Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cramp! Ouch!

Another bad night last night, starting to think I should just give up on this sleeping lark. Woke up with fricking cramp, was painful enough to wake me up and was painful enough to have me rolling and jerking around in pain.

The poor man was awoken again, pretty sure he thought I was in labour this time. Though he soon realised what was going on when I cursing my cramp and begging him to take the pain away. He was rubbing away at my leg and telling me to drink some water whilst I was rearranging the bedding in my total freak out state. It is such a horrible pain, guess it's just getting me ready for d-day.

So no snow fun for us today, I'm left with a leg feeling bruised and am limping away. Took some of the painkillers I've been using for my back as this pain was making feel quite sick this morning, seriously the joys of pregnancy? I actually cant remember what it's like to be healthy and not have back ache, be sick or have something like cramp or headaches. The penguin sledge we've been waiting to play with will just have to wait, I'm sure the snow isn't going anywhere anytime soon.And hopefully tonight we might actually get a full nights sleep.