Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Should TV be banned for those under 3?

So hot parenting news at the moment is that experts are urging parents to ban under 3's from watching TV. So blah da blah blah, nothing we've not heard before. It's another case of here's a study, decide for yourself if you should take it word for word or not. Of course it does have truth in it, sitting watching TV will make kids fat or obese as they call it. I believe that's the case if they're sit watching it 24/7 where no exercise is involved and they're sat eating unhealthy snacks in front of it.

I think the decision about TV and children under 3 is one left for the parents, the parent should decide exactly if their child should watch TV and how much of it they watch. I have no shame in saying that my very own 3 year old Oli has been introduced to the box, even Dylan's been treated to it. Only earlier he was led on his play mat staring up at Ice Age as Oli watches it again for what seems like the millionth time this year. That's the thing, Oli enjoys it so I'm no scrooge to take that enjoyment away from him. We don't seem to watch channels in this house, our on demand TV service provides various programmes and we seem to add a children's DVD to our collection everyday.

Personally I see nothing wrong with screen time and I can actually see it as educational at times, it helps to teach Oli new words as well as letting him hear the pronunciations as well as hearing words from us, a book or the TV which says a word which interests him, he'll repeat it back to us. I just see it as another source to help encouraging him with his speech. I also don't see it wrong to use it as a for of entertainment for them as long as it's not the only form of entertainment they know. Oli pretty much has the run of the house when he's not at play school, if he wants to do painting then we'll have the paints out, if he wants to sit and play with his toys - great, he's really starting to use his imagination to play with them now. But if he wants to watch some on the TV then I don't have a problem with that, especially now he's getting older and watching stuff that the whole family can enjoy. I think it all comes down to balance at the end of the day, my child isn't going to get obese watching the amount of TV that he does because he has he TV time balanced with exercises, books, toys and other stuff which doesn't involve screen time. 

What are your thoughts? Do you think TV should be banned for under 3's?