Thursday, 9 August 2012

5 Great Tips to Baby Proof your Car

Upon expecting the arrival of a new child our immediate safety instincts focus on the everyday objects in our homes that could be hazardous for a new-born. Often this could involve securing bookshelves, electrical outlays, dangling chords and large objects. Equal vigilance must be applied to our vehicles too as our roads are responsible for thousands of deaths and injuries each year and speeding fines will be the least of your worries if a young child is involved. The inside of the vehicle is perhaps the most serious risk due to the multiple hazards and car seat application, here are five great tips.

Install Sun Shield Protection - Sun shields should prevent a child’s discomfort and the risk of burning and dehydration when in car journeys for long periods. The options for installing a sunshield include tinted films, suction cups, and tinted car windows.

Properly Install a Car Seat – This is the most important safety device and one that should be installed by a technician, if there and doubts regarding the security. An infant’s seat should be in the back facing towards the rear of the car and as the baby grows this can eventually be turned around.

Remove Objects and Car Clutter
– Clutter has a number of dangers for your car as it poses a potential choking hazard and larger objects can also be thrown around the car on corners and faster speeds. Also if you need to quickly unfasten your baby from the seat you need the quickest access possible.

Create a Baby Changing Station – This should include changing pads, diapers, ointment, rash cream, wipes and clothing. These supplies can respond to your babies needs and is vitally important to keep the baby dry and clean.

Emergency Supplies for your Baby – This can serve a purpose for both baby and adults, emergency supplies such as bottled water, blankets and first aid vitally important. A baby’s emergency supply kit can include sterilized bottles, formula and food.

These tips are great for baby proofing but as time flies by it won’t be long you have to consider the dynamics of the younger child. Always check your driveway before reversing and ensure all mirrors are fully visible and if your children are in the car do not attempt to dispute the arguments whilst driving. Pull over safely and attend to the child.

James Barnett is an author on behalf of Pannone Motoring Offences documenting research into UK Law and family safety.