Monday, 28 February 2011

Our World

Has involved....

Treating Rex to a new tank

Tragus piercings

Playing with our mega bloks

Buying matching skinny jeans

Softplay with friends

Pyjama days

But most of all our world has involved each other. Me and my son are enjoying every moment of it and we are living it to the max!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Why I love being a grown up

My reasons on why I love being a grown up.

I can still act as a child - Being a grown up means I can still show my inner child, I can act like a child when times allow me to be. I can go the same level as my toddler so that we can have childish fun together.

I get to do my own shopping - I can buy whatever I want as it's totally up to me what goes into my trolley. I can spend as much as I want or as little as I want on food.

What to eat - I was forced to eat things I disliked like meatballs, my parents used to stick toad in the hole in front of me and I couldn't stand the stuff, I actually have a fear of it now so it's banned from our kitchen table. Now I can eat anything I want and I can cook it and enjoy it for myself. I also get to eat chocolate flavoured cereals.

What to drink - Of course the obviously is being able to drink alcohol but now it's more for the enjoyment other then the 'lets just get drunk' abuse of it when younger. I can drink as many fizzy drinks whenever I want as well as ribena which my mother was convinced made me hyper!

Friends - I get to be friends with whoever I like and I get to see them pretty much whenever I want and do whatever we want including lot of fun and silliness.

Bedtime - I get to decide what time I go to bed be it 8pm or midnight it's totally up to me.

Getting in - Exactly the same as bedtime, I get to decide what time I come in.

Doing what I want when I want - If we want to go shopping in Birmingham then we go, if we want to go to the seaside we go. I get to decide how we want to entertain ourselves.

Tidying - So I no longer have to tidy my own bedroom but several different rooms but at least I can do these when I want too, I can decorate them and place whatever I want wherever. At least I don't have the threat of being grounded if my bedroom isn't done by a certain time.

Making my own family - The best thing about being a grown up is that I get to decide that I can become a mother and start my own little family. I got to create life and what a amazing little life I created.

What do you love about being a grown up?

Monday, 14 February 2011

Shloer - The Sparkling Juice Drink

Want to enjoy a bottle of bubbly tonight without feeling the effect of it tomorrow at work? Then why not try Shloer new Rose flavour which was created from a blend of red and white grapes.

Shloer is a sparkling juice drink which contains no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings. They pride themselves on blending only the very best in fruit juices from concentrate and purest water to make their drinks. The grapes are sourced from the sun-kissed vineyards of La Mancha in Spain - Europe's largest grape producing region. Many varieties of grapes are grown, however they have chosen to use La Mancha's crisp tasting white grapes and their highly aromatic red grapes to produce their unique tasting Shloer juice drinks.

If your a fan of cocktails or have never tried the before why not create your own with Shloer. Try one of the Shloer cocktails with a twist recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails or one of the Shloer cocktails with a kick for drinks mixed with alcohol. I like the sounds of the Shloer in the city!

We thoroughly enjoyed both the new rose flavour and the white grape, raspberry and cranberry flavour. We've both cut back on alcohol and we found this to be the perfect replacement, Dare I say it but I enjoyed it even more then I would a glass of wine alongside my food. It was thirst quenching and bursting full of flavour. I'm quite sad that in our excitement of trying something new, we've already drank them and not had chance to stock back up on them yet! They would of been the perfect drinks choice for tonight's Valentines meal.

And if your still stuck for ideas on the perfect V day meal then why not head over too the Shloer facebook page - where they are sharing some yummy recipes.

PS.. Whilst browsing the Shloer website I came across a Mums To Be section which is packed full of tips on the latest winter look and ways to relax and unwind.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

FireFly Toothbrushes

America's number 1 best selling toothbrush 'Firefly' is now available in the UK. Oli got sent a FireFly toothbrush to try out so that we could see why they were so popular over in America and why kids over here in the UK will like them just as much.

What makes the FireFly special and stand out from the other toothbrushes is that it has inbuilt timer! It uses a distinctive light up technology to help get children to brush their teeth for the recommended time. It works by the child brushing the button to set the light off and then for a minute they scrub either the bottom or the top half. Then when that minute is up they press it again and do the other half of their teeth.

Oli's not far off two and we've been cleaning his teeth for the last year now, I started off by just letting him have the toothbrush and watching me clean mine but then I helped him clean them by giving them a clean myself with his brush. Now as he's getting older I'm hoping he wont be far off doing his own teeth each morning and evening, the FireFly toothbrush will help show him how long he needs to be doing his teeth for.

