Friday, 7 September 2012

TINY 3 Piece Travel Cutlery by TumTum

When VUPbaby heard we were going away for the week they asked us if we would like to try out the TINY 3 Piece Travel Cutlery by TumTum. Seeing as were going into a self catering apartment I was pretty sure they wouldn't cater cutlery wise for little mouths so would of had to take my own so these were just the perfect thing. Plus I'm kinda thankful for the emailing me as knowing me I would of probably of forgotten to of grabbed his cutlery.

The fab thing about the travel cutlery set is of course the handy little case it comes in, it keeps the cutlery clean enabling us to just pop it in a bag and use at the other end. I think that this is especially ideal if you're camping. The knife, fork & spoon are perfect for little hands, Oli is 3 and they are just the right size for him.
The great thing about the fork is the curve on it allowing him to double it up as a spoon, great for those little peas.

Our local pub rather stupidly don't supply children's cutlery, something which I think is a must when you have a children's menu. So I think on future trips there, we'll be popping the cutlery set in our bag. Doesn't matter if they are dirty once finished with as they can be popped back into the handy travel case to go home straight to the washing up pile.

Tum Tum have added some fun to the cutlery set by adding characters to each side where the child can mix and match. Oli find its rather funny and I have to admit it does add some colour to dinner time's. Maybe it can be used as a great tool for any little fussy eaters out there.

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