Saturday, 29 September 2012

An apology and a thank you!

Something has happened in the last couple of days which seems to of kicked a gear or two of mine. I've been on a blogging funk of late where I've not really been wanting to pours words into blog posts, I've wanted to but not. That will make sense to anyone who's been in a blogging funk before, with which I can see 75% of you nodding. I really do have so much I want to blog about though, especially baby/toddler related posts. My blog drafts seem to be a endless pit of blog tittles which are just lacking the actual post to go with it.

Ooo it's so shiny!

I went and won this shiny piece of glass last night at the MAD blog awards (a proper blog post to follow!) and it was like I was hit in the head with it. I suddenly felt guilty for not putting as much effort into my blog as I did back when I was pregnant and I want to apologize to you all my readers for that. I guess I have the excuse of a extra child to blame and but then I have the luxury of play school and nap times to take advantage of. My blog seems to be full of those *whispers* sponsored posts. Gotta build up that mortgage fund somehow. But still I was sad that my blog isn't going in the direction I want it to be. I'm off to Butlins this week so may not be blogging for the next week, it all depends on how exhausted I am after our fun days come the evening when the children are in bed to if I blog or not. Tuesday it's my birthday so no doubt I'll be spending it curled up with a glass or two of wine the husband.

Photo credit : Tots100.  Small person in photograph : priceless.

I will be writing up a full post about the MAD blog awards as soon as I've got my head around the actual fact that I won my category of best pregnancy blog and am over the shock. BIG thank you to all of you who read and filled out that form putting me forward to be a finalist and that voting for me again to actually win. You really do not know how much it meant to me to have those posts I wrote considered award worthy. My pregnancy wasn't pleasant, anyone who read my pregnancy posts know that. Blogging really was a fantastic outlet at the time and it was a brilliant way to document my 9months of pregnancy. I actually plan on printing out the posts I wrote about it to show Dylan one day in the future to prove to him what a little ratbag he was when I was carrying him, maybe this may be the new form of embarrassing material to show to their girlfriends come the future. Though will keep the embarrassing baby photos to flash around. 

Of course though without that gorgeous little boy in the photo above, I would not of been pregnant (though maybe I should be thanking the man someone around this point?) and not of been blogging about our pregnancy adventure together. So I want to thank him, I want to thank Dylan for joinong his amazing older brother Oli in helping me to fill this blog full of our everyday adventures in life.