Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Are you pinning yet?

I love how is suddenly taking the UK by storm, it's all I've read about the last couple of weeks. It really does fascinates my inner social media geek. It's starting to become another platform for the community of mostly parent bloggers that I belong too, to express themselves in a different way. So many of them have blogged about what Pinterest has become for them << go check out some of the posts.

There's been various talks about how Pinterest can help boost your business/website & blog traffic by pinning away. To find those kind of articles you only have to type in 'Pinterest' in google to find them. I've created a little board for my little part of cyberspace , I'm mainly using it jut to post things that make me smile from my blog and use it out of curiosity to see if Pinterest will actually bring a different kind of traffic to my blog.

Though for me, it's mainly all about the fun, which I'm usually found adding too in the evenings once the boy has gone to bed and the man is usually at work. I started using Pinterest last year to plan my wedding, hence the numerous boards filled with wedding related items. We started to plan , but I'm not sure that will be the plan now that we're no longer living near the sea. We were even thinking about as our wedding cake, though I'm sure Pinterest will help me find a new theme and even a new cake.

I then went and disowned it for a while whilst I was dealing with my awful sickness and I guess I was to busy in life with other things to be sparing time on my Pinterest board. That's the great thing, you can just forget about it for a while, it's always going to be there for you to go back too. I'm enjoying it even more now that it's becoming more popular amongst my UK friends and I'm getting to see all the funky stuff they are pinning.

SO many different ways you can use it, I use it to find , decorate and , browse products that both the and would be forced into by me like, get and maybe even start some , share my love of and plan the toddler's lego themed party, find , , dribble over , find that you just HAVE to try and make, and .

Let me know if you're on Pinterest and I'll add you, I like the fact that with Pinterest you can pick which boards you follow that your friends are pinning too. I'm pretty sure most of my friends have unfollowed , though it may not be around for long now that I've blogged about it and the man just happens to come
across this post.