FireFly toothbrushes come in a range of assorted colours and characters such as spider-man (which is what Oli got) and Hello Kitty. The price range from £1.40 - £2.49 which is a fantastic price considering they are not just your usual toothbrush. Find them on sale over on or at your local Lloyds Pharmacy/The Entertainer Toy Shop.

Mummy's Day Out

Mummy was feeling much better today which she was very pleased about as she had been invited to a Tommee Tippee for a launch of a new product, which she told me she will share more about next week. She decided not to take me with her as all I want to do on trains is run wild and create havoc and mummy didn't have the energy to stop me so left me at home with a sitter. Which was cool because we ate lots of sausage rolls and created a huge mess for Mummy to come home too.

I overheard her saying that when she got home, that as much as she dislikes the long train ride to London and back that she enjoys having some 'her' time and that having a coffee (which she got to drink warm) and naughtily eating a double chocolate chip muffin (which she didn't have to share) was a rare treat. With all these bloggy events that Mummy keeps going to in London she's starting to get use to the place now and easily found her tube and the place she was going too.

The event was held at the fabulous Maggie and Rose which is a family members club for families in Kensington. It was a house of fun for any child and Mummy was sad for not bringing me as she knew I would of loved the activities that was put on for the children. She wasn't sad for long when my friend Tilly from Two Become Four wanted to play and keep my mummy company!

Tilly playing with playdoh

Listening to the presentation

Another one of my friends - Little M from Mummy's Busy World

Jasper & Tilly

After the event had finished Mummy took advantage of her child free time and explored London by herself. She went to the natural history museum which she had never been too before, mummy said I would of loved the dinosaur displays and has promised to take me there when I'm a little older.

Mummy then topped of the day by meeting my 'Auntie' Vic from Glowstars for margaritas and 'mummy' talk

So that was Mummy's day.. How was yours? .

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lotus Olbas Facial Tissues

Nothing make me love a PR more then sending me a product to review which I actually need, not something for Oli to play with, not something for me to play with and then get bored with 5 minutes later but something I actually need at this current moment in time.

If you've been lucky to enough to not hear my moans over on then you wont know that I've been suffering with a sinking cold for well over a week now. One of the worse things about a cold is the constant need to blow that runny nose and what do you need with a runny nose? Tissues!

Lotus tissues have combined with the makers of Olbas to create a tissue embedded with a special mixture of pure plant olis with ingredients including menthol, eucalyptus, juniper berries and cajuput. The tissues work by crushing them which then releases the oil vapours, you then breathe in the natural vapours before and after blowing your nose.

The tissues were originally available in a handy pocket pack but are now also available in the larger facial tissue box meaning you can have them to hand at home and in the office. I've had the box sat to me on the sofa ever since they arrived!

As a cold sufferer using them for the last few days I cannot recommend them enough for other cold sufferers or even as a general box of tissues. They smell fantastic and you can feel the goodness entering your body from that first inhale. For more information and some handy advice on how to avoid catching a cold head over to the website -

You can buy them from Boots, Sainsbury's and other major retailers.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The world through his eyes..

Do you ever just sit and think about how the world must look through their eyes? What the world must seem like to them? I sat and watched Oli this morning as he played and interacted with not only his toys but the world around him. They may only be small things to us but they can be huge to them, I watched as he learnt that the door handle moved and that moving it down and pushing the door meant that it closed and that pushing it down again meant he could open it. He looked so pleased with himself with mastering this and I was pleased that he was learning the way things work.

Sat in a trolley with his friend Mr A from Glowstars

This morning he said his first proper word of 'monkey' after a friend called it him, he didn't take it from me even though I've trying to encourage him to say lots of words but simply from a friend who said it once to him. It does show me that he is listening to what we say and that he is taking it in, I know it wont be long before he's surprising us with more words and then forming sentences with those words.

On the beach in Minehead

The outside world really excites him, he's constantly bringing me over his shoes or coat and grabbing my hand to lead me towards the door. His way of tell me that he wants to go out and explore the big wide world, running around the park brings him great joy and I've noticed that as much as he likes to play on the park equipment himself he also likes to watch others play, he takes in what they're doing and is learning for himself how others have fun.

Oli is a big fan of the beach which I'm guessing he gets off me, nothing brings me more joy then taking my shoes and socks off and placing my feet in the sand and looking out at the sea. He does exactly the same but he likes to paddle in the sea too but doesn't understand why I wont let him do it in this weather. He sees water as fun but it learning that it comes in many forms like at bath time and when Mummy goes to wash up.

