Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Flu Season Is Upon Us

The many joys of being in such close proximity to other people especially your family is that when they have a cold, you'll more then likely to catch it. That's exactly what's been going on in our house, we've all taken it in turns to have a cold.

First up was Dylan, it was his first proper cold so it was sad for me to see him so full of it. All he wanted to do was be cuddled. Of course he got lots of that, he also wanted to sleep nowhere but curled up on my lap. The amount of nose fluid, aka snot was just unbelievable! Teamed up with the dribble from the teething and it was like a constant waterfall. Over the course of his cold, we both went through a rather a lot of wardrobe changes.

Oli took his turn next and I can tell he's starting to grasp the whole man flu concept as he really did take advantage of the whole 'parents waiting on the sick child' lark. Though to be fair when they're not very wreck, I would happily roll over to give them whatever they wanted and needed. In Oli's case it was endless episodes of Phineas & Ferb/The Adventures Of Abney & Teal/Scooby Doo/The Simpsons. Purple juice as he calls blackcurrant and toast with chocolate spread. He was pretty much him as he usually is but with a runny nose, two red eyes and the need to spend the whole day on the sofa wrapped in his blankie.

I came next with a sore throat, ear and muscle ache. I generally just felt rather rubbish and still do but am plodding through as I've learnt that with 2 little ones, you don't really get chance to think about being ill. Thankfully the husband is off for the next couple of weeks so I have a extra pair of hands to help wipe snot and dish out cuddles. He's not quite come down with it yet, he's got the sniffles and hopefully it just stays at that. I don't think I can deal with 'big man flu'.