Friday, 10 August 2012

My 1st JCB - On Site Charlie Crane Set

I actually felt a little guilty when we got offered a JCB On Site Charlie Crane Set as it made me realize we've not really introduced Oli to the wonders of diggers, building sites and all that comes with it. He's had a digger themed bedroom forced upon him for the last year but we've done nothing more then that. I think it's a must in every little boy's life that he owns trucks & diggers, this is where My 1st JCB comes to play.

My 1st JCB have created constructive play for all ages and this Christmas the 'On Site' collection is where the action is going to be at, with it's new vehicles and playsets. We got sent the first of two cool new play sets to have a play with, the On Site Charlie Crane Set. The other one being the On Site Rock Loader Set which I think may have to be added to Oli's Christmas list after seeing how much he enjoyed playing with the crane set.

Taking it out of the box and building it was simple enough, no screws or screwdrivers needed. It just clipped into the place, allowing me to get it set up within minutes for a eager to play toddler. Putting the stickers into place was also simple enough following the instructions. First thoughts about the crane set is that the plastic isn't too flimsy and looks like it can withstand many plays from little boys.

The point of the toy is quite a simple one for little ones to understand, the crane operator must climb the steps into the office where he can oversee the job at hand. Then Charlie Crane must pick up the barrels with his giant claw and drop them down the chute to be collected by Joey JCB (which is included!), whilst being careful not to knock down the wall. There's even a giant turntable which can store the materials before being collected.

Here's a video of it in action :

So as you can see there's plenty to be done on site with the Charlie Crane Set, Oli now had a new love for cranes and diggers. Safe to say his favourite part to the toy is definitely the crane which picks up the barrels and where he can 'accidentally' swing it into the wall which he can build himself. I like the way you knock the little digger into the bottom of the chute where the barrels are being stored, to instantly get a barrel in it's front loader. The fact the Crane talks is a added bonus.

Fab set for any child this Christmas or even as a Birthday gift, like I said I think we'll be adding to his collection with the other On Site playset. May even treat Dylan to a bath toy to start off his love of all things JCB early on.

The JCB On Site Charlie Crane Set is available now for £34.99 and the JCB On Site Rock Loader is available for £24.99. Check out more My 1st JCB toys over on the Golden Bear Toys website.