Playing duplo with Mummy

He's noticing so much more about who I and how to interact with me, he's starting to realise that mummy has feelings and that when he kisses me and hugs me, it makes me smile and react in a positive way and show how much that small gesture of love means to me. I like trying to see what he sees and how he sees it, totally makes my day seem alot more exciting.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Rowse Honey

You know what really makes me smile and what can a make a day for a stay at home mummy like me? Having a box of yummy cupcakes along with a jar of honey delivered! Rowse Honey have a new campaign out which part of that was sending out yummy treats to some mummy bloggers, these guys know how to make good friends.

I never knew how many varieties of honey there actually is until I took a good look at the honey section in my local supermarket, Rowse had honey in many different varieties as well as in different types of bottles, You know you need to get out out more when stuff in squeezy bottles excites you as much as it did me!

The staff at Rowse Honey have written, acted and filmed six of their own ads. Why not LIKE your favourite ad and help it be the one that appears on the TV in April.

The cupcakes had some messages on which will help explain...

At our summer party our staff made their own ads...

The public got to decide their favourite...

The winner air on telly...

Have a sneak peak and vote...


If the look of these cakes have you craving some honey goodness why not try out this homemade honey cake recipe from The Diary of a Frugal Family.

Pssskk.. Why not head over to the where they are currently giving away free honey!

Should Condolences be personal & private?

You just cant help but to read what Jan Moir writes, this morning was no exception to me when I read her article about how oh-so public tweeting of condolence by celebrities is offensive, narcissistic & trite. I wasn't too sure what to think, I shared it on (as you do) to see what others thought.

Jan talks about the sad lost of Amanda's baby at 7 months, something no parent should ever have to suffer or go through. She waited until she was 6 months to announce the pregnancy as she had previously suffered a miscarriage at 4 months. Her husband has took her and their 5 year old away from the public eye so that they can grieve in private.

Something happened to me last year, it wasn't anything like a miscarriage. It still effected in me in a way where I was needing and wanted to be comforted, I didn't know who else to turn to so I told twitter and shared it with my twitter friends/followers who in return comforted, shared there own stories of the situation and gave me the comfort I sought. Should that of only been the case when and tweeted sending there condolences, should they of only tweeted her if she sent out a tweet about it in which return they could of replied with there condolences?

To me I think it's down to the person and how they prefer to receive condolence, Amanda may log into her twitter account in the next few days and see these messages of love and support from both celebs and non-celebs and feel confronted by them.

Would love to know what you think on the matter, should condolences be kept personal and private?

Monday, 7 February 2011

The Fabulous Bakin' Boys - Fruit 'n Oat Slices

I like getting sneak preview's of snacks especially when they come in the form of yummy Fruit 'n Oat slices. The Fabulous Bakin' Boys Fruit 'n Oat Slices to be precise.

FBB have been making delicious cakes now for over 11 years, I remember having the chocolate cupcakes in my lunchbox as a young girl. They are a established family run bakery brand that like to stand out from the crowd by adding a element of fun, quirkiness and innovation to the art of baking. One fantastic thing about the The Fabulous Bakin' Boys is that all their products are baked in a nut fee zone making them safe to eat for allergy sufferers.

The new snack product contains one portion of fruit in each slice which me and my family can confirm ourselves after trying a few of each flavour, it's like biting into the fruit itself but with some added yummines of oats crammed in. The fibre-packed snack bars consist of two layers, with a fruity base crammed with succulent sultanas, apples and apricots, topped with oats and sprinkled with strawberry, blackberry or apple pieces. We thoroughly enjoyed our Fruit n' Oat slices, great snack for both the toddler and us to enjoy during the day and they would make a great lunchbox snack for any little one. Still cant decided which is my favourite flavour, guess I'll just have to keep adding all of them into my trolley until I decide! ;o)

The fruit n' Oat slices are available in three flavours - Strawberry 'n Oat, Blackcurrant 'n Oat and Apple 'n Oat.

Rumour has it that the bakery will be launchin' a larger version of the strawberry and apple bars for people on the go in the upcoming months. They sound perfect for the lunchboxes of the bigger boys in your life, I know mine will be requesting them for his.

Visit for more information.

Are strict mothers the best?

I've been reading with fascination, this talk over whether strict Chinese mothers are actually the best kind of mothers because of the way they choose to bring up there children. Amy Chua sparked a online debate with her wall street journey essay on 'Why Chinese mothers are superior' which is a excerpt from her new book Battle Hymm of the Tiger Mother.

