Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Carriwell Nursing Bra & Hipsters from BoobieMilk

When it came to buying nursing bras I wasn't really sure where to go other then this big shop in my old hometown which I knew sold bras. I never really thought to look online where of course you can get a much wider choice and can check out different brands. Well BoobieMilk has it all under one roof. BoobieMilk is ran by mummy of 2 Karen, who exclusively breastfed both of her children. Find out more about Karen and why she set up Boobiemilk here.

When I say she has everything you need I really do mean that, she sells sleeping bras which I soon realised I needed after a couple of weeks of attempting to sleep in a normal nursing bra and having the straps dig into me. (I have the Emma Jane Seamless in white!) There's the essential breastfeeding products that you may need like Lansinoh Nipple Cream and Lansinoh Breast Pads. (Two of my favorite breastfeeding products!)

She kindly sent me the Carriwell Nursing Bra & Hipsters to try out from the Carriwell range. It;s actually the most comfiest nursing bra I've worn so far, so for comfort it instantly gets a 5/5. I don't feel anything digging into me and it doesn't give me that overwhelming feeling, by that I mean I barely notice that I'm even wearing anything under my top. One feature which I like which bugs me on my other nursing bras is the position of the strap with the release clasp (which is very simple to unclip one handed) it supports my boob and helps to lift them up which is not only a bonus when it comes to wearing it with tshirts but helps to put the boob in the right position for breastfeeding.

The breathable fabric is great for days where it's rather warm & having a child draped across your body can make you rather sticky, I don't find it uncomfortable or find it sticking to me and leaving me to fiddle around trying to adjust it. I found that it molds to my body shape helping to flatter my figure, it's bras like this that don't make me miss my pre-pregnancy padded bras at all.

Everything I've said applies to the matching hipsters, from the breathable fabric to it flattering my figure. After having a baby you're going to want to wear some comfortable underwear. I love the deep red colour to the bra and hipsters, it's nice to step away from black and white for a change.

I'm going to give the whole set a 5/5 as it ticks all my boxes when it comes to wearing the perfect nursing bra. I feel I'm getting great value for it's price with the fact I can double it up and use as a sleeping bra, ideal when my Emma Jane sleeping bra is in the wash.

As for BoobieMilk they also get top marks from me, I gave Karen my bra size over and received a bra that fitted me perfectly. And if you're lucky enough to live in West Kent then she'll provide a free home fitting which is just fantastic! I mentioned before that the day I left hospital with Dylan I had to head over to the next town over so that I could hunt down a nursing bra and get fitted. I would of much rather of been in the comfort of my own home and not having to drag two children around town after just enduring labour. You can find BoobieMilk over on facebook, and they even have a blog.