Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Roses are red..

I don't know why but for some reason I'm finding Valentines Day this year such a cheesy event, this is a horrifying statement from someone that's defended it for years and thinks that it should be one major love fest. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, who knows. Walking along the Valentine's aisle in Tesco's this morning I couldn't help but feel slightly nauseous with the pinks and reds that were blinding me. I also couldn't help but to laugh on the way home when we caught sight of several men outside the florist picking up flowers, was just something so funny about it to me. Like I said, blame my hormones.

We did do the whole card thing this morning, I knew we were as they both came the
other day and we just had to laugh at the laziness of us both ordering online. His was a typical rude one which did make me giggle and mine to him was the one to the right, I swear I heard him whisper 'debatable' hehe.. Things have been a little crazy lately what with him working lots and then on his days off, I'm typically having to go into hospital or something and we decided that presents for each other wasn't a necessary, we've been putting money here, there and everywhere for the house, for baby and stuff in general. We're thinking about getting away with Oli before baby is born so have said that will just be our present to one another. I guess at the moment practical stuff just seem the way forward.

He knows my perfect way of celebrating anything is with a good slap up home cooked meal which is what I'm getting tonight, along with a glass of champagne and box of profiteroles. I even have some strawberries for a chocolate fondue.

How are you celebrating this day, if you are celebrating it?