Saturday, 25 February 2012

Breastfeeding IS beautiful

Oh how I wish I could attach a photo of myself breastfeeding to this blog post but I cant as I've never done it, though part of me does want to attach a photos of my boobs to this post with the words THESE ARE WHAT I'LL BE FEEDING MY CHILD WITH. Well that's if it all goes to plan this time, I feel like I cant talk so such much on the topic because I've not yet breastfed, but I am a woman who has the equipment, has many friends who breastfeed and actually plans on having another go at it in just a couple of months time.

It's still a sore spot for me and every time I see someone or hear the words breastfeeding a part of me aches that I wasn't able to do it the first time. Thanks to a mixture of not having my milk turn up and a baby who just didn't want to know my boobs, once he realised nothing was coming after those first tries. I have spent the last 3 years preparing myself for the moment I try to breastfeed again for the first time. This time I know I have a wide support network both online and offline, I'm also joining a local breastfeeding group next month to help prepare me and talk about how last time effected me and how I can go about making it work this time around.

It's not stopped me taking such a interest in it though, especiaially when it seems to be a topic which comes around in the press every few months for various reasons. This time around it's about Facebook's new content moderation and how one of the violations is of breastfeeding photos showing other nudity, or nipple clearly exposed.

Apparently male nipples are allowed, I think I'd rather see a beautiful shot of a women's nipple - much more beautiful. Oh and bodily fluids (except semen) are allowed so I look forward to that photo BillyBob could post of that pile of blood on the floor. Seriously Facebook, some of these breastfeeding photos are much more classier then half these photos students post of them hugging the toilet, trousers at ankles with a mouth covered in sick. Seeing a baby with a mouth covered in milk would much rather have me wanting to log into Facebook.

That daytime show Loose Women jumped in on the breastfeeding/Facebook discussions on Thursday. I would much rather sit through a episode of Jeremy Kyle then listen to those dried up old hags YET AGAIN make breastfeeding sound like such a horrific act that should be hidden away. I don't know how you can compare breastfeeding to a man getting his wangle out, two completely different things. And to answer the question of WHY you would do it, because A) it is PERFECTLY NATURAL and B) I see no difference at all between a photo of a mother feeding her baby a bottle or feeding her baby her boob. I really hope you bitter women have not put off any women who are wanting to breastfeed, the thought of a new mother having to hide herself breastfeeding in the toilets purely because of your negativity towards it really does upset me. As women, especially women who have breastfed themselves and have such a public voice you should be encouraging this. A 3 minute discussion which mainly involved slagging off the act of breastfeeding in my eyes does nothing but potential harm.

Thank you Facebook for making it news worthy, making it something people talk about. Though next time can it be in a positive way where the headlines read 'Facebook helps to make breastfeeding more acceptable'.

These are purely my own opinions, to me the decision on how to feed your child is completely down to the parent. No one should be made to feel that what they are doing is wrong be it bottle feeding or breastfeeding.