Sunday, 24 January 2010

Thomas & Friends

As Oli is a avid TV watcher , we jumped at the chance to review Thomas & Friends who is celebrating his 65th anniversary this year.


Thomas & Friends is now into his 13th series and you can find it on Channel Five's Milkshake from tomorrow and every other weekday at 8.25am.

Series 13 introduces new characters which were first seen in a DVD special last year called 'Hero of the rails' . We also see Thomas welcoming a brand new friend called Charlie , who apparently has a reputation of fun & mischief (reminds me of a certain young boy!). We didnt meet Charlie in the episodes we watched but we do look forward to seeing him in future episodes when we continue to watch them on milkshake.


The new series is produced in CGI animation for the first time , which brings Thomas & Friends in the modern world. It brings it to life very much more then before , It made the difference to Oli who found the voices and faces rather funny.

He enjoyed the karaoke that was added at the end credits , he's not old enough to understand and follow along with the words but he certainly enjoyed the music. There was definitely some bum wiggling dancing going on!

Oli sat so quiet (apart from the laughing & slapping of the TV in excitement!) throughout watching Thomas & Friends that Mummy put it on repeat , Oli got more Thomas time whilst Mummy got some more quiet time :)

I know one boy who will be growing up a Thomas Fan , better start buying the track.

Series 13 starts tomorrow at 8.25am and continues each weekday on Channel Five's Milkshake.


  1. 26 January 2010 20:17

    Savannah, our grandbaby LOVES Thomas!! and all his friends, especially Rosie!

  2. 26 January 2010 20:32

    I love Thomas...and I'm 30, but I have loads of the books from when we were kids, long before all the new characters came in. Then it wasn't wrong to call The Fat Controller, Fat!

  3. 27 January 2010 07:04

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Thomas! My cousin when i use to watch him as a lil boy owned every piece of thomas it was amazing how much that kid had! I would sit and watch all the same videos over n over n over again :) Now i have my own son he doesnt mind abit of Thomas every now and then :)
    Anyway i wanted to drop by and say HI! :)

  4. 28 January 2010 04:20

    My girls used to love Thomas!!