Saturday, 12 February 2011

Mummy's Day Out

Mummy was feeling much better today which she was very pleased about as she had been invited to a Tommee Tippee for a launch of a new product, which she told me she will share more about next week. She decided not to take me with her as all I want to do on trains is run wild and create havoc and mummy didn't have the energy to stop me so left me at home with a sitter. Which was cool because we ate lots of sausage rolls and created a huge mess for Mummy to come home too.

I overheard her saying that when she got home, that as much as she dislikes the long train ride to London and back that she enjoys having some 'her' time and that having a coffee (which she got to drink warm) and naughtily eating a double chocolate chip muffin (which she didn't have to share) was a rare treat. With all these bloggy events that Mummy keeps going to in London she's starting to get use to the place now and easily found her tube and the place she was going too.

The event was held at the fabulous Maggie and Rose which is a family members club for families in Kensington. It was a house of fun for any child and Mummy was sad for not bringing me as she knew I would of loved the activities that was put on for the children. She wasn't sad for long when my friend Tilly from Two Become Four wanted to play and keep my mummy company!

Tilly playing with playdoh

Listening to the presentation

Another one of my friends - Little M from Mummy's Busy World

Jasper & Tilly

After the event had finished Mummy took advantage of her child free time and explored London by herself. She went to the natural history museum which she had never been too before, mummy said I would of loved the dinosaur displays and has promised to take me there when I'm a little older.

Mummy then topped of the day by meeting my 'Auntie' Vic from Glowstars for margaritas and 'mummy' talk

So that was Mummy's day.. How was yours? .