Saturday, 5 February 2011

Tuiss Blinds

Most of us have blinds around our house right, in our house we have blinds attached to all of our windows apart from the bathroom. In ours and Oli's room we have blackout blinds which are handy come nighttime when we need to block out early light and street lamps. In the kitchen we have a pretty blind which is more for decoration purpose then anything and then in the living room we have a wooden blind. Sadly our living room blind has broken slats thanks to a wild toddler which lives here. Suppose I better start searching for new blinds, well either that or live in a house made out of plasticine.

Tuiss has a wide selection of beautiful window blinds which are not only made out of the finest materials but are affordable. The wooden blinds come in many different styles, colours, materials and every single Tuiss blind is custom made especially for the customer in there workshops.

They have designers and buyers which are dedicated to creating the very best blinds that offer perfect performance and styling. Tuiss are working towards a greener future by making sure that all there timber is sourced entirely from certified well managed sustainable foresty's. They also believe the small things make a difference which is why all Tuiss roller blinds feature a metal operating chain rather then the usual poly/plastic, the metal chain not only looks and works better but can be recycled.

Every kind of roller blind is available over at tuiss, you will find one to suit any room thanks to the many styles and colours there are to choose from.

The Tuiss website is simple to navigate around and use making it easy to buy online. Made to measure luxury blinds which are custom made at affordable prices. You can own a Tuiss blind for as little as £22.60. Check out the wide selection for yourself over at

This post is sponsored by Tuiss