Friday, 3 August 2012

Marks & Spencers Nursing Bras

I got offered a nursing bra to review from M&S lingerie collection and to give some honest feedback on it. Now a girl can never have enough bras and this can definitely apply when you're nursing. My very first nursing bras actually came from M&S a week after Dylan was born and the very next day after escaping hospital. Whilst there my milk came in and I was suddenly greeted with boobs, this meant needing new bras and new bras that would allow me to whip them out easily for feeding. I actually got this two pack of cotton bras which have done me well for the last few months, wearing the other whilst one has been in the wash.

The one which I got sent and am currently wearing is this Maternity Lace Cradle Padded Nursing Bra With Modal.
It's nice to be wearing something different after the last few months, this one is padded unlike my usual ones which is a familiar feeling as me as pre-pregnancy I lived in padded bras, not like I need them now but I do find them rather comfortable and they add that extra warmth. I also like the fact this one adds more prettiness on to it, by thaat I mean it has some lace and some pretty bows.

Reading the customer reviews, they spoke about how they issues with the fact it had little bows over the nursing straps. To me this is the best part to the bra, it covers those straps making it look just like any normal bra. When it comes to ease of use I was worried about how easily I would be able to access my boob and the practicality of it but I needed not worry as I noticed no difference between this bra and my other ones. The drop down cups went down with ease and they did the job ok and that's what you want in in a nursing bra. Yes they all do the same job but I do like how this bra helped to shape my boobs letting me show off this fantastic cleavage breastfeeding has given me.