Thanks for sharing.

  5. 14 January 2010 19:28

    I love sledging! And we have had plenty of snow that it's now becoming a bit boring! It has snowed almost everyday since before Christmas!
    Yes, I have friends who put socks on their toddlers hands instead of mittens because they do stay on better!

  6. 15 January 2010 07:29

    Sounds like great fun! We took Victor out for a walk in the fresh snow last year in February and he was only 7 months old. He loved it too. I think that if you are aware and wrap them well there is no reason not to take them out in this weather. Unless it is blizzard of course.

  7. 29 October 2010 23:29

    @Tawny - I cant wait to get a sledge for next year!! I plan on buying one before it snows so I can get one before they all see out!

    @Mama Kayla - :D It was lots of fun!

    @Naomi - Hehe.. bless them!!

    @And So Our Stories Go - Snow is fab isnt it!

    @Alice In Wonderland - They do stay on much better dont they!! Yeah we got bored of it after a few days!

    @Perfectly Happy Mum - Yeah I dont think even I would attempt to go out in a blizzard!!