Sunday, 5 February 2012

Second Hand Buys - Second Hand Websites

We've not had chance this week to get out and visit any Charity Shops, I do blame a mixture of this weather and the man's crazy work hours. eBay has bought me nothing with my bids, starting to think I'm just to cheap with my bids or that every other person out there wants to bid on the same items as me. Have been mainly concentrating on selling over on the facebook groups, trying not to look at what's for sale but just sell our old items. We said goodbye to our old PS2 this week and said hello to food shopping money. Have you had any success's with selling anything this week?

Seeing as I didn't have anything myself to tell you about, instead I thought I would share some second hand online websites that I know about and have either used to buy or sell on in the past. We all know about eBay but how trying some of these more low key websites.

Preloved is similar to eBay but doesn't involve bidding, is free to sell on so none of these fees that come back to haunt you once you've sold a item and it also has a free section like freecycle. For me it's the no bidding part that sells it to me, as fun as it is to sit around and wait to see if you've won a item sometimes it's just nice to get something straight away.

Getting married and after a wedding dress on a budget and don't mind it already being worn once? Then why not check out Still White. It's somewhere you can sell and buy wedding dresses, some are even brand new. For me with a wedding sometime in the near future, browsing through all the dresses just got me into that dreamy wedding state.

Friday-Ad isn't one I've used before onli
ne but I remember picking up the paper edition as a student in case anything ever caught my eye. I like the handy search by location option as well as the Friday ad blog. They also have a free section.

How about this to fill my Charity Shop fix - Oxfam Online Second Hand Store. It's just like being on a charity shop but being online, so I can continue to buy second hand buys and know that the money I give for them is going to a great cause. I may be eyeing up these flamingo shoes from office.

Gumtree is another website full of listings, easy to search via location and generally a easy website to use. Another one with a freebies section. We actually found our last house via Gumtree, a couple of weeks later we had moved in. I also used it to buy a bumbo seat for the bargain price of £5 back when the toddler was a baby.

If your a parent and after baby/toddler/children's items then parenting sites such as Netmums Nearly New are a great place to go. It's free to use and free to sell, though for £2 you can get your ad straight at the top. Think I might try that when it comes to selling a old pram this week.

Have included the linky so if you've bought a second hand buy this week and have blogged about it, let me know by adding it. Or how about adding a second hand website that I've not mentioned? Would love to know what else is out there.