Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Why I love being a grown up

My reasons on why I love being a grown up.

I can still act as a child - Being a grown up means I can still show my inner child, I can act like a child when times allow me to be. I can go the same level as my toddler so that we can have childish fun together.

I get to do my own shopping - I can buy whatever I want as it's totally up to me what goes into my trolley. I can spend as much as I want or as little as I want on food.

What to eat - I was forced to eat things I disliked like meatballs, my parents used to stick toad in the hole in front of me and I couldn't stand the stuff, I actually have a fear of it now so it's banned from our kitchen table. Now I can eat anything I want and I can cook it and enjoy it for myself. I also get to eat chocolate flavoured cereals.

What to drink - Of course the obviously is being able to drink alcohol but now it's more for the enjoyment other then the 'lets just get drunk' abuse of it when younger. I can drink as many fizzy drinks whenever I want as well as ribena which my mother was convinced made me hyper!

Friends - I get to be friends with whoever I like and I get to see them pretty much whenever I want and do whatever we want including lot of fun and silliness.

Bedtime - I get to decide what time I go to bed be it 8pm or midnight it's totally up to me.

Getting in - Exactly the same as bedtime, I get to decide what time I come in.

Doing what I want when I want - If we want to go shopping in Birmingham then we go, if we want to go to the seaside we go. I get to decide how we want to entertain ourselves.

Tidying - So I no longer have to tidy my own bedroom but several different rooms but at least I can do these when I want too, I can decorate them and place whatever I want wherever. At least I don't have the threat of being grounded if my bedroom isn't done by a certain time.

Making my own family - The best thing about being a grown up is that I get to decide that I can become a mother and start my own little family. I got to create life and what a amazing little life I created.

What do you love about being a grown up?