Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Me & my blog are unique

Do you have those moments where you just think - what makes me stand out from the crowd? What make me unique and different to the person next to me? Sometimes I worry that I'm just one little blur and sometimes I think the same about my blog. But then I think where else will you find a blog which includes the following..

  • Bad grammar but make up for it with cute photos of her children.
  • A Christian mummy who hasn't been to church in 4 year but still tries to apply her Christian like ways to all the things she does.
  • One who's not afraid to flash her boobs, ok it's usually in Breastfeeding posts. If only I could more like that in public.
  • Will be honest about her life experiences, from attacking her husband to her son needing speech therapy.
  • Accepts sponsored posts, what?? Ones gotta pay for the broadband to keep this blog going.
  • Write about poo, I like to think this is the ultimate mummy blogger thing to do.
  • A MADs pregnancy finalist, apparently you guys enjoyed reading about my pregnancy so much that you nominated me for a award.
  • Anything & everything! I tend to try and keep it family oriented, but sometimes my babbling leads me elsewhere.
  • Competitions, I love a good giveaway! If I get offered something which you guys are sure to love them I'll post it.
  • Controversial blog posts like how I think breastfeeding should be taught about at school.
  • Money saving ideas, ok so I don't write about them as much as Frugal Family or Baby Budgeting but I do blog about them from time to time.
  • Guest posts from some of my favourite bloggers, even the odd guest post from the man.
  • Product reviews, you may enjoy my personal blog posts more but when reading a review post - you're guaranteed to get our honest opinions.
  • Blog posts about toddlers and babies, sometimes I'll blog about Oli, sometimes I'll blog about Dylan but then sometimes I'll blog about the both of them.
  • A mother recording all her precious moments, be it Oli's first smile or Dylan's. Most of our family adventures are recorded right here on Me, The Man & The Baby of course.

What makes you and your blog unique?