Friday, 31 August 2012


Dylan will soon be moving into a cot as he's starting to grow out of his moses basket, this is one of the reason's we picked the Kiddicare Compact Cot when asked to pick some items from Kiddicare to review. The other reasons being the fantastic low price, paying just over £70 (the RRP is £214.97) for something which can be used again and again (well depending on how many children you want) is a good investment in my eyes. As well as the price I was drawn into the fact it came with both a mattress and a bumper set saving me so much more £££. I remember with Oli buying a cot, then needed to buy a mattress and then buying all the extras which came to so much all together and then I had the hassle of buying them all desperately. Why with the Kiddicare Compact Cot you're buying everything at the same time which all gets delivered together.

The size was another reason we picked it, Oli has a Cotbed so I know how big they can be and we're currently keeping Dylan in our room mainly because it's handy what with still feeding him but also because we're not moving into a bigger house until the end of the year. It's fits perfectly into the corner of our room next to him clothes drawers. It was exactly the item I had in mind when pregnant and planning the sleeping arrangements.

Assembling it was easy enough, I even manged to do it on my own using the sofa to lean the sides against as I built it. It was made within 20minutes and it was light enough for me to carry upstairs. It's a sturdy design and that's coming from someone who is rather picky and fussy when it comes to flimsy tings. The design and sturdiness of it will suit Dylan right up until he's ready to move on from it.

We also picked up some Medela accessories for Dylan, I grabbed a Medela Calma Bottle as we were struggling with normal bottles and the Medela Calma is similar to breastfeeding in a way that the milk only flows when baby applies vacuum. This worked the first time we used it but then I went a while without feeding him via bottle and he doesn't want to know. Which is fair enough, I don't mind at all taking bottles of out the equation but I do like the concept of the Medela Calma.

The other Medela product we got were the
Medela Breastmilk Storage Bottles now these have been put to good use, thanks to these bottles we have a storage of my milk in the fridge just incase it's ever needed in emergencies. They are flexible in the way that you can store them in either fridge or freezer and use them in both dishwasher and microwave. The bottles are free of BPA making them safe for use with baby.

The Kiddicare website is a easy to navigate around website which easily allows you to get what you need in the form of drop down menus which helps with suggestions and relevant item pages. This could be of great use to a first time parent who's looking to get everything they need to start life with a baby. Want next day delivery? Then you can when ordering by 7pm with the added bonus of one hour delivery slots. I'm a fan of the 365 day returns policy where if you change your mind, unlike other shops which give you usually around 30 days to change your mind - Kiddicare give you 365 days. Great to know that you buy something during pregnancy and 9 months later and baby comes along you realise you don't need it or say that someone else had bought you a duplicate gift, then you have that extra time to change your mind and grab a refund or another item in its place.

Now would be a great time to head over to Kiddicare where it's Big Summer Sale is happening where you can get up to 70% off some of those must have/need/want essentials.