Monday, 3 September 2012


I love it when mum's come up with things because you can always guarantee it will be something which will be useful during your parenting life. Jennie came up with the app Mumderground when she found that once she had her son that using the Underground was rather challenging with a pushchair and wanted to be able to see ahead of time what the accessibility was at each station (do they have lifts, escalators etc...)...there was nothing out there so she decided to create one.

This is definitely a app that I need in my life, I'm always back and forth to London for various blogging events. Lately if I'm heading into London, Dylan needs to come with me because I'm still feeding him. This mean either forking out on taxi fare or trying to battle the underground with his pushchair. As easy as my pushchair is to manoeuvre I fear falling down a escalator with it due to tripping up or getting pushed in the business which is London. I would like to know in advance if I'm going to be battling stairs and escalators so I get my the decision whether to hope that some kind stranger would help me or if I should avoid the hassle and enjoy the comfort of a taxi.

Jennie sent me a code so that I could give try out the app for myself. The Mumderground app is simple to use from the moment you download it. You simply select the station, where at the time of selecting you can see some icons which tell you if the station requires no stairs to get to the trains or if if the station requires no stairs only escalators to get to trains. But all of that is explained in the icon & abbreviation key section. I picked my local station of Paddington and then picked Bakerloo as that's usually the line I get to most places. The app tells me that there will be a escalator so I know that's what I'll be faced with when on my travels.

Find out more about Mumderground over on the Mumderground website or follow them on and .