Amy reels off a list of things her daughters were never allowed to do which includes being in a school play, complaining about not being in a school play, getting any grade less then A and playing any instrument other then the violin or piano. At the age of nearly 2 Oli has already done both sleepovers and watch TV something both Sophia and Louisa never did as young children.

This is where I disagree with strictness, there's being strict and then there's just simple spitefulness on the parents behalf. It's hard to comment on too much as there is a case of Western vs Chinese where each type of culture covers many different varieties of parents. There's differences between cultures/beliefs/upbringings that play a huge part on when it comes to parents and the upbringing of their children. I'm a western parent growing up in the 21st century in a environment which isn't riddled with war, poverty stricken or a environment where you need to succeed at a young age to get somewhere in life. To me being strict is a aspect which is only displayed when needs be. Strict is used when my child has done something wrong and needs a stern word on how naughty that is. Strict is a punishment in the form of time out or a few minutes on the naughty step.

What strict isn't to me is stopping my child from being a child. Of course I want the every best for him,I have done from the moment I found out I was expecting. I would love for him to grow a well educated, well spoken young man who has done well for himself. I will be there pushing him along, but from a back bench. University will be a option for him if he wants its to be and gets the necessary grades for it to be a option. How can any parent deprive there child of appearing in a school play? I have many fond memories of being a young girl playing many roles and even not so fond memories of me wetting myself on stage at the age of 6.

I understand Amy's parenting though, as much as a disagree with it and no its not a path I could go down, I understand her need for her children to succeed in life, what parent doesn't share that kind of aspiration for their child. But childhood only come along once in a lifetime, I want my son and any other future children to look back on there child days with fond memories of fun and play and not having a strict mother breathing down there neck. If Oli wants to learn to play drums at school like both me and his Father did then he can, if he doesn't want to play any kind of instrument that's ok with us - after all its his life and his childhood.

What do you think? Are strict mothers the best kind of parent?

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Find me a gift

Stuck on what to get your other half this year for valentines day? Why not head over to find me a where you'll be inundated with valentine gift ideas and suggestions for your loved one this February the 14th.

Find me a gift sent me one of there popular Love Rug Sleeved Blanket to try out and review. The whole family loved it from the moment it arrived! It's sort, warm and snugly which has been great to use with this cold weather we've been dealing with lately. So much better then your usual blanket that you chuck on to keep warm as it has sleeves so you can retain the use of your hands, been great for me what with using the laptop at the same time as wearing the love rug!

It's been through the wash already a couple of times thanks to certain sticky hands and it's still retained its softness. Remember to check the handy pocket before sticking it in the wash, I nearly washed a toy car last time it went in. The size of it is fantastic! Big enough to cover the biggest of men.

It's currently on sale for £19.99 instead of the usual price of £24.99 so snap it up quick as the perfect valentines gift.

And if blankets are not your kind of thing then check out the other recommended valentines gifts. are a fantastic website to buy from, they have a 30 days money back guarantee as well as next day delivery available. You can find them on both and .

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Tuiss Blinds

Most of us have blinds around our house right, in our house we have blinds attached to all of our windows apart from the bathroom. In ours and Oli's room we have blackout blinds which are handy come nighttime when we need to block out early light and street lamps. In the kitchen we have a pretty blind which is more for decoration purpose then anything and then in the living room we have a wooden blind. Sadly our living room blind has broken slats thanks to a wild toddler which lives here. Suppose I better start searching for new blinds, well either that or live in a house made out of plasticine.

Tuiss has a wide selection of beautiful window blinds which are not only made out of the finest materials but are affordable. The wooden blinds come in many different styles, colours, materials and every single Tuiss blind is custom made especially for the customer in there workshops.

They have designers and buyers which are dedicated to creating the very best blinds that offer perfect performance and styling. Tuiss are working towards a greener future by making sure that all there timber is sourced entirely from certified well managed sustainable foresty's. They also believe the small things make a difference which is why all Tuiss roller blinds feature a metal operating chain rather then the usual poly/plastic, the metal chain not only looks and works better but can be recycled.

Every kind of roller blind is available over at tuiss, you will find one to suit any room thanks to the many styles and colours there are to choose from.

The Tuiss website is simple to navigate around and use making it easy to buy online. Made to measure luxury blinds which are custom made at affordable prices. You can own a Tuiss blind for as little as £22.60. Check out the wide selection for yourself over at

This post is sponsored by Tuiss

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